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L7805 Voltage Regulator: Pinout, Datasheet, Features and Circuits

Published Published: Nov 06, 2023     

What is L7805 IC?

The L7805 is a voltage regulator IC (Integrated Circuit) that is widely used in electronic circuits to provide a stable and regulated 5-volt DC output voltage. It is part of the L78xx series of voltage regulators, with each member of the series having a specific output voltage.


The L7805 is a member of the L78xx series of three-terminal positive voltage regulators. These regulators are available in various packages, including TO-220, TO-220FP, TO3, D²PAK, and DPAK, and come in multiple fixed output voltages, making them versatile for a wide range of applications.

These regulators excel at providing localized on-card voltage regulation, which eliminates the issues associated with centralized single-point regulation. Each type of L78xx regulator incorporates features such as internal current limiting, thermal shut-down, and safe area protection, making them highly robust and effectively indestructible under normal operating conditions.

When appropriately heat-sinked, these regulators can deliver a stable output current of over 1 ampere, making them suitable for powering various electronic components and devices. While primarily designed as fixed voltage regulators, these devices can also be configured with external components to achieve adjustable output voltages and currents, providing additional flexibility for specific application requirements.

L7805 Pinout Configuration

L7805 Pinout

Pin Number

Pin Name



Input (VIN)

This is the input pin, where you connect the unregulated DC voltage source, typically a voltage higher than 5V, that the L7805 will regulate.


Ground (GND)

Connected to the ground.


Output (VOUT)

This pin provides the regulated 5V DC output.

L7805 2D Model and 3D Model

L7805 2D Model

2D Model


L7805 3D Model

3D Model

L7805 Specifications



Lifecycle Status

ACTIVE (Last Updated: 6 months ago)

Factory Lead Time

24 Weeks

Contact Plating



Through Hole

Mounting Type

Through Hole

Package / Case


Number of Pins




Operating Temperature






JESD-609 Code


Part Status


Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL)

1 (Unlimited)

Number of Terminations


Terminal Finish

Matte Tin (Sn) - annealed



Terminal Position


Number of Functions


Base Part Number


Pin Count


Voltage - Input (Max)


Output Voltage


Output Type


Max Output Current


Output Configuration


Quiescent Current


Output Voltage 1


Number of Regulators


Min Input Voltage


Protection Features

Over Temperature, Short Circuit

Voltage Dropout (Max)

2V @ 1A Typ


62dB (120Hz)

Dropout Voltage


Dropout Voltage1-Nom


Min Output Voltage


Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR)


Nominal Output Voltage










Radiation Hardening


RoHS Status

ROHS3 Compliant

Lead Free

Lead Free

Features of L7805 IC

  • Supports an output current of up to 1.5 amperes.
  • Offers a range of fixed output voltages, including 5V, 6V, 8V, 8.5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 18V, and 24V.
  • Includes thermal overload protection to prevent overheating.
  • Provides short circuit protection to safeguard against electrical faults.
  • Incorporates output transition SOA (Safe Operating Area) protection.
  • Maintains a 2% output voltage tolerance (A version).
  • Guaranteed performance in an extended temperature range (A version).

L7805 Alternative IC Recommended


Application (How to Use)

The L7805 voltage regulator is widely used in various electronic applications where a stable and regulated 5V power supply is required. 

Powering Microcontrollers and ICs: Many microcontrollers and integrated circuits (ICs) require a 5V power supply to operate. The L7805 is often used to provide a reliable and regulated voltage source for these components.

Arduino Projects: The L7805 is frequently used in Arduino projects to power the microcontroller and other peripherals. It ensures consistent voltage levels for proper operation.

Breadboard Power Supply: DIY electronics enthusiasts often build breadboard power supplies using the L7805 to conveniently power their experimental circuits.

Voltage Conversion: The L7805 can be used to convert higher input voltages (e.g., 9V, 12V) from batteries or power adapters to a 5V output, suitable for various digital and analog circuits.

Mobile Phone Chargers: Some older mobile phone chargers used the L7805 to provide a 5V output to charge the phone's battery.

Battery-Powered Devices: The L7805 can be used in battery-powered devices that require a stable 5V power source, such as portable radios, audio amplifiers, and small lighting systems.

LED Drivers: It can be used to power LEDs and LED displays that require a constant voltage source, ensuring uniform brightness and longevity.

Audio Amplifiers: The L7805 can provide a stable power supply for low-power audio amplifier circuits, preamplifiers, and audio effects units.

Regulating Sensor Power: It's commonly used to provide a regulated voltage to various sensors in electronic projects and systems.

Prototyping and Educational Circuits: In electronics laboratories and educational settings, the L7805 is used for teaching purposes and in various prototype circuits.

Remote Control Systems: It can be used in remote control systems to provide a stable voltage for microcontrollers and RF transmitters.

Low-Power Devices: The L7805 is suitable for low-power devices, such as small motors, fans, and simple control systems.

Block Diagram

L7805 Block Diagram

Schematic Diagram

L7805 Schematic Diagram

L7805 Related Application Circuits

This is a standard application circuit for the 7805 IC. It requires two capacitors with values of 33uF and 0.1uF to ensure proper IC operation.

L7805 Application Circuits

The 0.33uF input capacitor is a ceramic capacitor designed to address input inductance issues, while the 0.1uF output capacitor, also ceramic, enhances circuit stability. To maximize their effectiveness, it is crucial to place these capacitors in close proximity to the IC's terminals. Additionally, it is recommended to use ceramic capacitors for this application since they offer faster performance compared to electrolytic capacitors.

Test Circuits

DC parameter

L7805 Test Circuits

Load regulation

Load regulation

Ripple rejection

Ripple rejection

Datasheet PDF

Learn and download Ripple L7805 datasheet PDF here>>


STMicroelectronics, often referred to as ST, is one of the well-known manufacturers of the L7805 voltage regulator. STMicroelectronics is a global semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. With a rich history of innovation, they produce a wide range of high-quality semiconductor products, including microcontrollers, sensors, analog and digital integrated circuits, and power management devices, serving diverse industries such as automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics. Known for their commitment to research and environmentally responsible practices, STMicroelectronics is a trusted supplier of semiconductor solutions to a global customer base.

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  • Are there different voltage versions of the L7805 available?
  • Yes, the 78xx series includes various fixed voltage regulators. For example, the L7809 provides a fixed 9V output, and the L7812 provides a fixed 12V output. These regulators have similar characteristics but offer different output voltages.
  • Can the L7805 be used to step down voltages other than 7-35V to 5V?
  • While the L7805 is designed for stepping down higher voltages to 5V, it can be used for other voltage conversions within its input and output voltage ranges, provided it meets the specific requirements of your application.
  • What is the maximum current the L7805 can provide?
  • The maximum output current (load current) of the L7805 is around 1.5 amperes (A). However, it's essential to consider proper heatsinking and thermal management when operating at the maximum current to avoid overheating.
  • What is the output voltage of the L7805?
  • It provides a fixed output voltage of 5 volts, making it suitable for a wide range of electronic applications that require a stable 5V power source.
  • What is the input voltage range for the L7805?
  • The L7805 voltage regulator typically accepts input voltages in the range of 7V to 35V. This input voltage should be higher than the desired 5V output voltage.