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10M08SAE144I7G Altera FPGA Datasheet

Published Published: Mar 19, 2024     

10M08SAE144I7G Description

The 10M08SAE144I7G FPGA, part of the MAX 10 series, is a versatile programmable logic device with numerous features and applications.


The 10M08SAE144I7G FPGA, manufactured by Intel's Altera division, belongs to the MAX 10 series of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs). It offers 8000 logic elements (LE) and 378 kbit of embedded memory, providing high integration and flexibility for complex logic designs and processing tasks. With 101 I/O interfaces, a wide operating voltage range from 2.85 V to 3.465 V, and an operating temperature range of -40°C to +100°C, it is suitable for diverse application scenarios across various industries.

This FPGA features a maximum operating frequency of 450 MHz, ensuring high performance and fast data processing speeds. Its moisture-sensitive design enhances component stability and reliability, making it suitable for use in humid environments. Packaged in an EQFP-144 (Enhanced Quad Flat Package with 144 pins), it is designed for surface mount assembly, facilitating PCB layout and assembly processes.

Common applications for the 10M08SAE144I7G FPGA include communication systems, industrial control, embedded systems, signal processing, test and measurement equipment, security and encryption, networking and data centers, as well as avionics and aerospace applications.

Overall, the 10M08SAE144I7G FPGA offers a blend of high performance, flexibility, and reliability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.

10M08SAE144I7G Symbol

10M08SAE144I7G Symbol

10M08SAE144I7G Symbol


10M08SAE144I7G Footprint

10M08SAE144I7G Footprint

10M08SAE144I7G Footprint


10M08SAE144I7G 3D Model

10M08SAE144I7G 3D Model

10M08SAE144I7G 3D Model

Specifications of 10M08SAE144I7G





Product Category

FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array


MAX 10 10M08

Number of Logic Elements

8000 LE

Embedded Memory

378 kbit

Number of I/Os


Supply Voltage - Min

2.85 V

Supply Voltage - Max

3.465 V

Minimum Operating Temperature


Maximum Operating Temperature


Mounting Style


Package / Case


Maximum Operating Frequency

450 MHz

Moisture Sensitive


Number of Logic Array Blocks

500 LAB

Operating Supply Voltage

3 V, 3.3 V

Product Type

FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array


Programmable Logic ICs



Unit Weight

0.583533 oz

10M08SAE144I7G Features

  • High Integration: It offers 8000 logic elements (LE), suitable for complex logic designs and processing tasks.
  • Embedded Memory: With 378 kbit of embedded memory, it can store configuration data and other necessary information, reducing the need for external memory.
  • Abundant I/O Interfaces: Featuring 101 I/Os, it provides flexible connectivity options, making it suitable for various application scenarios.
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range: Supports a supply voltage range from 2.85 V to 3.465 V, making it suitable for applications with different power supply conditions.
  • Wide Temperature Operating Range: Capable of operating within a temperature range of -40°C to +100°C, suitable for applications in various environmental conditions.
  • High Performance: With a maximum operating frequency of 450 MHz, it provides powerful processing capabilities and fast data processing speeds.
  • Moisture Sensitivity Design: It has moisture sensitivity, enhancing component stability and reliability, suitable for applications in humid environments.
  • Flexible Package Form: Utilizing EQFP-144 surface mount package, facilitating PCB layout and assembly.
  • These features make this FPGA suitable for applications requiring high performance, flexibility, and reliability, such as communication equipment, industrial control, embedded systems, and automation control, among others.


The 10M08SAE144I7G FPGA finds applications in various fields due to its versatile features and capabilities. Some common applications include:

Communication Systems: It can be used in communication equipment such as routers, switches, and base stations for its high-speed processing and flexible I/O interfaces.

Industrial Control: This FPGA is suitable for industrial control systems, including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), industrial automation, and process control, where it can handle complex logic and interface with various sensors and actuators.

Embedded Systems: It is ideal for embedded systems requiring programmable logic, such as automotive electronics, robotics, and consumer electronics, providing flexibility and customization options.

Signal Processing: Due to its high-performance processing capabilities, it can be employed in digital signal processing (DSP) applications, including audio/video processing, radar systems, and medical imaging.

Test and Measurement Equipment: The FPGA can be integrated into test and measurement devices such as oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and data acquisition systems, enabling real-time signal processing and analysis.

Security and Encryption: It can be utilized in security applications such as cryptography, secure communication protocols, and authentication systems, where hardware acceleration is required for encryption and decryption tasks.

Networking and Data Centers: This FPGA can be used in networking equipment, data center switches, and network interface cards (NICs) for packet processing, traffic management, and protocol offloading.

Avionics and Aerospace: It finds applications in avionics systems, including flight control systems, navigation systems, and communication equipment on aircraft and spacecraft, where reliability and performance are critical.

These applications demonstrate the versatility and adaptability of the 10M08SAE144I7G FPGA across a wide range of industries and sectors.

10M08SAE144I7G Package 

The 10M08SAE144I7G package is part of the MAX 10 FPGA series, which offers a blend of high performance, low power consumption, and flexibility. The package designation "EQFP-144" stands for "Enhanced Quad Flat Package" with 144 pins. This package is designed for surface mount technology (SMT) assembly on printed circuit boards (PCBs).

10M08SAE144I7G Package 



Package Height


Package Width


Package Length


PCB Changed


Standard Package Name


Supplier Package



Intel is a globally renowned semiconductor company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA. Founded in 1968, it is one of the world's largest semiconductor chip manufacturers and a key player in the field of computing.

In 2015, Intel completed the acquisition of Altera Corporation. Altera was a leading supplier of programmable logic devices and related software development tools. Through this acquisition, Intel further solidified its position in the semiconductor industry, expanded its product portfolio, and strengthened its competitiveness in the field of programmable logic devices.

Intel's products span a wide range of fields, including personal computers, data centers, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, communications, and automotive technology. Its product lineup includes microprocessors, chipsets, memory, solid-state drives, and more. Among these, Intel's microprocessors (CPUs) are its most iconic products, widely used in personal computers, servers, workstations, and embedded systems.

In addition to hardware products, Intel is also involved in the software domain, providing a range of development tools, compilers, and libraries to help software developers optimize their applications to fully leverage Intel hardware performance.

With a rich history of technological innovation, Intel continuously drives the advancement of semiconductor technology, including improvements in processor performance, advancements in manufacturing process technology, and the development of new architectures and technologies. Additionally, Intel actively invests in sustainability and corporate social responsibility, striving to reduce energy consumption, minimize carbon emissions, and promote the accessibility and proliferation of technology.

Overall, Intel is a leader in the semiconductor industry, contributing significantly to the global information technology landscape. Through initiatives like the acquisition of Altera, Intel has expanded its product offerings and strengthened its competitive advantage, particularly in the field of programmable logic devices.

10M08SAE144I7G Datasheet PDF

Download 10M08SAE144I7G datasheet here>>


  • Is the 10M08SAE144I7G FPGA suitable for prototyping or production deployment?
  • The 10M08SAE144I7G FPGA can be used for both prototyping and production deployment, depending on the specific requirements of the project. For prototyping, development boards and evaluation kits are available to facilitate design and testing. For production deployment, the FPGA can be integrated into custom-designed PCBs or system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.
  • Can the 10M08SAE144I7G FPGA be reprogrammed?
  • Yes, FPGAs are inherently reprogrammable devices, allowing users to change the functionality of the device by loading different configurations into the FPGA's configuration memory.
  • What tools are available for programming the 10M08SAE144I7G FPGA?
  • Intel (formerly Altera) provides a suite of development tools for programming and configuring FPGAs, including the Quartus Prime software. Quartus Prime supports various hardware description languages (HDLs) such as VHDL and Verilog, as well as schematic-based design entry.