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(304 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TC58CVG2S0HRAIJ WSON8-packaged NAND Flash memory chip featuring a 2nd generation 4Gb serial interface for high-speed data transfer Kioxia 4,618 Add to BOM
W25Q128FWPIG SPI Dual SPI Quad SPI Winbond 7,732 Add to BOM
W25Q32JWZPIQ Suitable for a wide range of applications including consumer electronics and industrial equipment Winbond 4,773 Add to BOM
W25Q128JVPIQ Compact WSON-8-EP(5x6) flash memory module holding 128Mbit of data, environmentally friendly with RoHS compliance" Winbond 3,437 Add to BOM
MX25L12835FZ2I-10G 8 nanosecond access time Macronix International 4,777 Add to BOM
W25N01GVZEIG The product is provided in an EP tray for easy handling and storage, ensuring convenient integration into manufacturing processes Winbond 7,407 Add to BOM
W25Q32JVZPIQ 8WSON packaged IC with 32 megabit SPI/Quad flash memory Winbond 5,634 Add to BOM
W25N01GVZEIG TR High-speed 1Gb Serial NAND Flash Winbond 5,841 Add to BOM
W25Q16JVZPIQ RoHS Compliant Flash Memory Winbond 7,846 Add to BOM
LM5008ASD/NOPB Input voltage range from 6V to 95V TI 7,290 Add to BOM
LM2775QDSGRQ1 Automotive, 2.7-V to 5.5-VIN, 200-mA output current, 5-V fixed output voltage doubler TI 4,076 Add to BOM
TPS62067DSGT 3MHz, 2A Step-Down Converter in 2x2 SON Package TI 4,033 Add to BOM
TLV76601QWDRBRQ1 Automotive, adjustable- and fixed-output, 500-mA, 16-V, positive-voltage, LDO linear regulator Texas Instruments, Inc 4,404 Add to BOM
TPS62063DSGR Achieve a stable 3 TI 6,666 Add to BOM
TPS259571DSGR 2.7-V to 18-V, 34mΩ, 0.5-4A eFuse with over voltage protection in small WSON package TI 7,241 Add to BOM
TPS259570DSGR Hot Swap Controller TI 3,981 Add to BOM
TPS62173DSGT 3–17V 0.5A Step-Down Converter in 2x2 QFN package TI 6,784 Add to BOM
TPS62160DSGR This product offers reliable and efficient voltage regulation, making it ideal for a variety of applications requiring precise power management TI 6,601 Add to BOM
DRV8837DSGR Available in reel packaging with different quantities TI 3,974 Add to BOM
LM2941LD/NOPB 1-A, 26-V, high-PSRR, adjustable low-dropout voltage regulator with enable from -40°C to +125°C TI 4,942 Add to BOM
TPS51604DSGR 4-A, 28-V half bridge gate driver for synchronous buck high frequency CPU core power applications TI 6,407 Add to BOM
DRV8838DSGT 11-V, 1.8-A H-bridge motor driver with phase/enable control TI 6,452 Add to BOM
TPS259541DSGR 2.7-V to 18-V, 34mΩ, 0.5-4A eFuse with over voltage protection in small WSON package TI 4,754 Add to BOM
DRV8210DSGR Bipolar Motor Driver NMOS PWM 8-WSON (2x2) Texas Instruments, Inc 6,421 Add to BOM
TPS62065QDSGRQ1 3MHz, 2A Automotive Step-Down Converter in 2x2 SON Package TI 5,658 Add to BOM
TPS62172QDSGRQ1 3-17V 0.5A Automotive Step-Down Converter in 2x2 QFN TI 4,721 Add to BOM
TPS62170QDSGTQ1 Switching regulators for automotive applications, capable of converting input voltages from 3V to 17V into a steady output current of up to 0 TI 4,270 Add to BOM
TPS62067QDSGRQ1 3MHz, 2A Automotive Step-Down Converter in 2x2 SON Package TI 6,713 Add to BOM
LM27761DSGT Low-Noise Regulated Inverter with Integrated LDO TI 5,130 Add to BOM
TPS61021ADSGT 3-A Boost Converter with 0.5-V Ultra Low Input Voltage TI 7,367 Add to BOM
TL4242DRJR Adjustable LED driver TI 7,523 Add to BOM
TLV62084ADSGR Efficiently powers small systems with high reliability and low noise TI 7,135 Add to BOM
OPA858IDSGR FET Input Amplifier with 5.5 GHz Gain Bandwidth Product, Decompensated Transimpedance TI 7,498 Add to BOM
OPA855IDSGR 8 GHz gain bandwidth product for fast signal amplification needs TI 6,869 Add to BOM
LM25180QNGURQ1 Automotive 42-VIN PSR flyback converter with 65-V, 1.5-A integrated power MOSFET Texas Instruments, Inc 4,558 Add to BOM
TPS22965DSGT Power Switch/Driver 1:1 N-Channel 6A 8-WSON (2x2) TI 5,683 Add to BOM
TPS22965DSGR 5.7-V, 6-A, 16-mΩ load switch with adj. rise time and optional output discharge TI 5,054 Add to BOM
TPS22967DSGR 5.5-V, 4-A, 22-mΩ load switch with adj. rise time and output discharge TI 7,654 Add to BOM
TPS22969DNYR 5.5-V, 6-A, 4.4-mΩ load switch with output discharge TI 7,920 Add to BOM
TPS22965TDSGRQ1 1-ch, 5.7-V, 4-A, 16-mΩ automotive load switch with adj. rise time and output discharge TI 7,764 Add to BOM
TPS22965QWDSGTQ1 pin WSON EP package for compact design Texas Instruments, Inc 6,696 Add to BOM
TPS22965NQWDSGTQ1 Compact power distribution IC with mΩ on-resistance for high-efficiency design Texas Instruments, Inc 3,207 Add to BOM
TPS22965NQWDSGRQ1 High-power distribution switch with temperature range of -40°C to 125°C TI 4,475 Add to BOM
TPS22959DNYR 5.5-V, 15-A, 4.4-mΩ load switch with output discharge TI 4,127 Add to BOM
TPS22975NDSGR Packaged in tape and reel configuration TI 4,932 Add to BOM
TPS22975DSGT Adjustable rise time minimizes noise and ripple effec TI 6,490 Add to BOM
TMP1075DSGT 1°C I²C temperature sensor with performance upgrades to industry standard LM75 / TMP75 TI 7,046 Add to BOM
LM5017SD/NOPB High-frequency Switching TI 6,126 Add to BOM
LM34927SDX/NOPB 7.5-100V Wide Vin, 600mA Integrated Secondary Bias Regulator for Isolated DC/DC Converters TI 7,324 Add to BOM
LM25183QNGURQ1 Flyback Switching Regulator IC Positive Fixed 12V 1 Output 600mA 8-WDFN Exposed Pad Texas Instruments, Inc 3,748 Add to BOM