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(23 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DP83825IRMQR Smallest form factor (3-mm by 3-mm), low-power 10/100-Mbps Ethernet PHY transceiver with 50-MHz c TI 4,963 Add to BOM
TCA6416ARTWR I2C/SMBus Interface 100kHz/400kHz 5.5V 24-Pin WQFN EP T/R Texas Instruments, Inc 3,523 Add to BOM
BQ25601RTWT Battery Charger for Li-Ion/Li-Pol Texas Instruments, Inc 5,976 Add to BOM
LMH1219RTWT 12G SDI adaptive cable equalizer with integrated reclocker Texas Instruments, Inc 3,282 Add to BOM
LMX2491RTWR Frequency Synthesizer (RF) IC 6.4GHz 1 24-WFQFN Exposed Pad Texas Instruments, Inc 7,769 Add to BOM
LM25066A 2.9-V to 17-V hot swap controller with I2C and PMBus with increased monitoring accuracy TI 7,072 Add to BOM
BQ25601DRTWR Switching Battery Charger Li-Ion/Li-Pol 3000mA 3.85V to 4.62V 24-Pin WQFN EP T/R TI 7,593 Add to BOM
LM25117PSQ/NOPB 4.5-42V Wide Vin, Current Mode Synchronous Buck Controller with Tracking Texas Instruments, Inc 3,594 Add to BOM
UCC28781QRTWRQ1 Automotive-grade power controller for reliability and performance Texas Instruments, Inc 6,568 Add to BOM
LP8556SQX-E09/NOPB High efficacy and high-efficiency LED driver for various industri Texas Instruments, Inc 7,279 Add to BOM
LM26480QSQX-8D/NOPB Externally configurable dual 1.5A step-down DC/DC and dual 300mA linear regulators Texas Instruments, Inc 6,778 Add to BOM
LM26480QSQ-CF/NOPB Externally configurable dual 1.5A step-down DC/DC and dual 300mA linear regulators Texas Instruments, Inc 6,779 Add to BOM
LM26484SQX/NOPB Two DCDC and One LDO Configurable PMIC Texas Instruments, Inc 7,724 Add to BOM
LMH6881SQ/NOPB 2.4GHz Programmable Differential Amplifier with Gain Control Texas Instruments, Inc 7,132 Add to BOM
LM25066IPSQX/NOPB Advanced power management for seamless system integration Texas Instruments, Inc 3,182 Add to BOM
LM25066IPSQE/NOPB The LMPSQE/NOPB offers reliable hot swappable capability with a wide input range and robust protection features for V application Texas Instruments, Inc 3,908 Add to BOM
LMH0366SQE/NOPB Ultra-low power consumption design for reduced heat generation and increased reliabilit Texas Instruments, Inc 5,888 Add to BOM
LMX2487SQ/NOPB 1 to 6-GHz delta-sigma low power dual PLLatinum frequency synthesizer with 3.0-GHz integer PLL Texas Instruments, Inc 6,674 Add to BOM
LMP91300NHZT Unlock the power of proximity detection and transform the way you interact with the world Texas Instruments, Inc 6,808 Add to BOM
LMP91300NHZR Compact WQFN package for space-constrained designs Texas Instruments, Inc 7,411 Add to BOM
DS125BR111RTWR 12.5-Gbps 2-channel redrivers with input equalization Texas Instruments, Inc 7,040 Add to BOM
LMP93601NHZR Low-noise, High gain, 3-Channel AFE for Thermopile Sensors Texas Instruments, Inc 4,456 Add to BOM
LMX2492RTWR Frequency Synthesizer (RF) IC 14GHz 1 24-WFQFN Exposed Pad Texas Instruments, Inc 4,984 Add to BOM