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(117 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TPS7A5701RTER Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 1 Output 5A 16-WQFN (3x3) TI 4,347 Add to BOM
RT8058GQW 16WQFN 1MHz, 2A, High Efficiency PWM Step-Down DC/DC Converter Richtek 4,352 Add to BOM
LM26420XSQ/NOPB Dual 2 A, high-efficiency synchronous DC/DC converter TI 7,294 Add to BOM
TPS51219RTER 3-V to 28-V, synchronous buck controller with differential voltage feedback TI 7,519 Add to BOM
BQ25303JRTER Standalone 1-cell 17-V, 3.0-A battery charger with JEITA battery temperature monitoring TI 4,441 Add to BOM
LM5158QRTERQ1 Boost, Flyback, SEPIC Switching Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 1.5V 1 Output 3.26A (Switch) 16-WFQFN Exposed Pad Texas Instruments, Inc 3,942 Add to BOM
DRV8801AQRMJRQ1 Full-Bridge Motor Drivers TI 5,398 Add to BOM
TPS54678RTER The TPS54678RTER is a high-performance 6A synchronous step-down converter that supports input voltages ranging from 2.95V to 6V TI 6,618 Add to BOM
TPS2546RTER USB charging port controller with CDP/SDP auto swtich and 2.5A power switch with load detection TI 7,269 Add to BOM
TPS2544RTER USB charging port controller with CDP/SDP auto switch and 2.5A power switch TI 7,960 Add to BOM
TPS43060RTET Low Iq, 58V, Synchronous Boost Controller w/ Wide Input Voltage & 7.5V Gate Drive for Standard FETs TI 4,758 Add to BOM
TPS57114MRTETEP Step-down Switcher with 2.95V to 6V Input and 3.5-A Output TI 6,937 Add to BOM
TPS54618QRTERQ1 AEC-Q100 qualified for automotive reliability standards Texas Instruments 5,035 Add to BOM
ADS7138IRTET 8-channel, 140-kSPS, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with I2C, GPIOs and CRC TI 5,143 Add to BOM
TUSB1105RTZR Advanced Universal Serial Bus Transcievers TI 7,628 Add to BOM
LM5150QRUMRQ1 Boost Regulator Positive Output Step-Up DC-DC Controller IC 16-WQFN (4x4) Texas Instruments, Inc 6,017 Add to BOM
ADS7924IRTET 12-Bit 4-Ch MUX-Input SAR ADC With Intelligent System Power Control TI 6,576 Add to BOM
ADS7947SRTER 12 Bit Analog to Digital Converter 2 Input 1 SAR 16-WQFN (3x3) TI 6,109 Add to BOM
DAC108S085CISQ/NOPB 10-Bit Micro Power OCTAL Digital-to-Analog Converter with Rail-to-Rail Outputs TI 4,131 Add to BOM
ADS122C04IRTER 40 to 125 degrees Celsius TI 5,310 Add to BOM
DAC43608RTER 8-bit, 8-channel, I2C, voltage-output DAC in tiny QFN package TI 5,779 Add to BOM
ADS7946SRTET 14-Bit, 2MSPS, Dual-Channel, Unipolar, Pseudo-Differential, u-Power SAR ADC TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 7,072 Add to BOM
TMUX1309BQBR 2-channel, 4:1 general-purpose analog multiplexer with 1.8-V logic control Texas Instruments, Inc 6,912 Add to BOM
FSA2467MPX Dual double-pole double-throw integrated circuit switch Fairchild Semiconductor 5,963 Add to BOM
TPS57114QRTERQ1 Step Down Regulator TI 5,694 Add to BOM
FSA2567MPX Low Power, Dual SIM Card Analog Switch onsemi 6,392 Add to BOM
TPS55340RTET 5-A, 40-V, wide VIN boost, flyback, & SEPIC converter 16-WQFN -40 to 150 TI 2,000 Add to BOM
HPA00835RTER 16-WQFN Package Texas Instruments 5,161 Add to BOM
TLA2518IRTER Small 8-channel 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with SPI interface and GPIOs Texas Instruments 7,328 Add to BOM
TC78B002FTG Driver for motors and ignitions TOSHIBA CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
DS25CP102TSQ Cutting-edge crosspoint technology for seamless signal switching Texas Instruments 5,248 Add to BOM
TPS61379QWRTERQ1 High-efficiency DC-DC converter for automotive applications requiring compact size and reliable performanc Texas Instruments, Inc 4,844 Add to BOM
LM5157QRTERQ1 Advanced DC-DC converter for demanding applicatio Texas Instruments, Inc 3,923 Add to BOM
LM5158RTER 3-A, 85-V, 2.2-MHz wide VIN boost, flyback, & SEPIC converter with dual random spread spectrum Texas Instruments 7,072 Add to BOM
TPS57112QRTERQ1 Ideal for automotive and industrial applications Texas Instruments 8,461 Add to BOM
DRV8847RTER with current regulation TI 5,017 Add to BOM
TPS55330RTER Conv DC-DC 2.9V to 16V Step Up Single-Out 2.9V to 22V 5A 16-Pin WQFN EP T/R TI 6,626 Add to BOM
TPS55340QRTETQ1 Integrated, 5-A 40-V wide input range boost/SEPIC/flyback DC/DC regulator, AEC-Q100 qualified Texas Instruments, Inc 5,088 Add to BOM
DAC60508ZRTET True 12-Bit, 8-channel, SPI, Vout DAC in tiny WCSP package with precision internal reference TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 7,072 Add to BOM
TLA2528IRTER Small 8-channel 12-bit ADC with I2C interface and GPIOs TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 7,072 Add to BOM
ADS7038QRTERQ1 12 Bit Analog to Digital Converter 8 Input 1 SAR 16-WQFN (3x3) Texas Instruments, Inc 6,177 Add to BOM
LMH0384SQE/NOPB 3G HD/SD SDI extended reach and configurable adaptive cable equalizer Texas Instruments, Inc 4,665 Add to BOM
ADS122U04IRTET 4-channel analog-to-digital converter with UART communication TI 3,941 Add to BOM
DAC80504RTET True 16-bit, 4-channel, SPI, voltage-output DAC in QFN package with precision internal reference TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC 7,072 Add to BOM
CAXC4T245QBQBRQ1 Translation Transceiver 2 Element 2 Bit per Element 3-State Output 16-WQFN (2.5x3.5) Texas Instruments, Inc 7,960 Add to BOM
CAXC4T774QBQBRQ1 Voltage Level Translator Bidirectional 1 Circuit 4 Channel 310Mbps 16-WQFN (2.5x3.5) Texas Instruments, Inc 3,672 Add to BOM
FSUSB74MPX Versatile USB Switch ICs for High-Speed Data Transfers Onsemi 5,730 Add to BOM
RT8251GQW Power supply solution RICHTEK TECHNOLOGY CORP 7,072 Add to BOM
LMH0002SQ 'IC Cable Driver SDI' is a high-performance integrated circuit designed for driving cables used in SDI video applications ROCHESTER ELECTRONICS LLC 7,072 Add to BOM
FT201XQ-R Supports USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 protocols for versatile connectivity FTDI Chip 5,938 Add to BOM