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(144 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
M24M02-DRCS6TP/K 2 Mbit serial I2C bus EEPROM ST 6,599 Add to BOM
NB3RL02FCT2G Clock Fanout Buffer, 2-Channel, Low Phase Noise onsemi 7,106 Add to BOM
FAN3852UC16X Audio Audio Transceiver 1 Channel 6-WLCSP (1.24x0.84) onsemi 5,687 Add to BOM
FAB3103UCX 2.3 Watt power output onsemi 5,665 Add to BOM
nRF52810-CAAA-R7 Next-generation single-core MCU for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and other wireless connectivity protocols, offering high-speed executio Nordic Semiconductor 4,552 Add to BOM
CM6300 EMI Filter Order Channel onsemi 5,888 Add to BOM
M24M02-DRCS6TP Operating at voltages of 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V, this EEPROM comes in an 8-Pin WLCSP package STMicroelectronics 7,374 Add to BOM
CY8C5888FNI-LP214 CMOS technology Infineon Technologies AG 9,521 Add to BOM
W25Q32JWBYIQ High-speed 6ns access time Winbond Electronics 7,326 Add to BOM
W25Q64JWBYIQ 64M-bit Serial Flash Memory with even 4KB sectors and Dual/Quad SPI Winbond Electronics 9,457 Add to BOM
MX25U4033EBAI-12G High-reliability, non-volatile data storage solution with operating voltage, suitable for various industrial and consumer product Macronix International 6,336 Add to BOM
TC7766WBG Uninterrupted power transmission and precision control for optimal performance Toshiba Semiconductor 4,163 Add to BOM
NRF52805-CAAA-R ARM Cortex M4 Microcontroller NRF52805-CAAA-R Nordic Semiconductor 7,072 Add to BOM
NRF52833-CJAA-R Ultra-low power wireless connectivity solution for IoT application Nordic Semiconductor 8,297 Add to BOM
NRF52805-CAAA-R7 Feature-rich ARM Cortex microcontroller Nordic Semiconductor 7,072 Add to BOM
W25Q64FWBYIG NOR Flash RoHS compliant Winbond Electronics 9,374 Add to BOM
FDZ1416NZ Mosfet Array 500mW Surface Mount 4-WLCSP (1.6x1.4) onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
M24128-BFCS6TP/A This EEPROM is designed for use in a variety of applications and supports both 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5V power supplies Stmicroelectronics 8,229 Add to BOM
FDZ197PZ P-Channel 20 V 3.8A (Ta) 1.9W (Ta) Surface Mount 6-WLCSP (1.0x1.5) onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
MX25R8035FBDIL0 This versatile chip supports various serial communication protocols such as SPI Macronix International 6,741 Add to BOM
CSR8670C-ICXT-R Dual-mode Bluetooth Chip Qualcomm 9,387 Add to BOM
NC7SZ34UCX Ultra High Speed Buffer ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,136 Add to BOM
SKY13489-001 Single Pole Double Throw RF Switch IC for 0.7-2.7GHz frequency range Skyworks 6,703 Add to BOM
BALF-NRF01D3 50 Ω nominal input / conjugate match balun to nRF51822-QFAAG0,\rnRF51822-QFAB0, nRF51422-QFAAE0 / integrated harmonic filter STMicroelectronics, Inc 5,127 Add to BOM
NCP160AFCS330T2G LDO Regulator, 250 mA, Ultra-High PSRR, Ultra-Low Noise onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
LC709204FXE-01TBG Battery Fuel Gauge for 1-Cell Lithium-Ion/Polymer (Li+) [Smart Lib Gauge] with low-power 2 µA operation ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,816 Add to BOM
FPF2498BUCX Adjustable OVP with 28 V Input OVT Load Switch ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,530 Add to BOM
FPF2495CUCX Tape and reel load switch with adjustable current limit onsemi 5,004 Add to BOM
FAN53555UC08X Positive-programmable switch-mode regulator providing precise voltage regulation and high power density in a small package footprin onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
NCP137AFCTADJT2G LDO Regulator, 700 mA, Ultra-Low Dropout, with Bias Rail onsemi 5,718 Add to BOM
ADV7535BCBZ-RL HDMI Transmitter paired with MIPI/DSI Receiver analog devices inc. 6,521 Add to BOM
AS6221-AWLT-S AS6221-AWLT-S is a digital temperature sensor designed with a serial interface AMS-OSRAM USA INC. 7,750 Add to BOM
STM32F205REY6 List the details of MCU 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 RISC 512KB Flash 2.5V/3.3V 66-Pin WLCSP Tray stmicroelectronics 6,918 Add to BOM
SKY66407-11 This 9-pin CSP package offers a complete solution for optimizing the performance of antennas in a variety of applications Skyworks Solutions, Inc 7,568 Add to BOM
nRF5340-CLAA-R Compact dual-core processor for low-power devices Nordic Semiconductor 5,900 Add to BOM
LC709205FXE-01TBG C Fuel Gauge for Li-Ion/Li-Pol Batteries ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,531 Add to BOM
LV52207NXB-VH Experience enhanced brightness and energy efficiency with the LV52207NXB-VH Dual Channel LED Boost Driver onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
CSR8811A12-IQQD-R Class I/Class II/Class III WLCSP Bluetooth v4.1 (BLE) QUALCOMM 8,433 Add to BOM
PCA9420UKZ Step Down Converter with LDO Regulator 4-OUT 25-Pin WLCSP T/R NXP Semiconductor 5,511 Add to BOM
ISP1302UK Universal Serial Bus On-The-Go transceiver ST-Ericsson 5,227 Add to BOM
FPF1004 Power Switch ICs - Power Distribution 1.0 X 1.5 WLCSP IntelliMAX ADV onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
STWLC68 Qi-compliant inductive wireless power receiver for 5W applications STMicroelectronics, Inc 3,548 Add to BOM
UBX-M8230-CT GPS Receiver 3.6V 47-Pin WLCSP U-BLOX AG 5,997 Add to BOM
SKY87006 High-Frequency Step-Down Converter with MIPI SKYWORKS 6,813 Add to BOM
FPF34892UCX Power Switch/Driver 1:2 N-Channel ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,840 Add to BOM
NPM1100-CAAB-R7 Manage power, simplify design with this IC Nordic Semiconductor 6,727 Add to BOM
MAX14747EWA+ This tiny but mighty chip delivers high-speed data transfer capabilities with ease and efficienc Maxim Integrated 4,558 Add to BOM
P9028AC-0AWGI Ultra-compact Dual-mode Wireless Power Receiver IC Renesas Technology Corp 4,215 Add to BOM
MAX14747EWA+T Charger IC Lithium Ion 25-WLP (2.31x2.31) Maxim Integrated 7,200 Add to BOM
MAX14585EVB+ High-performance switches for USB and audio applications - MAX14585EVB+ Maxim Integrated 6,787 Add to BOM