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(26 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
INA237AQDGSRQ1 AEC-Q100, 85-V, 16-bit, I²C output current/voltage/charge monitor TI 3,705 Add to BOM
INA229AQDGSRQ1 Current Monitor Regulator High-Side 10mA 10-VSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 3,490 Add to BOM
THVD1452DGSR 3.3-V to 5-V RS-485 transceiver with ±18-kV IEC ESD protection TI 7,954 Add to BOM
ADS1115BQDGSRQ1 16 Bit Analog to Digital Converter 2, 4 Input 1 Sigma-Delta 10-VSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 3,501 Add to BOM
LM5022QDGSTQ1 Boost, SEPIC Regulator Positive Output Step-Up, Step-Up/Step-Down DC-DC Controller IC 10-VSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 3,786 Add to BOM
TS5A22364QDGSRQ1 2 Circuit IC Switch 2:1 740mOhm 10-VSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 7,438 Add to BOM
ADS1114BQDGSRQ1 Automotive 16-Bit 860SPS 1-Ch Delta-Sigma ADC With PGA, Oscillator, Vref, Comparator, and I2C Texas Instruments, Inc 3,192 Add to BOM
INA381A1QDGSRQ1 AEC-Q100, 26-V, 350-kHz current sense amplifier with integrated overcurrent comparator Texas Instruments, Inc 5,264 Add to BOM
TS5A23160DGSR Fast-switching IC switch designed for high-frequency and high-reliability applications in automotive, industrial, and consumer electronic Texas Instruments, Inc 7,403 Add to BOM
TS5A623157DGSR Durable dual-channel SPDT analog switch for demanding applications Texas Instruments, Inc 5,288 Add to BOM
LM5060MM/NOPB 5.5-V to 65-V high side protection controller Texas Instruments, Inc 6,824 Add to BOM
FDC1004DGSR High-resolution 16-bit data output for precise sensing and control Texas Instruments, Inc 3,059 Add to BOM
TPS92310DGS/NOPB Precise control for LED lighting applications Texas Instruments, Inc 5,384 Add to BOM
DAC8162SQDGSRQ1 14 Bit Digital to Analog Converter 2 10-VSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 3,592 Add to BOM
ADS1113BQDGSRQ1 16-bit precision and 860sps sampling rate for accurate signal processing in harsh environments Texas Instruments, Inc 4,393 Add to BOM
ADS1014BQDGSRQ1 Ultra-high-speed, high-accuracy delta-sigma ADC ideal for in-vehicle sensor interfac Texas Instruments, Inc 5,109 Add to BOM
LM4811MMX/NOPB High-gain audio amplifier for power applications Texas Instruments, Inc 3,120 Add to BOM
LM4811MM/NOPB 105-mW, stereo, analog input headphone amplifier with digital volume control Texas Instruments, Inc 7,668 Add to BOM
LMH1980MM/NOPB 10-Pin VSSOP T/R Texas Instruments, Inc 3,666 Add to BOM
FDC1004DGST Advanced capacitance-to-digital conversion technology for reliable measurements Texas Instruments, Inc 6,560 Add to BOM
TPL5100DGSR Programmable nano-timer for high-precision applications and low-power consumption Texas Instruments, Inc 7,092 Add to BOM
TPL5000DGSR Nano power programmable timer with watchdog functionality Texas Instruments, Inc 5,903 Add to BOM
ADC122S655CIMM/NOPB Compact analog-to-digital converter for precise measuremen Texas Instruments, Inc 4,405 Add to BOM
TPS60200DGS Regulated 3.3V 100mA, low ripple charge pump with low battery indicator Texas Instruments, Inc 5,890 Add to BOM
LM4916MM/NOPB Amplifier IC 1-Channel (Mono) with Stereo Headphones Class AB 10-VSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 4,650 Add to BOM
LM4853MM/NOPB Amplifier IC 1-Channel (Mono) with Stereo Headphones Class AB 10-VSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 6,404 Add to BOM