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(27 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TPS57040QDRCRQ1 Step-down type Adjustable 3.5V~42V 500mA 800mV~39V VSON-10(3x3) DC-DC Converters ROHS Texas Instruments, Inc 6,861 Add to BOM
TPS62410DRCR 2.25MHZ 2x800mA Dual Step-Down Converter with 1-Wire Interface in QFN Texas Instruments, Inc 7,443 Add to BOM
LM5165XDRCT LM5165XDRCT: Low power VSON converter TI 5,929 Add to BOM
XTR111AIDRCT Voltage-to-current converter/transmitter with 3-V to 15-V regulator and resistor set I/O ratio Texas Instruments, Inc 7,630 Add to BOM
BQ24020DRCR Compact and reliable charger for small electronic Texas Instruments, Inc 5,936 Add to BOM
DRV8830DRCR 7-V, 1-A H-bridge motor driver with speed regulation and I2C control Texas Instruments, Inc 5,065 Add to BOM
TPS3850H50QDRCRQ1 Automotive, window supervisor for OV & UV monitoring with window watchdog timer & programmable delay Texas Instruments, Inc 5,841 Add to BOM
OPA1622IDRCT Audio Amplifier 2 Circuit 10-VSON (3x3) Texas Instruments, Inc 5,051 Add to BOM
OPA1622IDRCR SoundPlus™ Audio Operational Amplifier with High Performance, Low THD+N and Bipolar Input Texas Instruments, Inc 5,383 Add to BOM
FXLS8962AFR1 Compact and accurate, this axis accelerometer measures movement with precision and efficienc NXP Semiconductor 3,941 Add to BOM
TPS2592BADRCR Robust and flexible voltage control solution featuring hot-swappable eFuse, advanced overcurrent protection, and high-speed switching Texas Instruments, Inc 5,133 Add to BOM
TPS62422QDRCRQ1 m VSON Package DC-DC Converter with ROHS Complianc Texas Instruments, Inc 4,046 Add to BOM
TPS65138ADRCR Compact 10-pin VSON package for reduced space requirements Texas Instruments, Inc 4,849 Add to BOM
TPS54060ADRCR Conv DC-DC 3.5V to 60V Synchronous Step Down Single-Out 0.8V to 58V 0.5A 10-Pin VSON EP T/R TI 4,619 Add to BOM
TPS2561ADRCT USB Power Switch Dual 6.5V 0.25A to 2.8A 10-Pin VSON EP T/R TI 3,448 Add to BOM
TPS62402QDRCRQ1 Compact power management solution for small form factor applications. Adjustable output voltage range of t Texas Instruments, Inc 7,072 Add to BOM
TPS54335ADRCR Conv DC-DC 4.5V to 28V Synchronous Step Down Single-Out 0.8V to 24V 3A 10-Pin VSON EP T/R TI 5,164 Add to BOM
BQ24081QDRCRQ1 Advanced power management for your automotive application Texas Instruments, Inc 6,542 Add to BOM
LM5165YQDRCRQ1 Automotive, 3V-65V, 150mA Synchronous Buck Converter With Ultra-Low IQ Texas Instruments, Inc 6,675 Add to BOM
TPS3850H01QDRCRQ1 Advanced supervisor IC designed for reliability and efficiency in automotive systems Texas Instruments, Inc 3,265 Add to BOM
TPS3850G09QDRCRQ1 Advanced window supervisor for optimal OV and UV detectio Texas Instruments, Inc 5,224 Add to BOM
LDC1101DRCR Inductance-to-Digital Converter 24 b 180k SPI 10-VSON (3x3) Texas Instruments, Inc 7,805 Add to BOM
BU7150NUV-E2 Mono audio amplification for headphone and speaker use ROHM Semiconductor 6,228 Add to BOM
TPS61029QDPNRQ1 0.9-V to 5.5-V input range, 1.8-A boost converter, AEC-Q100 qualified Texas Instruments, Inc 5,663 Add to BOM
TPS62421DRCR 2.25MHz 600mA/1000mA Dual Step Down Converter In Small 3x3mm QFN Package Texas Instruments, Inc 6,520 Add to BOM
LM5165XQDRCTQ1 Automotive, 3V-65V, 150mA Synchronous Buck Converter With Ultra-Low IQ Texas Instruments, Inc 5,807 Add to BOM
ADS8860IDRCT 16-bit, 1-MSPS, 1-channel SAR ADC with single-ended input, SPI and daisy chain Texas Instruments, Inc 3,648 Add to BOM