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(27 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LM5143QRHARQ1 Automotive, 3.5-V to 65-V low-IQ, dual output, stackable synchronous buck DC-DC controller TI 5,257 Add to BOM
TPS65250RHAR 4.5V to 18V, 3A/2A/2A output, synchronous triple buck converter Texas Instruments, Inc 4,323 Add to BOM
CDCLVD1212RHAR Fast Switching Time and Low Power Consumption Texas Instruments, Inc 5,839 Add to BOM
AFE4400RHAT Integrated Analog Front End (AFE) for Heart-Rate Monitors and Low-Cost Pulse Oximeters Texas Instruments, Inc 5,050 Add to BOM
CC2533F96RHAR 40-Pin VQFN EP T/R CC2533F96RHAR SOC CC253x 8051 Texas Instruments, Inc 7,047 Add to BOM
BU94502CMUV-E2 Streamline your digital audio experiences with this USB audio decoder's seamless playback functionality ROHM Semiconductor 6,445 Add to BOM
BQ500511RHAT Streamline your workspace with easy, convenient charging solution Texas Instruments, Inc 3,897 Add to BOM
TPS65177RHAR Fully I²C programmable 6-Ch LCD Bias IC for all size TVs including Gate Pulse Modulation Texas Instruments, Inc 5,089 Add to BOM
BU26154MUV-E2 Interface - CODECs Motor Driver ICs 40-Pin HTSSOP-B T/R ROHM Semiconductor 7,151 Add to BOM
TPS65023QRHARQ1 Streamline your designs with this high-reliability, low-power I Texas Instruments, Inc 5,182 Add to BOM
MSP430F2272TRHARQ1 MSP430 CPU16 Automotive, AEC-Q100, MSP430F2 Microcontroller IC 16-Bit 16MHz 32KB (32K x 8 + 256B) FLASH 40-VQFN (6x6) Texas Instruments, Inc 5,261 Add to BOM
UCD3138RHAT Highly Integrated Digital Controller for Isolated Power with 3 Feedback Loops and 8 DPWM Outputs Texas Instruments, Inc 4,866 Add to BOM
TPS65288RHAR Buck Switching Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 0.8V 3 Output 3A, 2A 40-VFQFN Exposed Pad Texas Instruments, Inc 6,826 Add to BOM
NN325TRHARQ1 Touchscreen Controller 10 b I²C, SPI Interface 40-VQFN (6x6) Texas Instruments, Inc 7,321 Add to BOM
AFE4400RHAR High-accuracy voltage reference and amplifier for precision systems Texas Instruments, Inc 6,810 Add to BOM
CC8530RHAR Advanced wireless technology for efficient communicati Texas Instruments, Inc 7,822 Add to BOM
CC8531RHAT High-Quality Wi-Fi Communication Module for Embedded Syste Texas Instruments, Inc 6,686 Add to BOM
CC8531RHAR Microchip-based IC for wireless communication Texas Instruments, Inc 6,542 Add to BOM
ISL62776IRTZ-T Two-channel power converter with a 1070kHz operating frequency and 40-pin TQFN EP package RENESAS 8,567 Add to BOM
ATWILC1000B-MU-T042 SmartConnect Chipset WILC1000 with product code ATWILC1000B-MU-T042 has a projected EOL of 2048-10-03 Microchip Technology, Inc 5,162 Add to BOM
BU94502AMUV-E2 Product BU94502AMUV-E2: Conforms to RoHS standards, ships within 24 hours, manufactured in 2015 ROHM Semiconductor 7,523 Add to BOM
DS25CP104ATSQ High-speed, high-reliability crosspoint switch for transmitting data efficientl Texas Instruments, Inc 3,894 Add to BOM
CC2531F128RHAT Compact, high-performance RF solution for IoT applicatio Texas Instruments, Inc 4,224 Add to BOM
CC2533F64RHAR Robust and reliable RF solution for industrial automation, medical devices, and consumer electronic Texas Instruments, Inc 5,586 Add to BOM
LM25143QRHARQ1 Automotive, 3.5-V to 42-V low-Iq, dual output, stackable synchronous buck DC-DC controller Texas Instruments, Inc 7,869 Add to BOM
DS90UR910QSQE/NOPB 10 - 75 MHz 24-bit Color FPD-Link II to CSI-2 Converter Texas Instruments, Inc 4,236 Add to BOM
TDA18219HN/C1,518 Silicon tuner for terrestrial and cable digital TV reception NXP Semiconductor 7,569 Add to BOM