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(37 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TXB0108RGYR 8-Bit Bidirectional Voltage-Level Shifter with Auto Direction Sensing and +/-15-kV ESD Protect TI 6,098 Add to BOM
BQ51013BQWRHLRQ1 Robust and reliable receiver for automotive wireless power transfe Texas Instruments, Inc 4,114 Add to BOM
TPS7A4701RGWR 1-A, 36-V, low-noise, high-PSRR, low-dropout voltage regulator with enable Texas Instruments, Inc 4,251 Add to BOM
BQ24105RHLR Standalone 1-3 cell 2A synchronous Buck battery charger in a WQFN package Texas Instruments, Inc 6,792 Add to BOM
BQ24070RHLR 1-cell 2-A Li-ion linear battery charger, Power Path, Output regulated to 4.4V TI 6,347 Add to BOM
TPS7A8500RGRT High-accuracy LDO voltage regulator with low noise and high current TI 5,701 Add to BOM
TPS7A8500RGRR 4-A, low-VIN, low-noise, ultra-low-dropout voltage regulator with power good with high-accuracy TI 6,885 Add to BOM
TPS7A8300ARGWR 2-A, low-VIN (1.1-V), low-noise, high-accuracy, ultra-low-dropout voltage regulator with power good TI 4,590 Add to BOM
LM5123QRGRRQ1 <p>The LM5123-Q1 device is a wide input range synchronous boost controller that employs peak current mode control. </p> Texas Instruments, Inc 4,897 Add to BOM
BQ24735RGRT SMBus 1-4 cell Buck battery charge controller to support turbo boost mode Texas Instruments, Inc 6,911 Add to BOM
BQ51013BRHLT WPC 1.1 Compatible Fully integrated Wireless power Receiver IC Texas Instruments, Inc 7,318 Add to BOM
BQ25570RGRR Ultra Low power Harvester power Management IC with boost charger, and Nanopower Buck Converter Texas Instruments, Inc 6,810 Add to BOM
BQ24125RHLR Charger IC Lithium Ion/Polymer 20-VQFN (3.5x4.5) Texas Instruments, Inc 4,463 Add to BOM
LM25145RGYT 6V to 42V Synchronous Buck DC-DC Controller With Wide Duty Cycle Range TI 8,803 Add to BOM
XTR300AIRGWT Industrial Analog Current/Voltage Output Driver Texas Instruments, Inc 6,705 Add to BOM
UCS2114T-1-V/LX Dual USB Port Power Switch Microchip Technology, Inc 3,468 Add to BOM
ATTINY816-MN Product Description: MCU 8-bit AVR RISC 8KB Flash 3.3V/5V 20-Pin VQFN EP Tray MICROCHIP 7,857 Add to BOM
ATTINY816-MNR The ATTINY816-MNR is designed for embedded applications requiring a small form factor and low power consumption MICROCHIP 5,755 Add to BOM
BQ51013ARHLR ROHS-compliant VQFN-20-EP module Texas Instruments, Inc 3,042 Add to BOM
AT42QT2120-MMH 20-pin VQFN package Microchip Technology, Inc 3,332 Add to BOM
ATA6624C-PGQW-1 LIN System Basis Chip including 5V Voltage Regulator and Watchdog. Microchip Technology, Inc 3,190 Add to BOM
ISL6420BIRZ-TK QFN packaged IC for reduced size and increased efficien Renesas Technology Corp 5,909 Add to BOM
TPS51396ARJER 4.5 V to 24 V, 8 A Synchronous Step Down Voltage Regulator 20 Vqfn Hr TI 3,570 Add to BOM
TPS650250QRHBRQ1 Automotive 1.5V to 6.5V, 3 Buck & 3 LDO Power Management IC Texas Instruments, Inc 5,017 Add to BOM
TPS61177ARGRR Up to 30mA output current supports high-power LEDs Texas Instruments, Inc 6,277 Add to BOM
TPS2372-3RGWR Efficient Power Over Ethernet Solution for Modern System Texas Instruments, Inc 5,926 Add to BOM
XTR305IRGWT Industrial analog current to voltage output driver Texas Instruments, Inc 4,390 Add to BOM
TCAN4550RGYRQ1 CAN 8Mbps Failsafe/Normal/Sleep/Standby Automotive 20-Pin VQFN EP T/R TI 2,621 Add to BOM
UCS2113-1-V/G4 Advanced power handling for demanding application Microchip Technology, Inc 4,257 Add to BOM
ATTINY426-MFR Boasting a clock speed of MHz and B memory, this MCU is ready to tackle complex tasks with ease Microchip Technology, Inc 7,232 Add to BOM
TPA6020A2RGWT Powerful yet energy-efficient audio amplification modul Texas Instruments, Inc 7,397 Add to BOM
TPA6020A2RGWR High-quality audio amplifier for stereo sound reproductio Texas Instruments, Inc 5,753 Add to BOM
XTR300AIRGWTG4 High-reliability driver solution for power management systems Texas Instruments, Inc 7,742 Add to BOM
AT42QT2120-MMHR Capacitive Touch Buttons, Slider, Wheel 20-VQFN (3x3) Microchip Technology, Inc 7,495 Add to BOM
LM51521QRGRRQ1 Automotive 2.2-MHz wide V<sub>IN</sub> low IQ synchronous boost controller with disabled bypass mode Texas Instruments, Inc 7,600 Add to BOM
ATA6622C-PGQW-1 LIN System Basis Chip Including 3.3V Voltage Regulator and Watchdog. Microchip Technology, Inc 3,837 Add to BOM
TRF1112IRGZR Up-Down Converters Dual PLL/VCO with IF Down-Converter Texas Instruments, Inc 4,898 Add to BOM