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(60 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MT53E2G32D4DT-046 WT:A MT53E2G32D4DT-046 WT:A memory module with 32 gigabytes capacity Micron Technology 9,478 Add to BOM
MT53D1024M32D4DT-053 AAT:D IC DRAM 32GBIT 1.866GHZ 200VFBGA Micron Technology 6,036 Add to BOM
MT53D512M32D2DS-053 AAT:D 1.1V 16Gb 512M x 32 1866MHz Micron Technology 7,505 Add to BOM
MT53D512M32D2DS-053 AIT:D This product is a DRAM LPDDR4 memory module with a capacity of 16G and a size of 512MX32 in a FBGA DDP package Micron Technology 7,863 Add to BOM
MT53E256M32D2DS-053 WT:B Low Power 200-Pin WFBGA Chip Micron Technology 5,083 Add to BOM
MT53E512M32D2NP-046 Enhance system performance with this reliable LPDDR4 module Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
MT53E512M32D2NP-046 WT:E MT53E512M32D2NP-046 WT:E DRAM LPDDR4 16G 512MX32 FBGA WT DDP Micron Technology 5,235 Add to BOM
MT53E1G32D2FW-046 AUT:A Low-power DRAM module Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
MT53E1G16D1FW-046 WT:A LPDDR Memory, 16 Gb Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
MT53E1G32D2FW-046 WT:A DRAM Mobile LPDDR4 Micron Technology 6,335 Add to BOM
MT53D1024M32D4DT-046 AIT:D LPDDR4 32GB 1Gx32 FBGA QDP Automotive AEC-Q100 Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
MT53E256M32D2DS-053 AIT:B -40C to 95C operating temperature Micron Technology 6,241 Add to BOM
MT53D512M32D2DS-046 AAT:D LPDDR4 16GHz 512MX32 FBGA DDP Micron Technology 7,072 Add to BOM
MT53E512M64D4RQ-046 WT:F Enhance computing power with this high-capacity LPDDRRAM module Micron Technology 7,860 Add to BOM
MT53D1536M64D8JL-046 WT:A Advanced memory solution for emerging technologi Micron Technology 6,142 Add to BOM
MT53E512M64D4HJ-046 AUT:D Low-power DDRmemory for mobile devices and laptop Micron Technology 8,768 Add to BOM
MT53E384M32D2DS-053 AUT:E TR Advanced technology for enhanced data storage capabilitie Micron Technology 7,343 Add to BOM
MT53E128M32D2DS-046 AIT:A TR SDRAM - Mobile LPDDR4 Memory IC 4Gbit 2.133 GHz 200-WFBGA (10x14.5) Micron Technology 9,043 Add to BOM
MT53D4DADT-DC High-capacity LPDDRfor reliable and efficient computin Micron Technology 7,530 Add to BOM
MT53E2G64D8TN-046 AAT:A MICMT53E2G64D8TN-046 AAT:A High-Density LPDDR4 RAM for Next-Gen Applications - Trays, Ideal for Mainstream PCs Micron Technology 9,663 Add to BOM
MT53E2G64D8TN-046 AAT:A TR DRAM LPDDR4 128G X64 LFBGA Micron Technology 6,972 Add to BOM
MT53E2G64D8TN-046 AIT:A TR DRAM LPDDR4 128G X64 LFBGA Micron Technology 6,239 Add to BOM
MT53E2G64D8TN-046 WT:A Advanced memory solution for data-intensive application Micron Technology 6,745 Add to BOM
MT53E1536M64D8HJ-046 AAT:B Memory technology innovation for next-generation systems requiring massive data storage and processing power Micron Technology 8,139 Add to BOM
MT53E1G64D4HJ-046 AAT:A TR DRAM LPDDR4 64G 1GX64 FBGA QDP Micron Technology 9,096 Add to BOM
MT53E2G32D4DT-046 AAT:A TR Uncompromising quality, unmatched performance - experience the power of MTEDT Micron Technology 7,870 Add to BOM
MT53E1G64D4HJ-046 WT:A High-performance memory for demanding applications, GB capacity, and a power-efficient LPDDRdesig Micron Technology 7,576 Add to BOM
MT53E768M64D4HJ-046 AIT:B Advanced memory solution for demanding tasks requiring fast access and large storage capacity Micron Technology 6,207 Add to BOM
MT53E512M64D4HJ-046 AAT:D Memory technology designed for efficient power management and reliability Micron Technology 8,158 Add to BOM
MT53E1536M32D4DE-046 WT:B TR DRAM LPDDR4 48G 1.5GX32 FBGA QDP Micron Technology 5,652 Add to BOM
MT53E1G32D2FW-046 AIT:A TR DRAM LPDDR4 32G 1GX32 FBGA DDP Micron Technology 6,152 Add to BOM
MT53E1G32D2FW-046 IT:A TR SDRAM - Mobile LPDDR4X Memory IC 32Gbit Parallel 2.133 GHz 200-TFBGA (10x14.5) Micron Technology 8,652 Add to BOM
MT53E1G32D2FW-046 WT:A TR Expression : Advanced LPDDRDRAM solution for cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data application Micron Technology 7,145 Add to BOM
MT53D512M32D2DS-053 AUT:D TR SDRAM - Mobile LPDDR4 Memory IC 16Gbit 1.866 GHz 200-WFBGA (10x14.5) Micron Technology 8,307 Add to BOM
MT53E768M32D4DT-046 WT:E TR Ultra-high-speed storage solution for big data and AI Micron Technology 8,221 Add to BOM
MT53E512M32D2FW-046 AIT:D TR LPDDR4 16G 512MX32 FBGA Micron Technology 9,001 Add to BOM
MT53E256M32D2DS-053 AAT:B TR SDRAM - Mobile LPDDR4 Memory IC 8Gbit 1.866 GHz 200-WFBGA (10x14.5) Micron Technology 6,902 Add to BOM
MT53E1G16D1FW-046 AIT:A TR High-capacity DRAM memory solution for demanding applicatio Micron Technology 7,745 Add to BOM
MT53E256M32D2FW-046 AIT:B TR Compact FBGA design ensures seamless integration into device Micron Technology 9,352 Add to BOM
MT53E384M32D2DS-046 AUT:E TR Cutting-edge FBGA design ensures optimal power consumptio Micron Technology 8,486 Add to BOM
MT53E256M32D2DS-046 IT:B TR Reliable and high-speed LPDDRmemory module with B capacity for modern computing need Micron Technology 9,924 Add to BOM
MT53E384M32D2DS-053 AAT:E TR Advanced DDRRAM Module for Data Center Efficienc Micron Technology 5,948 Add to BOM
MT53E256M32D2DS-046 WT:B TR B LPDDRDRAM for efficient computing and data transfer Micron Technology 8,246 Add to BOM
MT53E384M32D2FW-046 WT:E Next-generation RAM for data-intensive system Micron Technology 9,392 Add to BOM
MT53E256M16D1FW-046 AAT:B TR DRAM LPDDR4 4G 256MX16 FBGA Micron Technology 5,062 Add to BOM
MT53E512M16D1FW-046 AIT:D TR SDRAM - Mobile LPDDR4X Memory IC 8Gbit Parallel 2.133 GHz 3.5 ns 200-TFBGA (10x14.5) Micron Technology 7,606 Add to BOM
MT53E256M16D1FW-046 AIT:B TR Reliable and efficient LPDDRRAM for demanding systems Micron Technology 9,003 Add to BOM
MT53E128M32D2FW-046 AUT:A TR DRAM LPDDR4 4G 128MX32 FBGA DDP Micron Technology 6,807 Add to BOM
MT53E128M32D2DS-046 AAT:A TR Low Power Consumption Pin WFBGA Package Desig Micron Technology 9,967 Add to BOM