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(70 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TCK-117 Compact device for filtering electromagnetic interference signal Traco Power 7,237 Add to BOM
S14100039 Shielded against electromagnetic interference for reliable performan Wurth Elektronik 2,120 Add to BOM
TCK-127 Efficient noise reduction component for electronics applicatio Traco Power 3,654 Add to BOM
TCK-119 Ideal for reducing electromagnetic interference in various application Traco Power 6,221 Add to BOM
TCK-118 Low DC Resistance Through-Hole Choke for Reliable Power Transmissi Traco Power 3,269 Add to BOM
S14100038 Effortlessly eliminate electromagnetic interference and noise with this high-quality power line filter Wurth Elektronik 5,176 Add to BOM
UU16LFNP-152 Compact through-hole design for easy PCB integration and reduced space requirements Sumida 5,206 Add to BOM
UU10LFNP-B223 Compact common-mode filter design ensures robust signal quality and noise reductio Sumida 3,889 Add to BOM
UU10LFNP-B682 Compact, efficient common mode choke for high-speed data transmission and EMI mitigatio Sumida 5,228 Add to BOM
UF1717V-103YR25-02 Robust and compact design for efficient energy managemen Tdk 4,829 Add to BOM
UF1717V-601Y1R0-01 High-frequency filtering for noise reduction and electromagnetic compatibility Tdk 4,018 Add to BOM
UF1717V-282Y0R5-01 Effectively suppress common mode noise and ensure reliable signal transmissio Tdk Corporation 2,539 Add to BOM
TLF9UA103WR23K1 High-frequency common mode choke coil for EMI noise reduction applications Taiyo Yuden 7,181 Add to BOM
TLF9UA102W0R8K1 Low-loss choke with high current capability for reliable power transmission Taiyo Yuden 6,211 Add to BOM
RN242-6-02 Compact, high-performance choke for demanding applications Schaffner 4,809 Add to BOM
RN222-4-02 Shield your devices from electromagnetic radiation interferenc Schaffner 5,176 Add to BOM
PLA10AS3630R3D2B Robust design for high-frequency signal processin Murata 3,356 Add to BOM
PLA10AN9012R0D2B Description : Compact and reliable common mode choke/filter for protecting sensitive electronic equipment from power-line nois Murata 4,594 Add to BOM
PLA10AN2030R5R2B Compact and efficient electromagnetic interference (EMI) filter solution Murata 5,988 Add to BOM
PLA10AN1522R0R2B Compact and efficient μH choke for reduced noise and increased signal integrity Murata 3,416 Add to BOM
PLA10AN3021R3R2B High-quality single-phase EMI filter for reliable power supply Murata 4,647 Add to BOM
PLA10AN3521R2R2B Robust construction with high DCR stability for stable system operatio Murata 6,194 Add to BOM
PLA10AN3630R3D2B Precision-leaded inductor for sensitive electronic Murata 2,431 Add to BOM
PLT10HH501100PNL High-frequency transformer for common mode noise suppression Murata 7,683 Add to BOM
PLH10AS1612R1P2B Effective noise reduction and power conditioning for electronic syste Murata 4,652 Add to BOM
PLH10AS3711R0P2B High-frequency filtering reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions Murata 6,203 Add to BOM
PLH10AS2211R5P2B Effective electromagnetic interference filtering solution for single-phase applications Murata 6,032 Add to BOM
PFC2225BNP-402 Compact design ensures seamless integration into various applications Sumida 2,509 Add to BOM
ELF18N006A Dual 35uH common mode chokes for noise reduction Panasonic 3,592 Add to BOM
ELF15N005A Effective EMI suppression up to 500mA with a typical DCR of 1.324Ohm Panasonic 7,011 Add to BOM
ELF15N007A Robust common mode filter design for superior signal quality and reliabilit Panasonic 2,616 Add to BOM
ELF18D290C Compact common mode choke for reliable power filtering Panasonic 5,401 Add to BOM
ELF15N022A Common mode choke for reducing electromagnetic interference effectively Panasonic 5,897 Add to BOM
ELF15N010A High-quality inductors suitable for various applications including power supplies, motor drives, and audio equipment Panasonic 3,515 Add to BOM
PH9455.105NL DIP Common Mode Filters ROHS Pulse 4,206 Add to BOM
PH9455.705NL [email protected] 6.4kΩ@1.52MHz 14mΩ 2 Plugin Common Mode Filters ROHS Pulse 5,570 Add to BOM
B82720K2301N042 22mH@10kHz 1.5Ω 2 Plugin Common Mode Filters ROHS Tdk 6,120 Add to BOM
UU9LFNP-B-B103 10mH@1kHz 4Ω 2 Plugin Common Mode Filters ROHS Sumida 2,800 Add to BOM
SS11V-R08125-CH 740mΩ 2 - Common Mode Filters ROHS Kemet 3,672 Add to BOM
UU9LFNP-B103 10mH@1kHz 4Ω 2 Plugin Common Mode Filters ROHS Sumida 2,506 Add to BOM
PLA10AS1522R0R2B - Common Mode Filters ROHS Murata 2,995 Add to BOM
PLA10AN4330R3R2B - Common Mode Filters ROHS Murata 4,191 Add to BOM
PLA10AN2230R4D2B - Common Mode Filters ROHS Murata 5,707 Add to BOM
PLY10AN9012R0R2B - Common Mode Filters ROHS Murata 5,614 Add to BOM
PLT10HH9016R0PNL 900Ω@10MHz 8mΩ 2 Plugin Common Mode Filters ROHS Murata 2,340 Add to BOM
PLT10HH401100PNL 400Ω@10MHz 4.1mΩ 2 SMD Common Mode Filters ROHS Murata 4,172 Add to BOM
PLA10AS4330R3R2B - Common Mode Filters ROHS Murata 5,772 Add to BOM
PLA10AS3521R2R2B - Common Mode Filters ROHS Murata 3,323 Add to BOM
PLA10AN1030R7R2B - Common Mode Filters ROHS Murata 4,910 Add to BOM
PLA10AN7420R8R2B - Common Mode Filters ROHS Murata 7,999 Add to BOM