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(19 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
W25X20CLUXIG Product Type: 2.5V/3V/3.3V 2M-bit Winbond Electronics 6,135 Add to BOM
IS25LP080D-JULE-TR B NOR Flash Memory Module for Industrial Automation Application ISSI, Integrated Silicon Solution Inc 4,607 Add to BOM
APS1604M-3SQR-ZR This product features RBX technology and is designed to operate at a voltage of 3V, making it ideal for IoT applications ap memory technology 7,903 Add to BOM
APS6404L-SQH-ZR The DRAM IoT RAM is ideally suited for IoT devices requiring reliable and efficient memory storage solutions ap memory technology 6,986 Add to BOM
S25FL032P0XNFI010 Ready to ship right away Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
MX25L1006EZUI-10G 8-Pin Unique Small Outline Nanowatt Package MXIC 5,650 Add to BOM
W25X40CLUXIG TR M-bit Uniform Sector 4Kb spiFlash Winbond Electronics Corporation America 3,158 Add to BOM
MX25V1006FZUI NOR Flash memory module with serial interface MXIC 5,275 Add to BOM
S25FL064LABNFI040 Flash Serial-SPI 3V/3.3V 64M-bit 64M/32M/16M x 1/2-bit/4-bit 8ns 8-Pin USON EP Tray INFINEON 5,689 Add to BOM
APS6404L-SQN-ZR Featuring a high-speed Hz clock rate and voltage, this QSPI SDR memory ensures fast data access and reduced latency for your smart devices AP Memory Technology 8,501 Add to BOM
SC0471NP NOR Flash W25Q16JVUXIQ 16Mbit Flash, USON-8 2x3mm package - SALES raspberry pi 7,564 Add to BOM
W25Q40CLUXIG TR This IC offers bit of storage space and operates at a fast frequency of H Winbond 6,877 Add to BOM
IS25LP040E-JYLA3-TR NOR Flash 4Mb QSPI, 8-pin USON 2x3MM, RoHS, T&R, Auto Grade, new die rev ISSI 9,619 Add to BOM
IS25WQ020-JULE-TR Reliable and efficient data storage for automotive system ISSI 8,961 Add to BOM
GD25LQ32DNIGR High-reliability storage solution for harsh environments Gigadevice 2,841 Add to BOM
S25FL064LABNFA040 Advanced non-volatile memory technology for efficient data retention Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,211 Add to BOM
SST25VF020B-80-4I-Q3AE-T The SST25VF020B-80-4I-Q3AE-T is a NOR Flash memory chip employing Serial-SPI interface, featuring a storage capacity of 2 megabits Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
W25X05CLUXIG TR FLASH - NOR Memory IC 512Kbit SPI 104 MHz 8-USON (2x3) Winbond 7,072 Add to BOM
S25FL064LABNFM040 FLASH - NOR Memory IC 64Mbit SPI - Quad I/O, QPI 108 MHz 8-USON (4x4) Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,430 Add to BOM