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(19 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
NCP708MU330TAG LDO Regulator, 1 A, Low Dropout, High PSRR, with Enable onsemi 4,081 Add to BOM
NCP380LMUAJAATBG Power Distribution Switch, Current-Limiting (Fixed and Adjustable) onsemi 6,270 Add to BOM
CAT24M01HU5I-GT3 EEPROM Memory IC 1Mbit I2C 1 MHz 400 ns 8-UDFN (3x2) onsemi 5,524 Add to BOM
NTLUD3A50PZTAG <p>Power MOSFET −20 V, −5.6 A, µCool™ Dual P−Channel, 2.0x2.0x0.55 mm UDFN Package</p> onsemi 6,426 Add to BOM
NCV380HMUAJAATBG Power Distribution Switch, Current-Limiting (Fixed and Adjustable) onsemi 7,635 Add to BOM
NCP383LMUAJAATXG onsemi 5,235 Add to BOM
PI3USB221EZWEX 10-Pin UDFN EP T/R Analog Multiplexer Single 1:2 Diodes Incorporated 5,399 Add to BOM
NCP114AMX300TCG LDO Regulator, 300 mA, High PSRR onsemi 6,847 Add to BOM
NV25020MUW3VTBG A reliable and efficient solution for storing small amounts of data ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,194 Add to BOM
NSR1030QMUTWG 1.0 A, 30 V, Schottky Diode Full Bridge Rectifier onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
FDMA410NZT Advanced N-channel MOSFET with built-in Zener diode for robust voltage regulation and surge protection capabilities onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
NV25080MUW3VTBG High-capacity, high-reliability non-volatile memory solution for various applications ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,809 Add to BOM
NV34C02MUW3VTBG A high-capacity storage solution for your microcontroller projects, featuring a compact wettable package and reliable data retention onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
NV25080MUW2VTAG Secure and reliable data storage for in-vehicle systems ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,154 Add to BOM
NV24C16MUW3VLTBG EEPROM Serial 16-Kb I2C - Automotive Grade ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,435 Add to BOM
DMN1025UFDB-7 High-power electronic component for efficient switching and amplification Diodes Incorporated 6,972 Add to BOM
AH8500-FDC-7 High-precision sensing solution ideal for industrial automation, motor control, and power management systems DIODES 6,807 Add to BOM
NCP380HMU10AATBG Power Distribution Switch, Current-Limiting (Fixed and Adjustable) onsemi 5,272 Add to BOM
NCP340MUTBG Controlled Load Switch, Soft-Start, 3.0 A onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM