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(78 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MAX17220ELT+ Effortless Efficiency: Boost Converter Reduces Size and Boosts Lif ADI 5,040 Add to BOM
MAX17222ELT+T Step up voltage converter ADI 5,642 Add to BOM
MAX2659ELT+T RF Amplifier for GPS/GNSS with low noise MAX2659ELT+T Maxim Integrated 5,016 Add to BOM
STTS751-0DP3F 2.25 V low-voltage local digital temperature sensor ST 7,842 Add to BOM
ESDR0502NMUTAG Ultra-Low Capacitance ESD Protection Array for High Speed Data Lines onsemi 5,954 Add to BOM
ESDR0502NMUTBG Ultra-Low Capacitance ESD Protection Array for High Speed Data Lines ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,977 Add to BOM
NCP380HMUAJAATBG Power Switch/Driver 1:1 P-Channel Adjustable 6-UDFN (2x2) onsemi 5,299 Add to BOM
SSM6N57NU Description of Product SSM6N57NU: This component is a PB-F UDFN6 DUAL NCH MOSFET (LF) transistor capable of dissipating 1W of power with a VDS of 20V TOSHIBA 3,283 Add to BOM
NCP1529MUTBG Buck Converter, DC-DC, High Efficiency, Adjustable Output Voltage, Low Ripple, 1.7 MHz, 1 A onsemi 7,342 Add to BOM
FAN4860UMP5X 930mA switching regulator Onsemi 7,836 Add to BOM
STM6519AHARUB6F Single-pin, push button Smart Reset STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,601 Add to BOM
NCS2200AMUT1G Analog Comparators NCS2200AMUT1G UDFN6 ANA COMPARATOR Onsemi 9,077 Add to BOM
NLX2G16AMUTCG 5.5V operational voltage onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
SSM6J507NU,LF Ideal for use in power management applications Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 5,224 Add to BOM
NSPU5132MUTBG Ultra-Compact UDFN Package: Space-saving design suitable for densely packed electronic assemblies ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,080 Add to BOM
DG4157EDN-T1-GE4 :1 Switch/Multiplexer in 6-Pin UDFN Package Vishay Intertechnology, Inc 3,498 Add to BOM
MAX31888ALT+ Temperature Sensor Digital, Local -40°C ~ 125°C 16 b 6-µDFN (2x2) Analog Devices Inc. 6,517 Add to BOM
SSM6P69NU,LF Mosfet Array 20V 4A (Ta) 1W (Ta) Surface Mount 6-µDFN (2x2) Toshiba 8,225 Add to BOM
AP9211SA-AH-HAC-7 Battery Battery Protection IC Lithium Ion U-DFN2030-6 (Type C) Diodes Incorporated 9,144 Add to BOM
SSM6J503NU,LF P-Channel 20 V 6A (Ta) 1W (Ta) Surface Mount 6-UDFNB (2x2) Toshiba 7,765 Add to BOM
NTLUS3A90PZTBG P-Channel 20 V 2.6A (Ta) 600mW (Ta) Surface Mount 6-UDFN (1.6x1.6) onsemi 8,103 Add to BOM
NTLUS4930NTAG <p>Power MOSFET30 V, 6.1 A, Single N−Channel,2.0x2.0x0.55 mm µCool™ UDFN6 Package</p> onsemi 6,957 Add to BOM
MAX8840ELT30+T Tiny surface mount regulator for small form factor designs Analog Devices Inc. 7,665 Add to BOM
MAX6383LT41D3+T Advanced reset circuitry for precise control of electronic devices Analog Devices Inc. 5,794 Add to BOM
MAX9610HELT+T Current Sense Amplifier 1 Circuit 6-µDFN (2x2) Analog Devices Inc. 7,647 Add to BOM
MAX6384LT29D1+T This versatile pin UDFN T/R package offers efficient system control and monitoring capabilities Analog Devices Inc. 6,568 Add to BOM
MAX8841ELT18+T Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 150mA 6-µDFN (1.5x1) Analog Devices Inc. 6,353 Add to BOM
MAX8840ELT18+T MAX8840ELT18+T is an ultra-low-noise linear regulator with high PSRR and low dropout features, making it ideal for noise-sensitive applications Analog Devices Inc. 8,886 Add to BOM
MAX6381LT29D3+T Supervisory circuits for single or dual microprocessor application Analog Devices Inc. 5,324 Add to BOM
MAX4729ELT+T 1 Circuit IC Switch 2:1 5.5Ohm 6-µDFN (1.5x1) Analog Devices Inc. 5,850 Add to BOM
AP7335-30SNG-7 Product description: TDFN2020-6-EP(2x2) Linear Voltage Regulators (LDO) ROHS Diodes Incorporated 8,605 Add to BOM
7SB384MUTCG Multi-functional switch for versatile connectivity and reliability onsemi 9,179 Add to BOM
MAX1724ELT50+T High-reliability design for industrial and automotive applications Analog Devices Inc. 7,655 Add to BOM
MAX1724ELT27+T Boost Switching Regulator IC Positive Fixed 2.7V 1 Output 400mA (Switch) 6-WDFN Analog Devices Inc. 6,177 Add to BOM
MIC826ZYMT-TR Voltage Supervisor with Watchdog Timer, Manual Reset, and Dual Outputs. Microchip 8,843 Add to BOM
MIC826MYMT-TR Supervisor Push-Pull, Totem Pole 1 Channel 6-TDFN (1.6x1.6) Microchip 8,707 Add to BOM
MIC826LYMT-TR Six-pin UDFN-EP package for efficient board space usag Microchip 8,331 Add to BOM
MAX4917AELT+T 100mA/200mA/300mA Current-Limit Switches with Low Shutdown Reverse Current Analog Devices Inc. 5,118 Add to BOM
MAX8570ELT+T - Converter, LCD Voltage Regulator IC 1 Output 6-µDFN (2x2) Analog Devices Inc. 5,517 Add to BOM
SSM6L61NU,LF Mosfet Array 20V 4A Surface Mount 6-UDFN (2x2) Toshiba 5,602 Add to BOM
NTLUS3C18PZTAG <p>Power MOSFET −12 V, −7.0 A, Single P−Channel, 1.6x1.6x0.5 mm UDFN6 Package</p> onsemi 5,317 Add to BOM
SSM6J511NULF Small UDFN6B MOSFET capable of handling 12 volts and 14 amps Toshiba 4,636 Add to BOM
MAX38641AELT+T Achieve high performance at ultra-low currents for extended battery life Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
MAX17223ELT+ Sleek solution for boosting low voltage inputs up t Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
MIC5353-3.3YMT-TR Positive 3.3-volt Low Dropout (LDO) Regulator with a 0.5-ampere Capacity in a 6-pin Ultra-thin DFN Exposed Pad Package, Tape and Reel Packaging Microchip 3,775 Add to BOM
MAX17224ELT+ Boost Switching Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 1.8V 1 Output 1A (Switch) 6-WDFN Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
MAX6382LT30D2+T Low-voltage and low-power IC solution for microprocessor Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
MAX8840ELT25+T Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 150mA 6-µDFN (1.5x1) Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
MIC94325YMT TR Linear regulator with a maximum output current of 0.5A and a 6-pin UDFN package, supplied in tape and reel Microchip 3,443 Add to BOM
MAX4917BELT+T MAX4917BELT+T features a 6-pin UDFN package design Maxim Integrated 6,334 Add to BOM