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(24 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
RLM-33+ A reliable solution for limiting signals in various wireless communication systems and devices Mini-Circuits 7,252 Add to BOM
RMK-5-51+ 5X SMT Multiplier for Signal Conditioning, Output Frequency Range 37.5 - 52.5 MHz Mini-Circuits 5,608 Add to BOM
RMK-3-451+ SMT Design for Compact and Efficient Use Mini-Circuits 6,300 Add to BOM
RLM-33-2W+ Limiter capable of handling signals from +12 to +33 dBm with 50Ω impedance over a wide frequency range of 0.2 to 3000 MHz Mini-Circuits 6,113 Add to BOM
RMK-5-83+ High-frequency multiplier for RF wireless applications Mini-Circuits 5,934 Add to BOM
RMK-5-751+ SMD-6P RF Miscellaneous Integrated Circuits and Modules ROHS Mini-Circuits 5,738 Add to BOM
RLM-23-1WL+ Expertly designed radio frequency modules for efficient network management Mini-Circuits 3,361 Add to BOM
RMK-3-332+ Passive RF Multipliers x3 2.1GHz to 3.3GHz-OUT 6-Pin Case TT-1224 T/R Mini-Circuits 4,479 Add to BOM
RLM-521-2WL+ Efficient Frequency Limiting Technolog Mini-Circuits 3,786 Add to BOM
RMK-5-13+ Increase transmission power and efficiency with our precise multiplier technolog Mini-Circuits 5,516 Add to BOM
RLM-43-5W+ High-quality wireless limiters for reliable communication Mini-Circuits 3,399 Add to BOM
RMK-3-92+ x3 0.45GHz to 0.9GHz-OUT 6-Pin Case TT-1224 T/R Mini-Circuits 5,452 Add to BOM
RMK-3-212+ Signal Conditioning 3X SMT Multiplier, Output Freq 1200 - 2100 MHz Mini-Circuits 4,331 Add to BOM
RMK-3-14+ x3 6.6GHz to 10.005GHz-OUT 6-Pin Case TT-1224 T/R Mini-Circuits 6,891 Add to BOM
RMK-3-1262+ 3X SMT Multiplier, Output Freq 6750 - 12600 MHz Mini-Circuits 6,110 Add to BOM
RLM-33H+ RF Wireless Misc LIMITER / SURF MOUNT / RoHS Mini-Circuits 4,217 Add to BOM
RMK-5-472+ X5Frequency Multiplier Mini-Circuits 4,168 Add to BOM
RMK-5-2251+ X5Frequency Multiplier Mini-Circuits 6,831 Add to BOM
RMK-3-33+ X3Frequency Multiplier Mini-Circuits 5,257 Add to BOM
RMK-5-52+ Passive RF Multipliers x5 0.25GHz to 0.5GHz-OUT 6-Pin Case TT-1224 T/R Mini-Circuits 4,846 Add to BOM
RMK-7-81+ X7 Frequency Multiplier Mini-Circuits 5,774 Add to BOM
RMK-3-662+ Passive RF Multipliers x3 4.8GHz to 6.6GHz-OUT 6-Pin Case TT-1224 T/R Mini-Circuits 5,190 Add to BOM
RMK-5-2751+ X5 Frequency Multipli Mini-Circuits 6,442 Add to BOM
RMK-5-352+ X5 Frequency Multiplier Mini-Circuits 5,066 Add to BOM