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(76 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SII1162CSU 8 mo-153-cd pds048 consumer circuit sorting SILICON IMAGE 5,209 Add to BOM
SN74LVC162244ADGGR 16-ch, 1.65-V to 3.6-V buffers with 3-state outputs TI 6,548 Add to BOM
SN74AVC16244DGGR 16-ch, 1.4-V to 3.6-V buffers with 3-state outputs TI 5,205 Add to BOM
CLVC16T245MDGGREP Enhanced Product 16-Bit Dual-Supply Bus Transceiver Texas Instruments, Inc 6,224 Add to BOM
SN75LVDS84ADGGR 4/0 Driver LVDS 48-TSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 4,658 Add to BOM
XCF08PVOG48C High-speed 33 MHz data transfer AMD Xilinx, Inc 5,948 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS96DGGR 1.428Gbps Deserializer 3 Input 21 Output 48-TSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 3,933 Add to BOM
CALVC164245MDGGREP Enhanced Product 16-Bit 2.5-V To 3.3-V/3.3-V To 5-V Level Shifting Transceiver, 3-State Texas Instruments, Inc 6,750 Add to BOM
DS90CR215MTD/NOPB +3.3V Rising Edge Data Strobe LVDS 21-Bit Channel Link Transmitter - 66 MHz Texas Instruments, Inc 5,047 Add to BOM
DS90CF364AMTD +3.3V LVDS Receiver 18-Bit Flat Panel Display (FPD) Link - 65 MHz Texas Instruments, Inc 3,828 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS95DGG Serdes Serializer Texas Instruments, Inc 4,802 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS84AQDGG Flatlink™ low-voltage differential signal (LVDS) transmitter Texas Instruments, Inc 4,434 Add to BOM
74LCX16245MTDX The '74LCX16245MTDX' is a 16-bit bidirectional transceiver from the 74LCX series that operates at a low voltage of 3.6 V FAIRCHILD 8,837 Add to BOM
9DB833AGILF Ideal for clock distribution applications Renesas Technology Corp 3,509 Add to BOM
SST39VF3202C-70-4I-EKE meg x 16-bit organization Parallel interface Microchip Technology, Inc 6,983 Add to BOM
F59L4G81XB-25TG2X A mysterious combination of letters and numbers ESMT 6,292 Add to BOM
DS90CF364AMTD/NOPB +3.3V LVDS Receiver 18-Bit Flat Panel Display (FPD) Link - 65 MHz Texas Instruments, Inc 6,663 Add to BOM
XQF32PVOG48M Configuration PROM 1.8V 48-Pin TSOP AMD Xilinx, Inc 100 Add to BOM
K9F1208UOB SAMSUNG 7,531 Add to BOM
K9F1208UOM SAMSUNG 6,733 Add to BOM
AD8509ARUZ-REEL Advanced multiplexing technology: Control up to channels with ea Analog Devices, Inc 7,100 Add to BOM
AD8509ARU-REEL High-speed LCD driver for efficient display management Analog Devices, Inc 3,307 Add to BOM
BU91600FUV-ME2 With its rugged design and -pin T/R interface ROHM Semiconductor 5,355 Add to BOM
PCF8562TT/2,118 Universal LCD driver for low multiplex rates NXP Semiconductor 4,945 Add to BOM
TC74VCX163245FT Enhanced performance and noise immunity for demanding bus communication systems Toshiba 2,986 Add to BOM
SSTVA16857AGT Integrated register solution for reliable DDR data transfe Renesas Technology Corp 3,826 Add to BOM
BU91797FUV-ME2 Segment Display LCD Driver 3.3V/5V Automotive AEC-Q100 48-Pin TSSOP-CV T/R ROHM Semiconductor 6,773 Add to BOM
LM98714BCMTX/NOPB 3 Channel AFE 16 Bit 610 mW 48-TSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 7,598 Add to BOM
TAS5760LDDCAR 21-W stereo, 42-W mono, 4.5- to 16.4-V, digital input Class-D audio amplifier w/ integrated HP Texas Instruments, Inc 3,011 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS84AQDGGRQ1 Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Technology Enabler Texas Instruments, Inc 6,914 Add to BOM
SCANSTA111MT/NOPB High-speed interface for efficient system testing and debuggi Texas Instruments, Inc 4,668 Add to BOM
TS3L301DGVR Multi-bit switching ICs optimize signal integrity and noise reduction Texas Instruments, Inc 5,663 Add to BOM
DS90CF366MTD/NOPB +3.3V LVDS Receiver 18-Bit Flat Panel Display (FPD) Link - 85 MHz Texas Instruments, Inc 4,608 Add to BOM
CDCVF857DGGR PLL Clock Driver IC 220MHz 1 48-TFSOP (0.240", 6.10mm Width) Texas Instruments, Inc 4,121 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS95DGGRQ1 1.3Gbps Serializer 21 Input 3 Output 48-TSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 5,146 Add to BOM
DS90C363BMT/NOPB LVDS Transmitter 455Mbps 0.45V 48-Pin TSSOP Tube TI 4,985 Add to BOM
SN75LVDS86DGG FlatLink™ Receiver Texas Instruments, Inc 7,196 Add to BOM
SN75LVDS84DGG Ultra-compact 48-Pin TSSOP package for space-constrained designs Texas Instruments, Inc 7,316 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS96DGG This serializer/deserializer efficiently converts parallel digital signals into a high-frequency serial outpu Texas Instruments, Inc 6,093 Add to BOM
SN65C23243DGGR Robust multichannel RS-232 interface with enhanced electromagnetic immunity Texas Instruments, Inc 5,826 Add to BOM
FIN1216MTDX 1.785Gbps Deserializer 3 Input 21 Output 48-TSSOP ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,026 Add to BOM
9DB833AGLFT PCI Express (PCIe) Fanout Buffer (Distribution), Zero Delay Buffer, Multiplexer IC 166MHz 1 Output 48-TSSOP Renesas Technology Corp 3,455 Add to BOM
9DB833AGLF Flexible design for easy integration into system Renesas Technology Corp 6,413 Add to BOM
9DB803DGLFT PCI Express (PCIe) Fanout Buffer (Distribution), Zero Delay Buffer, Multiplexer IC 400MHz 1 Output 48-TSSOP Renesas Technology Corp 6,485 Add to BOM
9DB803DGILF Robust and Reliable Clock Buffer for High-Performance Systems Renesas Technology Corp 3,264 Add to BOM
SST39VF3202B-70-4I-EKE Robust and durable memory module for medical equipment applicatio Microchip Technology, Inc 5,787 Add to BOM
SST39VF401C-70-4C-EKE High-quality storage solution with a wide operating voltage range o Microchip Technology, Inc 3,516 Add to BOM
ICS9FG108DGLFT Intel CPU Server IDT 5,523 Add to BOM
AM29LV641DH-120REI This flash memory offers high storage capacity and fast access times for reliable data retention Xilinx 4,244 Add to BOM
74ALVT16245DL This device features dual 16-channel transceivers and is packaged in a 48-pin SSOP tube NXP 7,827 Add to BOM