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(24 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
FM28V020-TG Parallel FRAM memory chip featuring 32Kx8 capacity in a PDSO32 package Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,753 Add to BOM
THS1206IDA 12-Bit, 6 MSPS ADC Quad Ch. (Config.), DSP/uP IF, Integ. 16x FIFO, Channel AutoScan, Low Power Texas Instruments, Inc 5,078 Add to BOM
AT45DB321B-TU ATMEL 5,121 Add to BOM
MSM7582BTS-K High-speed internet at your fingertips with this compact modem chip LAPIS Semiconductor 6,213 Add to BOM
TLC5921DAPR Compact 32HTSSOP package for space-constrained systems Texas Instruments, Inc 5,039 Add to BOM
TPA3116D2QDADRQ1 Automotive, 50-W, 2-ch, 4.5- to 26-V supply analog input Class-D audio amplifier Texas Instruments, Inc 3,248 Add to BOM
FM28V202A-TGTR With its compact size and nonvolatile nature, this F-RAM chip is a versatile option for applications requiring reliable data storage Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,108 Add to BOM
SN761673DAER Compact Design for Space-Efficient Application Texas Instruments, Inc 6,186 Add to BOM
SN761683BDAR Upgrade to superior TV viewing quality with the Tuners TV Tuner IC in your corne Texas Instruments, Inc 5,431 Add to BOM
TPS2216DAPR Advanced circuitry provides precise monitoring and control of electrical currents Texas Instruments, Inc 6,944 Add to BOM
SN761683DAR Compact tuner for analog video applications Texas Instruments, Inc 3,554 Add to BOM
UJA1075ATW/5V0/WDJ High Performance System Basis Chip Automotive AEC-Q100 NXP Semiconductor 3,482 Add to BOM
TPS2071DAP Pwr controller for Bus/Self Pwrd Hub w/ 5V LDO Control, 3.3V LDO, 8 pwr switches Act-Hi BPMode ind Texas Instruments, Inc 5,353 Add to BOM
SN761673DAERG4 Streamline your TV's tuner functionality with this compact, high-performance SN76x16x series integrated circuit Texas Instruments, Inc 5,216 Add to BOM
FM18L08-70-TG High-density memory solution for demanding application Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,357 Add to BOM
SN761683BDA Advanced video processing module for high-performance application Texas Instruments, Inc 7,576 Add to BOM
SN761672ADARG4 Tune into crisp TV/VCR signals with this reliable -Pin TSSOP tuner Texas Instruments, Inc 5,717 Add to BOM
NJW1195AV-TE1 Compact digital signal processor with intuitive input selecto Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
FM28V102A-TGTR Designed for high-reliability Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,322 Add to BOM
TPS2206IDAP 1A Dual-Slot PC Card Power Switch w/ Serial Interface 32-HTSSOP -40 to 85 Texas Instruments, Inc 5,922 Add to BOM
SN761683BDARG4 TV Tuner IC 32-TSSOP -20 to 85 Texas Instruments, Inc 6,632 Add to BOM
TSC2100IDA Touchscreen Controller 4 Wire Resistive 12 b I²S, SPI Interface 32-TSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 4,570 Add to BOM
SN65LVDS151DAR 200Mbps Serializer 10 Input 3 Output 32-TSSOP Texas Instruments, Inc 5,021 Add to BOM
NJW1142AV-TE1 Audio DSPs EALA Audio Processor w/Original Surround NJR 6,503 Add to BOM