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(127 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MT29F1G08ABAEAWP-IT:E 1Gbit 128M x 8Bit Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 6,834 Add to BOM
R1LV1616HSA-4SI#B0 Wide Temperature Range Version 16 M SRAM (1-Mword × 16-bit / 2-Mword × 8-bit) RENESAS 5,202 Add to BOM
SST39VF1601-70-4I-EKE Packaging Type: TSOP-48 Microchip Technology, Inc 3,890 Add to BOM
SST39VF1602-70-4I-EKE 16 Megabit capacity with 70 nanosecond access time Microchip Technology, Inc 6,757 Add to BOM
TC58BVG0S3HTAI0 Advanced NAND Flash memory for industrial control and IoT application TOSHIBA 6,437 Add to BOM
MX29F400CTTI-70G MX29F400CTTI-70G product has a flash memory capacity of 256KX16 and a fast access time of 70ns, making it ideal for high-speed applications Macronix 6,059 Add to BOM
MX29GL128EHT2I-90G TSOP-56 package MXIC 4,570 Add to BOM
K9WBG08U1M-PIB0 Precise electronics solution for diverse industries and markets Samsung Electro-Mechanics 7,928 Add to BOM
MT29F8G08ABABAWP-IT:B 3.3 Volt Operation Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 3,196 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08AJABAWP-IT:B Reliable and efficient data storage solution Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 4,789 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABAEAWP:E Small form factor flash memory Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 3,039 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABADAWP-ITX:D Single-Level Cell NAND Flash memory device with a capacity of 4 Gigabits Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 3,641 Add to BOM
MT29F16G08AJADAWP-IT:D High-performance memory solution for industrial and enterprise applications, featuring 16GB capacity and 2Gbit density per chip Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 7,172 Add to BOM
K9F1G08U0E-SCB0 128Mx8-bit ultra-low latency storage solution, ideal for embedded systems SAMSUNG 4,302 Add to BOM
TC58FVM6B5BTG65 Lead-free 3V PROM with 65 ns access time Toshiba 7,072 Add to BOM
MT29F128G08AJAAAWP-ITZ:A NAND Flash memory chip featuring Single Level Cell architecture with a storage capacity of 128GB Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 7,026 Add to BOM
MX29LV320EBTI-70G 32Mbit Flash Memory MXIC 5,521 Add to BOM
MX29F800CBTI-70G TSOPI-48 NOR FLASH ROHS MX29F800CBTI-70G Macronix International 4,544 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABADAWP-IT:D Offers 512 megabits of storage in a x8 configuration MICRON 3,902 Add to BOM
S34ML02G200TFI000 Memory chip for reliable data storage and retrieva Skyhigh Memory Limited 7,509 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABAFAWP-IT:F Single-Level Cell NAND Flash Memory Module with Parallel Interface Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 3,650 Add to BOM
M28W160CB70N6E NOR Flash, Legacy NOR Flash, 16Mb, 2.7V-3.6V, 48-pin TSOP, RoHS ST 6,071 Add to BOM
MT29F8G08ABABAWP-ITX:B IC FLASH 8GBIT 48TSOP / SLC NAND Flash Parallel 3.3V 8G-bit 1G x 8 48-Pin TSOP Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 6,386 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABADAWP:D French Electronic Distributor since 1988 Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 5,095 Add to BOM
MT29F16G08ABABAWP-IT:B SMD IC 16GB NAND FLASH TSSOP-48 Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 6,923 Add to BOM
MT29F16G08ABACAWP-ITZ:C NAND FLASH 2GX8 PLASTIC PBF TSOP 3.3V MASS STORAGE IND TEMP Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 3,371 Add to BOM
MT29F4G08ABAEAWP-IT:E LPDDR2 128MX32 PLASTIC GREEN WFBGA 1.2V WIRELESS TEMP Micron Semiconductor Products Inc 3,174 Add to BOM
S34ML04G100TFI000 S34ML04G1 Series 4 Gb (512M x 8) 3 V SMT Embedded NAND Flash Memory - TSOP-48 Skyhigh Memory Limited 6,716 Add to BOM
K9K8G08U0E-SIB0 Flash, 1GX8, PDSO48, TSOP1-48 SAMSUNG 7,192 Add to BOM
K9F8G08U0M-PCB0 SAMSUNG 4,224 Add to BOM
K9F1G08U0B-PIB0 SAMSUNG 7,450 Add to BOM
K9F1G08U0A-PIB0 Flash, 128MX8, 20ns, PDSO48 SAMSUNG 7,793 Add to BOM
K9K8G08U0B-PIB0 Flash, 1GX8, 25ns, PDSO48 SAMSUNG 6,261 Add to BOM
K9K8G08U0B-PCB0 Flash, 1GX8, 25ns, PDSO48 SAMSUNG 6,230 Add to BOM
K9F1G08U0D-SIB0 1G bit Nand Flash 128Mx8 TSOP1 Ind Temp SAMSUNG 3,738 Add to BOM
K9F1208U0B-PCB0 Flash, 64MX8, 30ns, PDSO48, SAMSUNG 6,650 Add to BOM
HY27US08561A-TPCB Flash, 32MX8, 30ns, PDSO48, 12 X 20 MM, 1.20 MM HEIGHT, LEAD FREE, TSOP1-48 SK-HYNIX 7,264 Add to BOM
H27U4G8F2ETR-BC SKHYNIX 4,537 Add to BOM
K9GBG08U0A-SCB0 SAMSUNG 5,575 Add to BOM
H27UBG8T2ATR-BC HYNIX 5,652 Add to BOM
PI3L301DAEX A versatile component for analog signal routing applications PERICOM 3,995 Add to BOM
K9LAG08U0M-PCB0 SAMSUNG 4,176 Add to BOM
MT29F32G08CBACAWP:C With its advanced MLC NAND technology and high-speed interface MICRON 9,563 Add to BOM
TC58NVG2S3ETAI0 High-speed NAND technology TOSHIBA CORP 7,771 Add to BOM
MT29F64G08CBABAWP NAND Flash Micron Technology Inc. 7,001 Add to BOM
TC58NVG0S3ETAI0 Reliable storage solution for industrial control systems and IoT device TOSHIBA CORP 5,400 Add to BOM
AT49BV642D NOR Flash ATMEL 9,653 Add to BOM
TH58NVG4S0FTAK0 High Density Storage Solution TOSHIBA 7,025 Add to BOM