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(79 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
K6X8016T3B-UF55 CMOS PDSO44 Package SAMSUNG 3,675 Add to BOM
IS61LV6416-10TL 44-Pin TSOP Package ISSI 4,311 Add to BOM
IS61WV51216EDBLL-10TLI High Speed 10ns Access Time Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 7,899 Add to BOM
MR2A16ACYS35 Experience smooth data processing with this memory circuit Everspin Technologies 7,193 Add to BOM
MB85R4M2TFN-G-JAE2 High-performance non-volatile memory Fujitsu Components America, Inc 5,795 Add to BOM
IS61WV10248BLL-10TLI SRAM Chip Async Dual 2.5V/3.3V 8M-bit 1M x 8 10ns 44-Pin TSOP-II / IC SRAM 8MBIT 10NS 44TSOP Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 5,549 Add to BOM
GM71V18163CT6 French Electronic Distributor since 1988 LGS/HYUNDAI/HYNIX 7,192 Add to BOM
R1RW0416DSB-2LR SRAM Chip Async Single 3.3V 4M-bit 256K x 16 12ns 44-Pin TSOP-II MITSUBISHI 6,945 Add to BOM
CY62137FV30LL-45ZSXI SRAM - Asynchronous Memory IC 2Mbit Parallel 45 ns 44-TSOP II Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,024 Add to BOM
CY14B101LA-ZS45XI NVSRAM (Non-Volatile SRAM) Memory IC 1Mbit Parallel 45 ns 44-TSOP II Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,628 Add to BOM
MR256A08BCYS35 3.3V 44-Pin TSOP-II Tray MRAM 256Kbit Parallel Interface Everspin Technologies 6,652 Add to BOM
MR256A08BYS35 3.3V power supply Everspin Technologies 6,863 Add to BOM
MR4A08BCYS35 Low power consumption and high performance make it an attractive choice Everspin Technologies 7,174 Add to BOM
IS66WV51216EBLL-55TLI The IS66WV51216EBLL-55TLI is a 44-pin TSOP-II package PSRAM with a speed rating of 60ns Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 3,665 Add to BOM
IS66WV51216DBLL-55TLI With its high-speed data transfer capabilities and reliable performance Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 7,142 Add to BOM
MR0A16AYS35 Parallel MRAM 35ns 1Mb 3.3V 64Kx16 MRAM Everspin Technologies 3,377 Add to BOM
IS66WV51216BLL-55TLI 8 Megabit Memory Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 7,278 Add to BOM
MB85R4M2TFN-G-ASE1 Non-volatile memory Fujitsu Components America, Inc 6,759 Add to BOM
CY7C1059DV33-10ZSXI Operating voltage range of -0.5V to 4.6V Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,466 Add to BOM
CY7C1011DV33-10ZSXI High-performance 3.3V Static RAM Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,513 Add to BOM
CY7C1361C-100AXE Quad Flat Package Integrated Circuit containing 9 Megabit Static Random Access Memory, operating at 100 Megahertz with 100 Terminals Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,869 Add to BOM
CY7C1021CV33-12ZSXE Single 3.3V SRAM chip Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,591 Add to BOM
CY62157EV30LL-45ZSXIT Access Time of 45 nanoseconds Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,345 Add to BOM
FM28V202A-TG ROHS FRAM TSOPII-44 FM28V202A-TG Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,701 Add to BOM
CY7C1041G30-10ZSXI IC SRAM 4MBIT PARALLEL 44TSOP II Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,828 Add to BOM
IS61LV25616AL-10TL SRAM Operating temperature: -40...+85 °C Power supply: 3.1...3.3 V Supply current: 110 mA Organisation: 256 k x 16 Bit Package: TSOP-44 (Type II) ISSI 8,222 Add to BOM
IS61WV25616BLL-10TLI SRAM Chip Async Single 2.5V/3.3V 4M-bit 256K x 16 10ns 44-Pin TSOP-II Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 3,845 Add to BOM
LY62W20488ML-55LLI SRAM Chip Async Single 3.3V/5V 16M-bit 2M x 8 55ns 44-Pin TSOP-II Tray Lyontek Inc 3,103 Add to BOM
K6R4016V1D-TC10 K6R4016V1D-TC10 is a standard SRAM with a capacity of 256K X 16 bits and a high-speed CMOS technology, offering a 10ns access time Olimex Ltd. 6,414 Add to BOM
IS66WV51216EBLL-70TLI PSRAM (Pseudo SRAM) Memory IC 8Mbit Parallel 70 ns 44-TSOP II Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 3,188 Add to BOM
IS64WV51216EDBLL-10CTLA3 SRAM - Asynchronous Memory IC 8Mbit Parallel 10 ns 44-TSOP II Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 7,932 Add to BOM
CY7C1011CV33-10ZC ROHS CY7C1011CV33-10ZC SOIC-32 SRAM CYPRESS 8,164 Add to BOM
CY62127DV30LL-55ZIT Offering a large capacity of 1,048,576 bits for data storage and retrieval CYPRESS 6,278 Add to BOM
IS61WV25616FBLL-10TLI x -bit memory chip with / operation and ns access time Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 7,462 Add to BOM
IS61LV25616AL-10TLI-TR -bit wide SRAM module for fast data processing and storage Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 3,644 Add to BOM
IS61WV25616BLL-10TL-TR High-speed asynchronous SRAM for fast data transfer and processing Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 5,775 Add to BOM
CY14B104N-ZS25XI This RoHS-compliant CY14B104N-ZS25XI device delivers high-density data storage with excellent reliability and low power consumption Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,461 Add to BOM
MR0A08BCYS35R Elevate performance with this high-capacity bit RAM module, perfect for demanding applications Everspin Technologies 4,809 Add to BOM
IS66WV51216DBLL-55TLI-TR Industrial-grade SRAM with low power consumption for embedded syste Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 5,463 Add to BOM
AS7C38098A-10TIN High-performance memory module for demanding application Alliance Memory 3,916 Add to BOM
IS61LV5128AL-10TLI-TR A 4Mb SRAM chip organized as 512Kx8, functioning asynchronously with a speed of 10ns and powered by 3.3 volts Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 5,308 Add to BOM
IS66WV25616BLL-55TLI High-performance memory solution for efficient data processing Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 3,368 Add to BOM
IS64C6416AL-15TLA3 tolerant IC ideal for industrial control systems, medical devices and more Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 5,090 Add to BOM
IS61WV12816BLL-12TLI High-capacity memory solution for modern applications Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 6,944 Add to BOM
CY14B104L-ZS45XC Reinforce data security and accelerate program execution with this robust parallel bit NVRAM module Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,278 Add to BOM
CY62146EV30LL-45ZSXA Fast and efficient data storage and retrieval in a compact PDSO package, ideal for modern electronic Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,700 Add to BOM
IS66WV51216DBLL-70TLI Description: IS66WV51216DBLL-70TLI is an asynchronous PSRAM with a single port Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc 5,800 Add to BOM
CY7C1041BN-20ZSXA This ns access time SRAM module features x bit architecture and -pin package Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,192 Add to BOM
CY7C1041G30-10ZSXE This b SRAM module offers a reliable and efficient data storage optio Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,183 Add to BOM
CY621472G30-45ZSXA High-performance memory solution for demanding automotive systems Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,335 Add to BOM