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(35 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
AM29F010B-55EF High-capacity flash storage for data-intensive applicatio SPANSION 5,547 Add to BOM
AT29C040A-12TI This high-speed IC offers -pin TSOP packaging and s access tim Microchip 7,879 Add to BOM
AM29F040B-90EF Lead-free packaging Infineon 4,581 Add to BOM
AM29F040B-70EF Flash Par 5V 512kx8 70ns TSOP32(I) SPANSION 7,226 Add to BOM
SST39LF040-45-4C-WHE High-speed Data Storage MICROCHIP 7,670 Add to BOM
FM20L08-60-TG The Memory Circuit is housed in a TSOP1-32 package, providing a secure and reliable solution for storage needs CYPRESS/RAMTRON 7,312 Add to BOM
CY7C1019DV33-10ZSXIT CY7C1019DV33-10ZSXIT is a high-performance SRAM module for fast data processing Cypress Semiconductor Corp 7,685 Add to BOM
AT29C020-12TC Suitable for commercial temperature range MICROCHIP 6,289 Add to BOM
AT29LV512-12TU NOR Flash memory chip MICROCHIP 5,779 Add to BOM
AT29LV010A-15TI A high-performance flash memory solution for demanding applications requiring fast programming and erase times MICROCHIP 4,877 Add to BOM
AT29C010A-90TU This product offers 128Kx8 storage capacity and operates on a 5V power supply MICROCHIP 5,600 Add to BOM
AS6C1008-55TIN V 1M-Bit 128K x 8 55ns 32-Pin TSOP-I Alliance Memory 5,665 Add to BOM
CY62148ELL-45ZSXI This chip offers a large capacity of 4M bits, organized as 512K x 8, making it ideal for data storage applications INFINEON 5,429 Add to BOM
FM20L08-60-TGC High-density memory module for industrial control system Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,053 Add to BOM
AT29C010A-90TI 1M NOR Flash memory chip Microchip 6,645 Add to BOM
AT29C020-90TU Industrial-grade NOR Flash memory component with 2M capacity Microchip 6,005 Add to BOM
AT28C010-12TU 5V 1Mbit (128Kbit x 8) Parallel EEPROM with Software Data Protection. Microchip Technology, Inc 6,543 Add to BOM
AT29LV010A-20TI Product AT29LV010A-20TI is a FLASH memory device with 128K x 8 storage capacity, 200ns access speed, and PDSO32 packaging MICROCHIP 6,834 Add to BOM
AM29F040B-55EI 512Kx8 configuration INFINEON 3,324 Add to BOM
GLS37VF020-70-3C-WHE-T NOR Flash 256K x 8, Many-Time Programmable (MTP) FLASH Greenliant 8,028 Add to BOM
AT29C040A-90TI SL383 NOR Flash microchip 7,457 Add to BOM
SST39LF040-45-4C-WH Compact and efficient bit data storage devic Microchip 7,909 Add to BOM
SST39LF010-45-4C-WH Compact and reliable NOR Flash for embedded systems ( character Microchip 8,039 Add to BOM
AT28C010-15TU 5V 1Mbit (128Kbit x 8) Parallel EEPROM with Software Data Protection. Microchip Technology, Inc 5,672 Add to BOM
SST39SF040-55-4I-WHE FLASH Memory IC 4Mbit Parallel 55 ns 32-TSOP Microchip Technology, Inc 3,815 Add to BOM
SST39SF020A-70-4I-WH Ultra-fast NOR Flash memory modul MICROCHIP 6,498 Add to BOM
AT29C010A-70TI 1M (128Kx8) NOR Flash memory chip designed for use only with 5V power supply Microchip 6,176 Add to BOM
AM29LV040B-90EC This chip boasts an impressive memory capacity of Mbits, erasable by sector for efficient data managemen AMD 7,829 Add to BOM
AT27C040-15TC Fast, secure, and reliable non-volatile memory solution Microchip Technology, Inc 5,219 Add to BOM
AT27LV020A-90TI Secure and permanent digital storage solution for industrial applications. (63 characters) Microchip Technology, Inc 6,860 Add to BOM
AT27BV020-12TI Economical and efficient solution for embedded system Microchip Technology, Inc 6,896 Add to BOM
CAT28C512TA-12T EEPROM onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
AT29BV010A-30TI NOR Flash Microchip 7,072 Add to BOM
AT27BV020-15TI Microchip Technology Microchip Technology, Inc 4,552 Add to BOM
MX23L2000TI-50 2M-BIT MASK ROM (8-BIT OUTPUT) 32TSOP Macronix International 7,285 Add to BOM