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(23 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
DS2431P EEPROM, 1KX1, Serial, CMOS, PDSO6, TSOC-6 ADI 7,806 Add to BOM
DS2505P One-time programmable memory chip ADI 5,231 Add to BOM
DS9503P Unidirectional 7.5V TSOC-6 Electrostatic and Surge Protection (TVS/ESD) ROHS ADI 6,097 Add to BOM
DS28EC20P+T One-wire communication technology ADI 7,508 Add to BOM
DS28EC20P+ 20Kbit Single Bus TSOC-6 EEPROM ROHS Analog Devices 4,562 Add to BOM
DS2502P-E48+ EPROM - OTP Memory IC 1Kbit 1-Wire® 6-TSOC ADI 7,928 Add to BOM
DS2431P-A1+T Automotive application ADI 4,182 Add to BOM
DS2431P+T&R 256kx4bit configuration Analog Devices 6,603 Add to BOM
DS2431P+ The DS2431P+ is an EEPROM memory IC with a 1-wire interface, providing a storage capacity of 256kx4 bits Analog Devices 4,002 Add to BOM
DS2432P+ Well-known French company providing a wide range of electronic solutions MAXIM 4,890 Add to BOM
DS2401P+T&R Identify and track your electronic devices with the DS2401P+T&R silicon serial number." Analog Devices 5,778 Add to BOM
DS2505+ EPROM - OTP Memory IC 16Kbit 1-Wire® 15 µs TO-92-3 ADI 6,839 Add to BOM
DS2431P/T&R 256kx4bit configuration analog devices inc. 7,586 Add to BOM
DS2401P+ Product Signature Number: Authenticates the originality of DSP+, verifying its compatibility with related product Analog Devices 4,995 Add to BOM
DS28E30P+ With its compact design, this 1-Wire Secure Authenticator provides a seamless integration into various devices and systems Analog Devices Inc. 5,891 Add to BOM
DS2890P-000/T&R Digital Potentiometer ICs Analog Devices Inc. 8,947 Add to BOM
DS2432P-100-011+ A compact and reliable memory solution for industrial control applications, featuring a b capacity and robust Wire interface Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
DS28E15P+T DeepCover Secure Authenticator with 1-Wire SHA-256 and 512-Bit User EEPROM Maxim Integrated 5,889 Add to BOM
DS2465P+T 1-Wire® Controller I2C Interface 6-TSOC Maxim Integrated 3,421 Add to BOM
DS28E15P+W EEPROM Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
DS28E15P+TW EEPROM Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
DS28E01P-100/T&R EEPROM Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
DS2465P+ 1-Wire® Controller I2C Interface 6-TSOC Maxim Integrated 6,080 Add to BOM