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(129 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MB90F598GPFR-GE1 Advanced microcontrollers for various applications FME 4,693 Add to BOM
MB90F543GPFR-GE1 The MB90F543GPFR-GE1 offers a comprehensive set of peripherals and robust performance for a wide range of applications FME 7,845 Add to BOM
D770N18T Describing D770N18T, it is a diode suitable for various general-purpose uses, adhering to ROHS regulations INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG 7,163 Add to BOM
MIMXRT1064DVJ6A i.MX RT1064 Crossover MCU with Arm<sup>®</sup> Cortex<sup>®</sup>-M7 Core Operating Up to 600 MHz with 4 MB Flash NXP Semiconductor 3,813 Add to BOM
CU16029ECPB-W1J Small and versatile display device ideal for consumer electronics. ( char NORITAKE ITRON CORP 7,564 Add to BOM
FP150R07N3E4 Product FP150R07N3E4 description: 430W 150A 650V FS IGBTs ROHS Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
FF1000R17IE4P IGBT FF1000R17IE4P Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
SDSDQAF3-008G-XI Flash Card 8G-byte 3.3V MicroSDHC Card Western Digital 5,419 Add to BOM
CMPA601C025F RF Amp Module Single Power Amp 12GHz 28V 11-Pin Case 440213 WOLFSPEED, INC 3,118 Add to BOM
DZ435N36K Diode 3600 V 700A Chassis Mount Module Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
D970N06T Diode 600 V 970A Clamp On Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
D2450N07T Compact design allows for easy integration into a wide range of electronic devices, from power supplies to industrial equipmen Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
RC19016A100GN1#BB0 Premium-Quality Resistor for Accurate Applications, 100 Ohms, 1% Precision Renesas Technology Corp 6,346 Add to BOM
SC-01-20GS High-frequency filter for reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) and common mode voltag Kemet 6,538 Add to BOM
SC-03-05GS Thru-hole design for easy PCB integration and reliability Kemet 6,145 Add to BOM
SC-05-80J Compact high-frequency choke for noise filtering and impedance transformatio Kemet 5,414 Add to BOM
SCF-05-350 Compact tray packaging for easy installation in various electronic devices and applications Kemet 3,448 Add to BOM
SC-01-30G High-Quality Component for Noise Reduction Kemet 7,867 Add to BOM
SC-05-200 H of shielding against electromagnetic disturbances - peace of mind guaranteed Kemet 6,086 Add to BOM
SC-05-100 High-performance filtering solution for noise reduction and signal integrity Kemet 5,019 Add to BOM
SC-02-20G Effective common mode choke for EMI/RFI suppression in industrial and commercial applications Kemet 4,095 Add to BOM
SU10VD-20010 High-performance common mode filter for precision power supplies Kemet 6,622 Add to BOM
SU10VFC-R13025 High-frequency choke for noise reduction and filtering Kemet 5,985 Add to BOM
SSRH24NVS-40059 High-quality thru-hole tray component ideal for use in audio equipment, computers, and industrial systems Kemet 5,998 Add to BOM
SSRH24NHS-50026 Compact common mode choke suitable for high-voltage DC power supplies Kemet 7,627 Add to BOM
SSR10V-13097 High-Current, High-Voltage Transformer for Filterin Kemet 6,424 Add to BOM
SN16-500 Compact wire-wound THT inductor for general-purpose us Kemet 3,331 Add to BOM
SU9H-05020 Rugged construction for reliable signal isolation and decouplin Kemet 5,031 Add to BOM
SC-01-10G A high-performance choke designed to minimize radiation and interference in a wide range of frequencie Kemet 4,763 Add to BOM
SCF-01-5000 High-frequency AC line filtering solution for stable power supply Kemet 7,848 Add to BOM
SC-03-10G High-quality, high-voltage filter for reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI Kemet 6,921 Add to BOM
SC-02-200 Effective solution for filtering high-frequency signals and reducing electromagnetic radiatio Kemet 4,101 Add to BOM
SC-02-300JV High-frequency noise suppression for sensitive circuit Kemet 7,635 Add to BOM
ST-101A Effective CM chokes for reducing electromagnetic interferenc Kemet 7,735 Add to BOM
SC-04-D050 Low-inductance, high-current choke suitable for switching power supplies and audio applications Kemet 7,996 Add to BOM
SC-15-10J Compact Thru-Hole Component for PCB Mounting and Efficient Energy Transfe Kemet 3,314 Add to BOM
SC-05-800 Reliable and efficient choke for suppressing electromagnetic nois Kemet 3,707 Add to BOM
SC-01-80G Common Mode H Inductor for Efficient Power Filterin Kemet 3,605 Add to BOM
SN10-500 Toroid-based inductor with low loss and high current handling capabilities Kemet 3,421 Add to BOM
SU9H-R02140 Ideal for use in instrumentation amplifiers, audio equipment, and other applications where noise immunity is crucia Kemet 3,759 Add to BOM
SCF20-05-550 Expedited Shipping Available for Fast Delivery within Da Kemet 6,456 Add to BOM
ST-110AV 0.3A current rated ST-110AV common mode choke for noise reduction Kemet 7,808 Add to BOM
ST-110BH Compact DC Line Filter with excellent thermal resistance Kemet 3,825 Add to BOM
ST-110AH Effective EMI/RFI suppression using this high-performance filter Kemet 5,517 Add to BOM
SC-02-10GS Compact design for efficient power quality filteri Kemet 7,623 Add to BOM
SC-10-30J Compact AC line filter solution for common mode interference rejection Kemet 5,270 Add to BOM
SC-02-30G Rapid Delivery: Get your hands on this product fast with our rapid delivery option - same day or next day dispatc Kemet 2,561 Add to BOM
SC-01-10GS Efficient EMI/RFI suppression for stable power deliver Kemet 4,974 Add to BOM
TT140N16SOF Reliable and robust component for power electronics desig Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM