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(74 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
XQ18V04VQ44N This FPGA chip is designed to provide unparalleled performance, flexibility, and reconfigurability for a wide range of industries and use case AMD Xilinx, Inc 6,866 Add to BOM
XC18V01VQ44C QFP-44(10x10) Memory - Configuration Proms for FPGAs ROHS XC18V01VQ44C AMD Xilinx, Inc 5,486 Add to BOM
ENC424J600T-I/PT 10/100 Base-T/TX Ethernet Controller with SPI Interface. Microchip Technology, Inc 4,692 Add to BOM
PIC16F74-I/PT High-performance 8-bit RISC architecture MICROCHIP 4,592 Add to BOM
PIC16F1517-I/PT RISC architecture for efficient operation MICROCHIP 4,801 Add to BOM
ATMEGA162-16AU Reliable -pin TQFP packaged MCU with AVR RISC instruction set, ideal for embedded systems developmen ATMEL 7,072 Add to BOM
PIC16F874A-I/PT 5V operating voltage MICROCHIP 6,021 Add to BOM
PIC18F45K80T-I/PT This microcontroller unit is compatible with a voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V Microchip Technology, Inc 4,481 Add to BOM
PIC18F46Q10-I/PT The PIC18F46Q10-I/PT microcontroller offers a versatile solution for embedded systems, combining high performance with low power consumption Microchip Technology, Inc 5,355 Add to BOM
ATMEGA324P-20AU ATMEGA324P-20AU is an 8-bit microcontroller with 32 KB Flash and 2 KB SRAM operating at 20 MHz in a TQFP-44 package ATMEL 9,178 Add to BOM
ML6652CH Media Converter, PQFP44, 10 X 10 MM, 1 MM HEIGHT, TQFP-44 RF MICRO DEVICES INC 7,072 Add to BOM
Le79555-2BVC High-gain audio component in a -pin packa Microchip Technology, Inc 4,931 Add to BOM
Le78D110BVC Versatile telecom interface IC for dual-channel VOSLAC applications with RoHS complianc Microchip Technology, Inc 4,116 Add to BOM
PIC16F887T-I/PT PIC PIC® 16F Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 20MHz 14KB (8K x 14) FLASH 44-TQFP (10x10) Microchip Technology, Inc 5,587 Add to BOM
PIC18F4620-I/PT 8-bit microcontroller MICROCHIP 7,389 Add to BOM
PIC16LF877A-I/PT PIC PIC® 16F Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 10MHz 14KB (8K x 14) FLASH 44-TQFP (10x10) Microchip Technology, Inc 6,419 Add to BOM
TSH512CFT The transmitter can operate in stereo or mono mode STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,562 Add to BOM
ATMEGA16-16AU ATMEGA16-16AU: 32 I/O Pins ATMEL 8,306 Add to BOM
MB95F698K New8FX8-bitMicrocontrollers SPANSION 7,072 Add to BOM
STM8S207S6 Performanceline, 24 MHzSTM8S8-bitMCU, up to 128 KB Flash ST 7,072 Add to BOM
HT16L21 Liquid Crystal Driver, HOLTEK SEMICONDUCTOR INC 7,072 Add to BOM
MC3401L Operational Amplifier, 4 Func, BIPolar, CDIP14 MOTOROLA INC 7,072 Add to BOM
S9S08AW32 Microcontrollers Freescale / NXP 7,072 Add to BOM
XCR5032C-10VQ44C EE PLD, 10ns, 32-Cell, CMOS, PQFP44, PLASTIC, VQFP-44 XILINX INC 7,072 Add to BOM
PT6312BLQ VFD Driver 48-Pin LQFP PTC 7,072 Add to BOM
DS89C420 Ultra-High-SpeedMicrocontroller DALLAS 7,072 Add to BOM
DS21348TN+ Telecom Interface ICs 3.3V E1/T1/J1 Line Interface Maxim Integrated 7,055 Add to BOM
18F4320 PIC 7,072 Add to BOM
SST89E516RD2 40-I-TQJE 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 64KB+8KB 40MHz MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY INC 7,072 Add to BOM
ISL78225ANEZ-T Boost Regulator Positive Output Step-Up DC-DC Controller IC 44-MQFP (10x10) Renesas Technology Corp 4,283 Add to BOM
ISL78220ANEZ-T Take control of your power conversion needs with our high-efficiency, high-performance 6-phase interleaved boost PWM controller Renesas Technology Corp 4,412 Add to BOM
PIC16LC774-I/PT Powerful 8-bit processor with extensive memory and I/O capabilities Microchip Technology, Inc 4,183 Add to BOM
PIC16C774-I/PT Compact Microcontroller for Efficient Applications Microchip Technology, Inc 5,146 Add to BOM
PIC16LF74-I/PT Perfectly suited for embedded systems development, this PIC16LF74 microcontroller boasts a 7KB program space and operates at 2.5V/3.3V/5V Microchip Technology, Inc 4,883 Add to BOM
PIC24FJ128GB204-E/PT Versatile secure microcontroller suitable for various applications requiring efficient processing Microchip Technology, Inc 7,964 Add to BOM
PIC24FJ64GB204-I/PT Microcontroller for secure data processing with low power consumption and USB connectivity Microchip Technology, Inc 3,274 Add to BOM
PIC16F724-I/PT PIC PIC® XLP™ 16F Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 20MHz 7KB (4K x 14) FLASH 44-TQFP (10x10) Microchip Technology, Inc 5,177 Add to BOM
PIC16LF777-I/PT This state-of-the-art PIC16LF777-I/PT offers an impressive balance of performance, power management, and flexibility in a single device Microchip Technology, Inc 7,573 Add to BOM
PIC16F887-E/PTVAO Advanced bit MCU featuring KB of flash memory and R Microchip Technology, Inc 4,924 Add to BOM
PIC16F884-E/PT Product Description: PIC16F884-E/PT - A microcontroller unit (MCU) featuring an 8-bit PIC16 architecture, boasting 7KB of Flash memory Microchip Technology, Inc 6,861 Add to BOM
PIC16LF747-I/PT Compact -pin TQFP packaged MCU with , , or operatio Microchip Technology, Inc 3,378 Add to BOM
PIC16F747T-I/PT 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 7KB 368 RAM 36 I/O Microchip Technology, Inc 4,733 Add to BOM
PIC18F46J53-I/PT 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 64KB Flash 4KB RAM 12MIPS nanoWatt Microchip Technology, Inc 7,060 Add to BOM
PIC18F46K80T-I/PT 8-bit Microcontrollers - MCU 64KB FL 4KBRM 16MIPS 12bit ADC CTMU Microchip Technology, Inc 6,078 Add to BOM
PIC18F47Q10T-I/PT PIC PIC® XLP™ 18Q, Functional Safety (FuSa) Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 64MHz 128KB (128K x 8) FLASH 44-TQFP (10x10) Microchip Technology, Inc 7,775 Add to BOM
PIC18F47Q10-I/PT Compact yet powerful, this PICFQ-I/PT microcontroller features a robust RISC architecture and ample memory for demanding applications Microchip Technology, Inc 4,803 Add to BOM
PIC16F874AT-I/PT Compact, energy-efficient solution for IoT and embedded systems developmen Microchip Technology, Inc 3,933 Add to BOM
PIC18LF46J11-I/PT This bit MCU is optimized for low power consumption and features KB of programmable flash memory Microchip Technology, Inc 7,025 Add to BOM
PIC18F46Q10T-I/PT PIC PIC® XLP™ 18Q, Functional Safety (FuSa) Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 64MHz 64KB (64K x 8) FLASH 44-TQFP (10x10) Microchip Technology, Inc 3,706 Add to BOM