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(154 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
MAX97220AETE+ High-quality audio amplification ADI 5,739 Add to BOM
MAX13035EETE+T Translation Voltage Levels 6-Channel High-Speed Logic-Level Translators MAX13035EETE+T ADI 6,296 Add to BOM
MAX16025TE+ Multi-Voltage Capacitor-Adjustable Power Management Solution ADI 5,558 Add to BOM
MAX98307ETE+ 16-pin TQFN EP package for easy installation and connection ADI 7,016 Add to BOM
MAX8556ETE+T Compact power management solution MAXIM 7,487 Add to BOM
MAX8556ETE+ Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 1 Output 4A 16-TQFN (5x5) ADI 7,945 Add to BOM
MAX98357AETE+ MAX98357AETE+ Audio Amplifier ADI 7,869 Add to BOM
PI4MSD5V9546AZYEX I2C bus switch with reset feature, designed for 4-channel multiplexer switching Diodes Incorporated 7,825 Add to BOM
MAX1501ETE Integrated Linear Charger ADI 4,403 Add to BOM
CAT3604 Energy-saving drivers for LED lighting systems onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
PI3A412ZHEX QFN-16-EP (3x3) package Diodes Incorporated 8,272 Add to BOM
CAT3604VHV4-GT2 LED Driver IC 4 Output DC DC Regulator Switched Capacitor (Charge Pump) PWM Dimming 25mA 16-TQFN (4x4) ON SEMICONDUCTOR 7,072 Add to BOM
MAX5090BATE+ power step-down converters Analog Devices 9,256 Add to BOM
ISL8025IRTAJZ Single output step-down DC-DC converter for 2.7V to 5.5V input range Renesas Electronics 7,072 Add to BOM
MAX98357AETE+T Ideal for single-channel speaker applications Analog Devices 7,799 Add to BOM
PI3A412 Low-power consumption and fast switching make it perfect for IoT devices Diodes Incorporated 7,072 Add to BOM
PI5USB2546AZHEX ICs for controlling power switching in USB charging ports Diodes Inc 6,442 Add to BOM
MAX3984UTE+T Enhance your sound quality with preemphasis contro Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
DIO1466ACL16 automotive Analog Switch ICs DATA/AUDIO Low-Voltage Dual DPDT Analog Switch DIOO 8,467 Add to BOM
MAX5986CETE+ Power Over Ethernet Controller 1 Channel 802.3af (PoE) 16-TQFN (5x5) Analog Devices Inc. 8,263 Add to BOM
MP5611GQT-Z Switching Voltage Regulators 2.9V-5V Input, Triple Output AMOLED Display Power Supply Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 8,552 Add to BOM
MAX17270ETE+T Buck-Boost Switching Regulator IC Positive Programmable 0.8V 3 Output 1.2A 16-WFQFN Exposed Pad Analog Devices Inc. 6,563 Add to BOM
MAX16977SATE+T Buck Switching Regulator IC Positive Adjustable (Fixed) 1V (5V) 1 Output 2A 16-WQFN Exposed Pad Analog Devices Inc. 9,451 Add to BOM
MAX16992ATED/V+ High-performance, reliable boost/sepic converter for automotive application Analog Devices Inc. 8,195 Add to BOM
MAX16001ATE/V+ Advanced Voltage Regulation for Small Form Factor Device Analog Devices Inc. 5,381 Add to BOM
MAX16001DTE/V+ Reliable and accurate low-power monitor and reset IC ideal for modern digital electronics and automotive system Analog Devices Inc. 8,937 Add to BOM
ISL8026IRTAJZ-T Buck Switching Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 0.6V 1 Output 6A 16-WFQFN Exposed Pad Renesas Electronics 5,259 Add to BOM
ISL8025AIRTAJZ Robust and reliable adjustable DC-DC converter for harsh environments applications Renesas Electronics 5,970 Add to BOM
MAX17271ETE+ Buck, Boost Switching Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 0.8V 3 Output 1.2A 16-WFQFN Exposed Pad Analog Devices Inc. 7,922 Add to BOM
PI5USB2546ZHEX Power Switch/Driver 1:1 N-Channel 2.5A 16-TQFN (3x3) Diodes Incorporated 5,672 Add to BOM
MAX97220EETE+T Amplifier IC Headphones, 2-Channel (Stereo) Class AB 16-TQFN (3x3) Analog Devices Inc. 6,867 Add to BOM
MAX6887FETE+ Supervisor Open Drain or Open Collector 6 Channel 16-TQFN (5x5) Analog Devices Inc. 6,377 Add to BOM
MAX9723CETE+ Amplifier IC Headphones, 2-Channel (Stereo) Class AB 16-TQFN (4x4) Analog Devices Inc. 5,267 Add to BOM
MAX16003ETE+T Advanced low-voltage supervisors guarantee reliable system performance and longevit Analog Devices Inc. 8,921 Add to BOM
MAX16001ATE+ 3.053V/2.313V/Adjustable/1.665V Voltage Output Analog Devices Inc. 6,739 Add to BOM
MAX4692ETE+T 2 Circuit IC Switch 4:1 70Ohm 16-TQFN (4x4) Analog Devices Inc. 9,195 Add to BOM
MAX17498BATE+T Converter Offline Boost, Flyback Topology 500kHz 16-TQFN (3x3) Analog Devices Inc. 5,382 Add to BOM
MAX6887KETE+ Efficiently Monitor and Control Power Supplies with MAXKETE Analog Devices Inc. 8,199 Add to BOM
MAX6888EETE+T Supervisor Open Drain or Open Collector 4 Channel 16-TQFN (5x5) Analog Devices Inc. 8,385 Add to BOM
MAX6888QETE+T Supervisor Open Drain or Open Collector 4 Channel 16-TQFN (5x5) Analog Devices Inc. 5,202 Add to BOM
MAX6887EETE+T Supervisor Open Drain or Open Collector 6 Channel 16-TQFN (5x5) Analog Devices Inc. 5,046 Add to BOM
MAX6887IETE+T Experience unparalleled performance in power-supply management with the reliable and accurate MAX6887IETE+T supervisory circuit Analog Devices Inc. 6,906 Add to BOM
MAX6887RETE+T Control your power supplies with MAX6887RETE+T's precise monitoring Analog Devices Inc. 6,982 Add to BOM
MAX4207ETE+T Unlock unparalleled signal amplification and processing capabilities Analog Devices Inc. 5,992 Add to BOM
MAX2181AETE/V+T Small-footprint, high-gain amplifier for telecommunications Analog Devices Inc. 5,506 Add to BOM
MAX16021PTEV+T Microprocessor monitoring made easy with this ultra-low power supervisory circuit Analog Devices Inc. 5,588 Add to BOM
MAX16020LTER+T Intelligent power-saving chip enables precise voltage regulation and automatic shut-down of peripherals when not in use Analog Devices Inc. 8,462 Add to BOM
MAX16005BTE+T Compact, versatile logic gate IC for various applications Analog Devices Inc. 9,469 Add to BOM
MAX16005ATE+T Quad-, Hex- and Octal-Voltage Supervisors with Low Voltage Detect and Reset capabili Analog Devices Inc. 7,371 Add to BOM