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(78 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LM10CH Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Military-grade, single, 40-V, 240-kHz operational amplifier with integrated voltage reference 8-TO-CAN 0 to 70 TI 6,256 Add to BOM
LF157H Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Rochester Electronics, LLC 6,349 Add to BOM
LF357H Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps NS/NSC 7,741 Add to BOM
LF155H Versatile operational amplifier for analog-to-digital conversion Texas Instruments 4,241 Add to BOM
LM759MH The LM759MH operational amplifier is designed for precision applications, featuring a maximum offset voltage of 3000uV and a BIPolar configuration Rochester Electronics, LLC 4,336 Add to BOM
LM748H High-gain, low-noise amplification for precise signal processin Texas Instruments 4,181 Add to BOM
LM709H Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps TI 6,772 Add to BOM
LM709AH LM709AH Product Description: Operational Amplifier with 1 Function, Bipolar Technology, 3000uV Maximum Offset, MBCY8 Package TI 5,718 Add to BOM
LM343H Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps TI 6,280 Add to BOM
LM310H Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps TI 7,744 Add to BOM
LM218H Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps NS 6,878 Add to BOM
LM208AH The LM208AH operational amplifier is housed in a MBCY8 package, ensuring ease of installation and improved thermal performance TI 7,714 Add to BOM
LM143H Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps NS/TI 4,610 Add to BOM
LM10CLH Robust performance ensures consistent results in various settings NS 7,578 Add to BOM
LM108H Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps Rochester Electronics, LLC 4,893 Add to BOM
LF356BH Restricted to authorized manufacturers only NS 5,528 Add to BOM
M38510/10104BGA Metal Can-8 package operational amplifier with MBCY8 technology TI 7,146 Add to BOM
REF01AJ/883C 8-Pin TO-99 Tube Analog Devices Inc. 4,328 Add to BOM
REF01CJ TO-99 tube package Analog Devices Inc. 7,755 Add to BOM
OPA128JM 9.08mm 3e-7muA 1mV Texas Instruments 4,342 Add to BOM
OP07CJ Bipolar 8 Pin Operational Amplifier Analog Devices Inc. 4,815 Add to BOM
OPA128KM ±18V 8-Pin TO-99 Tube Texas Instruments 6,756 Add to BOM
LM301AH With its low input offset voltage and low noise characteristics Texas Instruments 7,113 Add to BOM
LM741H/NOPB Overload Protection Circuitry Texas Instruments 6,633 Add to BOM
LM741CH Single-channel operational amplifier suitable for various general purpose applications, with a voltage range of ±22V, enclosed in a TO-99 package Texas Instruments 4,355 Add to BOM
AD584LH 10mA 8-Pin TO-99 Analog Devices Inc. 7,494 Add to BOM
LM725CH Restricted to OEMs and CMs Texas Instruments 6,671 Add to BOM
LM709CH LM709CH is an op-amp featuring a maximum offset of 10000uV and a bandwidth of 1MHz, housed in a metal can package with 8 pins in TO-5 format Texas Instruments 4,894 Add to BOM
LM1458H Product Description NS 4,865 Add to BOM
SHC298AM Product SHC298AM is a Sample and Hold device with a single channel Texas Instruments 5,370 Add to BOM
MC1558G With its reliable performance and versatility, this operational amplifier is suitable for a variety of applications Texas Instruments 7,608 Add to BOM
LM158H Military-grade, dual, 32-V, 700-kHz op amp TI 7,404 Add to BOM
LM118H Single, 40-V, 15-MHz, high slew rate operational amplifier TI 4,780 Add to BOM
LF156H Single, 40-V, 5-MHz, -55 to 125°C, FET-input operational amplifier TI 6,024 Add to BOM
OP77FJZ Next Generation OP07, Ultralow Offset Voltage Operational Amplifier ADI 6,841 Add to BOM
AD584SH V-Ref with programmable output voltages Analog Devices 4,667 Add to BOM
AD584KH Pin Programmable Precision Voltage Reference ADI 4,193 Add to BOM
AD584JH 10mA 8-Pin TO-99 Tube Analog Devices 6,311 Add to BOM
AD549LHZ Ultralow input-offset current operational amplifier Analog Devices 6,787 Add to BOM
AD549JHZ With its extremely low input-bias current, the AD549JHZ operational amplifier ensures minimal signal distortion and high fidelity in circuit designs Analog Devices 4,216 Add to BOM
OPA637SM Ideal for high-frequency applications TI 4,700 Add to BOM
OPA128LM Top-quality Op Amp ideal for extremely sensitive electronic measurements TI 5,968 Add to BOM
LF412MH Dual operational amplifier TI 6,132 Add to BOM
CA3130T Packaging: TO-99-8 Rochester Electronics, LLC 8,775 Add to BOM
CA3078AT Low noise and high gain A current output operational amplifier ideal for precision circuits Rochester Electronics, LLC 4,712 Add to BOM
LME49710HA Ideal for use in audio equipment and other sensitive electronics, this operational amplifier offers reliable and consistent performance TI 7,535 Add to BOM
LM759CH LM759CH, also known as the LM759, is a reliable choice for power applications requiring precision amplification TI 6,502 Add to BOM
LM293N Analog Comparators ST 4,688 Add to BOM
LM193N Comparator General Purpose Open-Collector, Rail-to-Rail 8-DIP ST 4,693 Add to BOM