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(592 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TA79L015P High-performance power management solution for industrial and consumer use TOSHIBA 5,034 Add to BOM
TA78L015AP 3-pin TO-92 module with positive 15V regulator and 0.15A output TOSHIBA 7,139 Add to BOM
PST518A Simplify power management with our compact PST circuit, ideal for space-constrained designs where reliability matters Mitsumi Electric 4,497 Add to BOM
NJM431L Voltage reference with precision adjustments Nisshinbo Micro Devices 4,184 Add to BOM
MPS2907ARLRAG Product Name: MPS2907A Transistor PNP 60V 0.6A TO92 onsemi 5,554 Add to BOM
MPS2907AG PNP Bipolar Small Signal Transistor onsemi 6,497 Add to BOM
MPS2222AG Bipolar (BJT) Transistor NPN 40 V 600 mA 300MHz 625 mW Through Hole TO-92 (TO-226) onsemi 4,560 Add to BOM
MPSH10G NPN Bipolar Small Signal Transistor onsemi 5,821 Add to BOM
FQN1N60CTA Product code FQN1N60CTA Fairchild Semiconductor 7,106 Add to BOM
BS107AG 200V 0.25A 3-pin TO-92 Box N-channel Transistor MOSFET onsemi 4,708 Add to BOM
BC557BG PNP Bipolar Transistor onsemi 5,907 Add to BOM
BC373RL1G NPN Darlington Transistor BC373RL1G has a maximum current rating of 1 A and a maximum voltage rating of 80 V onsemi 6,647 Add to BOM
BC337-25 45V 625mW 160@100mA,1V 800mA NPN TO-92-3 Bipolar Transistors - BJT ROHS Onsemi 5,430 Add to BOM
BC337-40 45V 625mW 250@100mA,1V 800mA NPN TO-92-3 Bipolar Transistors - BJT ROHS Onsemi 4,119 Add to BOM
2N4403G PNP Bipolar Transistor, TO-92 onsemi 5,537 Add to BOM
2N4401G NPN Bipolar Transistor, TO-92 onsemi 5,359 Add to BOM
2N5064 High-quality SCR for reliable power contro Littelfuse 4,305 Add to BOM
2N3904G Compact and reliable general-purpose transisto onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
2SK170-GR End-of-life announcement for outdated FET Toshiba 5,323 Add to BOM
2SC1815-GR 2-5F1B SC-43 Transistor Toshiba 6,368 Add to BOM
2SC2240-BL NPN Silicon Bipolar Transistor, 100 mA, 120 V, Small Signal, TO-92 Package Toshiba 5,696 Add to BOM
2SA1015-GR Bipolar Transistors - BJT Toshiba 4,180 Add to BOM
2N5461 Versatile component for audio and RF applications Onsemi 3,472 Add to BOM
2N5460 Small Signal JFET P-Channel Onsemi 3,954 Add to BOM
2N5462 Compact and efficient power electronic component with high-frequency performance Onsemi 5,607 Add to BOM
TL431ILP Regulates voltage with precision Texas Instruments, Inc 3,622 Add to BOM
L78L05ACZ Positive voltage regulators ST 6,086 Add to BOM
ACS108-6SA Triac 600 volt 0.8 amp RMS 13.7 amp 3 pin TO-92 bag Stmicroelectronics 6,517 Add to BOM
LM317LZ 17LZ IC linear adjustable 1.2÷37V 100mA TO92 Stmicroelectronics 5,227 Add to BOM
L79L05ACZ Negative 0.1A -5V Stmicroelectronics 7,682 Add to BOM
TL431ACZ Adjustable micropower shunt voltage reference STMicroelectronics, Inc 7,502 Add to BOM
LM335Z ±1℃ TO-92-3 Temperature Sensors ROHS Texas Instruments 6,862 Add to BOM
L78L05ABZ Positive voltage regulators ST 5,725 Add to BOM
TL431AILPG TO-92-3 package adjustable voltage reference with tight tolerance Onsemi 4,829 Add to BOM
LM317LZG Variable Voltage Regulator ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,511 Add to BOM
MC79L12ACPG Linear Voltage Regulator, 100 mA, 5 V, Negative onsemi 5,365 Add to BOM
BF256B Enhance Signal Strength: Increase signal amplitude and clarity with this N-channel am Onsemi 5,738 Add to BOM
MC79L05ABPG Small-sized linear regulator onsemi 4,641 Add to BOM
TL431ACLP Programmable voltage reference Texas Instruments, Inc 4,478 Add to BOM
LM431ACZ Adjustable/2.5 V, 2% Tolerance Shunt Regulator ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,105 Add to BOM
MC33064P-5G UnderVoltage sensing circuit Onsemi 5,882 Add to BOM
MCP1700-3302E/TO Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Fixed 1 Output 250mA TO-92-3 Microchip Technology, Inc 4,573 Add to BOM
BS170RLRAG N-Channel Small Signal MOSFET 60V, 500mA, 5Ω onsemi 4,657 Add to BOM
VN10KLS The VN10KLS is a semiconductor device categorized as a MOSFET, capable of handling up to 60 volts and conducting a maximum current of 0 VISHAY 6,525 Add to BOM
MAX8069CCZQ Ideal for low-power applications and battery-operated devices Analog Devices Inc. 7,072 Add to BOM
ICL8069DCZR ICL8069DCZR voltage regulators Renesas Electronics 7,072 Add to BOM
BSS295 Reliable V, device with TO- packag Infineon Technologies Ag 7,181 Add to BOM
2N5232A TO92 NPN Bipolar Transistor 2N5232A 50V 0.1A 360mW NTE Electronics 6,157 Add to BOM
2SD1857 Low power consumption, high speed switching, suitable for automotive and industrial control systems ROHM 6,452 Add to BOM
2SA1015-Y Versatile bipolar junction transistor for amplification and switching TOSHIBA 6,863 Add to BOM