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(18 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
C3D10060G TO-263 3-pin rectifier diode with 600V voltage and 29A current capabilities Wolfspeed, Inc. 7,588 Add to BOM
T1635-600G-TR 16A Snubberless™ Triacs in D2PAK ST 3,594 Add to BOM
MBRB1045 Rectifier Diode Schottky 45V TO-263AB Onsemi 5,311 Add to BOM
C3D06060G 600V SIC Schottky Diode, 6A Rectifier WOLFSPEED INC 6,774 Add to BOM
STPSC20065GY-TR Automotive 650 V, 20 A SiC Power Schottky Diode STMicroelectronics, Inc 6,255 Add to BOM
NCV8674DS120G LDO Regulator, 350 mA, Low Dropout, Low Iq ON Semiconductor, LLC 5,796 Add to BOM
MBRS1545CT Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers Taiwan Semiconductor 5,841 Add to BOM
E3D08065G Diode 650 V 22A Surface Mount TO-263-2 MACOM 6,436 Add to BOM
RM135N100HD-W MOSFET Rectron 7,072 Add to BOM
P3D12010G2 Diode 1200 V 33A TO-263-2 PN Junction Semiconductor 9,316 Add to BOM
C6D06065G Diode 650 V 23A Surface Mount TO-263-2 Wolfspeed 8,988 Add to BOM
IXTA200N055T2-TRL N-Channel 55 V 200A (Tc) 360W (Tc) Surface Mount TO-263 (D2PAK) IXYS 7,072 Add to BOM
P3D06010G2 Diode 650 V 30A TO-263-2 PN Junction Semiconductor 5,955 Add to BOM
P3D06008G2 Diode 650 V 26A TO-263-2 PN Junction Semiconductor 6,914 Add to BOM
P3D06006G2 Diode 650 V 21A TO-263-2 PN Junction Semiconductor 7,843 Add to BOM
P3D06004G2 Diode 650 V 14A TO-263-2 PN Junction Semiconductor 9,448 Add to BOM
P3D06002G2 Diode 650 V 7A TO-263-2 PN Junction Semiconductor 6,599 Add to BOM
C6D20065G Diode 650 V 20A Surface Mount TO-263-2 Wolfspeed 7,165 Add to BOM