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(2693 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TS78M12CP Voltage Regulator with Single Output, Bipolar Technology TSC 7,361 Add to BOM
TLF80511TFV50 Effortlessly regulate voltages up to 5V with this reliable TLF80511TFV50 chip INFINEON 7,467 Add to BOM
VND5N07 Robust and reliable driver solution for motor control, DC-DC conversion, and more ST 5,919 Add to BOM
KF50BDT KF50BDT is a 5.0V voltage regulator ST 6,667 Add to BOM
BD33KA5FP Efficiently regulate DC voltage for a wide range of applications ROHM 6,667 Add to BOM
SDT30B100D1-13 TO-252 Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) 100V 30A ROHS Diodes Incorporated 7,655 Add to BOM
ZLDO1117K33TC Product ZLDO1117K33TC is a low dropout regulator with a fixed output voltage of 3.3V and a maximum current rating of 1A in a TO252 package Diodes Incorporated 4,445 Add to BOM
NTD24N06L <p>Designed for low voltage, high speed switching applications in power supplies, converters and power motor controls and bridge circuits.</p> onsemi 5,003 Add to BOM
NTD20P06L <p>Power MOSFET -60 V, -15.5 A, Single P-Channel DPAK</p> ONSEMI 4,970 Add to BOM
MTD6N20ET4G Bulk packaged and suitable for use in high power applications onsemi 5,568 Add to BOM
MBRD1035CTL Diode Array 1 Pair Common Cathode 35 V 5A Surface Mount TO-252-3, DPAK (2 Leads + Tab), SC-63 onsemi 4,211 Add to BOM
LM317MDTX With a TO-252 package and a maximum current rating of 0 Texas Instruments 7,936 Add to BOM
IRFR2405PBF Infineon IRFR2405PBF N-channel MOSFET Infineon 5,065 Add to BOM
AZ1117CD-ADJTRG1 RoHS-compliant Diodes Inc Diodes Incorporated 5,506 Add to BOM
SGD02N120 N-channel Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Chip - 1200V, 6.2A, 62W, 3-Pin (2+Tab) DPAK, Tape and Reel (T/R) Infineon 7,099 Add to BOM
BTS142D SMD BTS142D 42V TO252-3 LSS 28mOhm Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
FDD4141_F085 0 volt capacity ON 6,555 Add to BOM
PSMN025-100D PSMN: a robust N-channel MOSFET suitable for demanding power management need Nexperia 7,168 Add to BOM
LM1117DT-3.3 LM1117DT-3.3 voltage controller Texas Instruments 5,226 Add to BOM
FQD19N10L Power MOSFET FQD19N10L, with a current rating of 15 FAIRCHILD 4,306 Add to BOM
FQD13N06L oxide semiconductor fet to-252 dpak-3 FAIRCHILD 5,941 Add to BOM
FQD20N06TM Power MOSFET, N-Channel, QFET®, 60 V, 16.8 A, 63 mΩ, DPAK ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,851 Add to BOM
BA25BC0FP-E2 TO-252-3 package dimensions Rohm Semiconductor 3,269 Add to BOM
NTD20N06 20A N-Channel Power MOSFET with 0.046ohm impedance ONSEMI 4,324 Add to BOM
NTD2955 NTD2955 is a P-CHANNEL power MOSFET with a maximum current rating of 12A and a voltage rating of 60V, featuring a low on-resistance of 0.18ohm ONSEMI 5,695 Add to BOM
BD450M5FP-CE2 Fixed Positive LDO Regulator, 5V, 0.35V Dropout, PDSO4 ROHM Semiconductor 4,193 Add to BOM
IRFRC20PBF HEXFET N-channel MOSFET rated at 600 volts, packaged in D-PAK VISHAY 5,557 Add to BOM
IRFR9110TRPBF Power Field-Effect Transistor, 3.1A I(D), 100V, 1.2ohm, 1-Element, P-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET, TO-252AA, ROHS COMPLIANT, DPAK-3 VISHAY 7,131 Add to BOM
IRFR9024PBF Power Field-Effect Transistor, 8.8A I(D), 60V, 0.28ohm, 1-Element, P-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET, TO-252AA, ROHS COMPLIANT, DPAK-3 VISHAY 4,022 Add to BOM
IRFR310PBF MOSFET, Power;N-Ch;VDSS 400V;RDS(ON) 3.6 Ohms;ID 1.7A;TO-252AA;PD 25W;VGS +/-20V VISHAY 5,148 Add to BOM
IRFR120 N-Channel 100 V 7.7A (Tc) 2.5W (Ta), 42W (Tc) Surface Mount DPAK Fairchild Semiconductor 7,215 Add to BOM
SUD50P10-43L-E3 Single P-Channel 100 V 0.043 Ohm Surface Mount Power MosFet - TO-252-3 VISHAY 7,638 Add to BOM
SUD50P06-15L-E3 Power Field-Effect Transistor, 32A I(D), 25V, 0.0062ohm, 1-Element, N-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET, TO-252 VISHAY 5,184 Add to BOM
SUD08P06-155L-GE3 Compact TO-package with robust P-channel design for reliable operatio VISHAY 5,610 Add to BOM
SUD50P06-15L Si Power MOSFET TO-252 P-Channel 50A 60V 0.015 ohm SUD50P06-15L VISHAY 5,397 Add to BOM
TPS7A6550QKVURQ1 Low Dropout Voltage Regulator for Automotive Applications TI 6,959 Add to BOM
TPS7A6533QKVURQ1 Automotive 300-mA, off-battery (40-V), low-IQ, low-dropout voltage regulator TI 5,622 Add to BOM
TPS7B8850QKVURQ1 Automotive 500-mA, 40-V, low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator with fast transient response TI 4,588 Add to BOM
LM78M05CDT 500-mA, 35-V, linear voltage regulator for 5 V TI 7,852 Add to BOM
LM78M05CDT/NOPB 500-mA, 35-V, linear voltage regulator for 5 V TI 5,664 Add to BOM
LM317AMDTX 1.5-A, 40-V, adjustable linear voltage regulator with high-accuracy TI 4,152 Add to BOM
LM317AMDTX/NOPB 1.5-A, 40-V, adjustable linear voltage regulator with high-accuracy TI 4,062 Add to BOM
LM317MDTX/NOPB Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 1 Output 500mA TO-252-3 TI 5,430 Add to BOM
TLV1117-33IKVURG3 Low Drop-Out Regulator Positive 3.3 Volts 800 Milliamps 3-Pin(2+Tab) TO-252 Tape and Reel TI 5,073 Add to BOM
LM337KVURG3 Linear Voltage Regulator IC Negative Adjustable 1 Output 1.5A TO-252-3 TI 4,538 Add to BOM
UA78M33CKVURG3 500-mA, 30-V, linear voltage regulator TI 6,988 Add to BOM
TL720M05QKVURQ1 Automotive 450-mA, off-battery (42-V), low-dropout voltage regulator with reverse voltage protection TI 3,670 Add to BOM