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(99 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
IPD80R1K0CE Trans MOSFET N-CH 800V 5.7A 3-Pin(2+Tab) DPAK T/R INFINEON 6,642 Add to BOM
C4D02120E Diode 1200 V 10A Surface Mount TO-252-2 Wolfspeed, Inc. 5,210 Add to BOM
C4D05120E Product C4D05120E is a Schottky Barrier Diode with a voltage rating of 1.2kV and a current rating of 19A Wolfspeed, Inc. 6,865 Add to BOM
MCR12DCMT4G 600V SCR rated at 12A (RMS) and 100A peak current, packaged in DPAK with 3 Pins (2+Tab), available on Tape and Reel Littelfuse Inc 5,138 Add to BOM
LM78M05CDTX/NOPB Stable output voltage for reliable circuit operation TI 4,924 Add to BOM
L78M05CDT-TR Precision 500 mA regulators stmicroelectronics 6,840 Add to BOM
MURHD560T4G <p>This Ultrafast Rectifier is designed for use in switching power supplies, inverters, and as free wheeling diodes.</p> ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,441 Add to BOM
MURD320T4G Diode MURD320T4G operates with ultrafast rectifying capabilities, with a maximum reverse voltage of 200V and forward current of 3A ON 3,846 Add to BOM
FDD9509L-F085 <p>P-Channel POWERTRENCH<sup>®</sup> MOSFET, -40 V, -100 A, 4.4 mΩ</p> ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,234 Add to BOM
FDD86252 N-Channel Shielded Gate PowerTrench® MOSFET 150 V, 27 A, 52 mΩ onsemi 5,468 Add to BOM
MBRD20100CT-13 Rectifying semiconductor device Diodes Incorporated 4,578 Add to BOM
AOD2910 High-Voltage N-channel MOSFET rated at 100V and 31A in DPAK Configuration Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 4,330 Add to BOM
AZ1117D-ADJTRE1 1A linear voltage regulator with a TO-252-2 package and adjustable output voltage from 1.25V to 13.75V Diodes Incorporated 6,240 Add to BOM
AS7805ADTR-G1 This product is available in tape and reel packaging for ease of use in production and assembly processes Diodes Incorporated 6,578 Add to BOM
IDM02G120C5 Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier Diode, 1200V, 14 Amps Infineon 4,045 Add to BOM
SPD15P10PLG -100V P-Channel MOSFET with 15A current handling capability in DPAK-2 package INFINION 5,865 Add to BOM
AOD2810 N-channel 80-volt, 46-amp Power MOSFET in DPAK package Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Inc. 7,178 Add to BOM
KC3FB40H-5071 High-reliability SCR for motor control and power conversion systems shindengen 5,245 Add to BOM
IPD65R420CFDA Trans MOSFET N-CH 650V 8.7A Automotive infineon 9,780 Add to BOM
IPD65R660CFDA The MOSFET features a low threshold voltage of 4V at 200uA, making it ideal for power management and switching circuits infineon 6,161 Add to BOM
C3D04060E-TR Automotive Grade Wolfspeed, Inc. 7,441 Add to BOM
VS-15AWL06FN-M3 Switching rectifier diode capable of handling 600V and 15A with a response time of 120ns in a 3-pin DPAK tube Vishay General Semiconductor - Diodes Division 9,643 Add to BOM
C3D04060E Diode 600 V 13.5A Surface Mount TO-252-2 Wolfspeed 9,936 Add to BOM
C3D04065E Schottky diode designed for rectification tasks, featuring a 4A current and 650V voltage capability WOLFSPEED INC 9,814 Add to BOM
NGTB05N60R2DT4G NGTB05N60R2DT4G is a Trans IGBT Chip designed for N-channel operation with a voltage rating of 600V ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,330 Add to BOM
C6D04065E Gen6 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 650V 4A WOLFSPEED, INC. 9,462 Add to BOM
GD02MPS12E Diode 1200 V 8A Surface Mount TO-252-2 GeneSiC Semiconductor 5,388 Add to BOM
C4D02120E-TR Schottky SiC Diode, 1.2KV, 10A, TO-252 Package, Tape and Reel Wolfspeed, Inc. 8,395 Add to BOM
C3D02065E 2A Schottky Diode with 650V rating WOLFSPEED INC 9,740 Add to BOM
IDD03SG60C Silicon Carbide Schottky Rectifier Diode in Green Plastic TO-252 Package, 1 Phase, 1 Element, 3A, 600V V(RRM) Infineon Technologies 6,802 Add to BOM
IDD06SG60C 600V 6A Schottky Rectifier Diode, TO-252 Package, Tape and Reel Infineon Technologies 6,924 Add to BOM
IDD05SG60C High-voltage Schottky Barrier Diodes with a forward voltage of 2.1V at 5A, meeting ROHS standards Infineon Technologies 9,813 Add to BOM
CSD01060E Diode 600 V 4A Surface Mount TO-252-2 Wolfspeed, Inc. 5,868 Add to BOM
C3D03060E 3A SIC Schottky diodes & rectifiers WOLFSPEED INC 7,445 Add to BOM
C3D02060E Diode 600 V 5A Surface Mount TO-252-2 Wolfspeed, Inc. 5,066 Add to BOM
NVD5117PLT4G P-Channel 60 V 11A (Ta), 61A (Tc) 4.1W (Ta), 118W (Tc) Surface Mount DPAK onsemi 8,256 Add to BOM
KSH127TF PNP Silicon Darlington Transistor onsemi 8,293 Add to BOM
NCV8774DT50RKG LDO Regulator, 350 mA, Low Iq onsemi 5,750 Add to BOM
IRFR220PBF MOSFET 200V N-CH HEXFET D-PAK Vishay Siliconix 5,327 Add to BOM
IRFR110PBF This product is a power MOSFET with an N-channel configuration, capable of handling voltages up to 100V and currents up to 4 Vishay Siliconix 6,444 Add to BOM
UA78M05IKVURG3 500-mA, 30-V, linear voltage regulator TI 5,217 Add to BOM
LM1117IDTX-ADJ/NOPB Linear voltage regulator with an output current rating of 800 mA and a maximum input voltage of 15 V TI 8,338 Add to BOM
FQD5P20TM P-Channel 200 V 3.7A (Tc) 2.5W (Ta), 45W (Tc) Surface Mount TO-252AA onsemi 5,711 Add to BOM
ISL9V3040D3ST IGBT, 400V, 17A, 1.58V, 300mJ, DPAKEcoSPARK® I, N-Channel Ignition ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,641 Add to BOM
FDD86567-F085 <p>N-Channel PowerTrench<sup>®</sup> MOSFET 60 V, 100 A, 3.2 mΩ</p> onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
IPD80R1K4P7ATMA1 Silicon-based Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET with 1.4ohm resistance, N-Channel configuration, and TO-252 DPAK-3/2 packaging Infineon Technologies 5,241 Add to BOM
FDD86250-F085 Trans MOSFET N-CH 150V 50A Automotive AEC-Q101 3-Pin(2+Tab) DPAK T/R ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,200 Add to BOM
100N03A It comes in a TO-252-2 package and complies with ROHS regulations UMW 9,020 Add to BOM
DMP6180SK3Q-13 60V 14A Power Mosfet Diodes Incorporated 7,688 Add to BOM