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(2772 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
GAN063-650WSAQ 650V N-Channel MOSFET with 34.5A current rating and 50mΩ resistance at 10V Nexperia USA Inc. 6,443 Add to BOM
IXFH22N65X2 22A high voltage N-channel MOSFET IXYS 7,206 Add to BOM
IXFX120N65X2 650V/120A Dual Channel MOSFET IXYS 5,457 Add to BOM
LSIC1MO170E1000 High-Power Transistor Littelfuse 5,847 Add to BOM
C2M1000170D Voltage Rating: 1700V Wolfspeed 5,040 Add to BOM
IXFH46N65X2 N-Channel 650 V 46A (Tc) 660W (Tc) Through Hole TO-247 (IXTH) IXYS 7,373 Add to BOM
STW15NB50 N-Channel MOSFET Transistor in TO-247AA Package Stmicroelectronics 6,553 Add to BOM
IXFH88N30P This is the IXFH88N30P MOSFET Littelfuse 7,072 Add to BOM
IXFH32N50 Power MOSFET with 500V maximum voltage and 32A current capacity IXYS 4,472 Add to BOM
IXFH170N10P TO-247AD 100V 170A N-Channel Power MOSFET IXYS 6,114 Add to BOM
IXTH75N10L2 Robust and reliable TO-packaged semiconductor for high-voltage nee IXYS 6,830 Add to BOM
IXFH44N50P N-channel 500V 44A power MOSFET in TO-247AD package Littelfuse 6,143 Add to BOM
IXFH26N50 TO-247AD MOSFETs ROHS Littelfuse 4,915 Add to BOM
IXFH15N100Q3 15 A and 1000 V ratings IXYS 6,737 Add to BOM
IXTH21N50 MOSFET with a 0.25 ohm on-state resistance for high current applications Littelfuse 7,072 Add to BOM
IXTH110N10L2 MOSFET L2: Linear power MOSFET catering to high-performance needs IXYS 7,486 Add to BOM
IRFP044 TO-247AC Encapsulated N-Channel MOSFET Transistor Vishay 6,173 Add to BOM
IXTH20N60 The IXTH20N60 is a MOSFET that can handle up to 20 Amps and 600 Volts, with a low Rds(on) value of 0.35 ohms IXYS 6,820 Add to BOM
IXFX180N10 IXFX180N10 is a 100V 180A MOSFET IXYS 4,934 Add to BOM
IXTH13N110 Metal-oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor with 0.92ohm resistance IXYS 5,684 Add to BOM
IXFX180N25T GIGAMOS Plus247 package MOSFET with a maximum current rating of 180A and maximum voltage rating of 250V IXYS 4,417 Add to BOM
IXFR90N30 1-Element N-Channel FET, 75A I(D), 300V Littelfuse 7,072 Add to BOM
IXFX26N90 MOSFET rated at 26 Amps, 900V, and 0.3 Rds IXYS 7,865 Add to BOM
IXKH70N60C5 0N60C5 - N-Channel Power MOSFET with 45 mOhm and 600 V Littelfuse 4,594 Add to BOM
BUX98APW High-performance transistor for demanding application Onsemi 7,234 Add to BOM
IRG4PC50WPBF IGBT, IRG4PC50W 55A TO247 Infineon 4,409 Add to BOM
IXSH30N60C N-channel IGBT semiconductor chip, TO-247AD packaging, capable of handling 600 volts and 55 amperes Ixys 5,955 Add to BOM
IXGH32N60C IGBT Transistors with 60 Amps and 600V rating Littelfuse Inc 5,028 Add to BOM
IXBH42N170 Single IGBT Discrete Diode, 42A, 1700V, BIMOSFET TO247 Littelfuse Inc 7,108 Add to BOM
IXBH16N170A TO-247AD IGBTs ROHS 150W 16A 1.7kV Littelfuse Inc 3,719 Add to BOM
IRGPC50F IRGPC50F is a Trans IGBT Chip with a N-CH polarity, a voltage rating of 600V, and a current carrying capacity of 70A in a TO-247AC package Infineon 4,384 Add to BOM
IRGPC40S Long-lasting IGBT integrated circuit Infineon 4,165 Add to BOM
IRGP50B60PD1PBF N-Channel Voltage 600 Volts Infineon 3,400 Add to BOM
IRGP35B60PDPBF Transistor IGBT Chip N-Channel 600V 60A 308W 3-Pin TO-247AC Tube Infineon 4,614 Add to BOM
IRG4PH40K 1200V 30A 160W N-CH Transistor IGBT Chip in TO-247AC Tube Infineon Technologies 5,986 Add to BOM
IRG4PH30KD IRG4PH30KD: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor Infineon Technologies 4,028 Add to BOM
IRG4PC50U 55A TO247 IGBT IRG4PC50U Infineon Technologies 4,952 Add to BOM
IRG4PC40U IRG4PC40U 40A TO247 IGBT Infineon Technologies 5,900 Add to BOM
IRG4PC30S IGBT Chip with 600V N-Channel Transistor Infineon Technologies 3,467 Add to BOM
IKW25N120T2 IKW25N120T2 is a high-voltage IGBT module rated at 1200 volts and 50 amps, featuring an anti-parallel diode Infineon 6,210 Add to BOM
IKW20N60T IGBT 650V 20A 1.5V TO247-3 Infineon 6,793 Add to BOM
SGW50N60HS Transistors utilizing NPT technology for high-speed performance Infineon 6,267 Add to BOM
SGW30N60HS High Speed NPT Technology IGBT Transistors rated at 600 Volts and 30 Amps Infineon 3,157 Add to BOM
SGW30N60 The SGW30N60 from Infineon is an IGBT Transistor designed to handle currents up to 41A and voltages up to 600V Infineon 6,771 Add to BOM
NGTB25N120LWG Three-pin, tab-connected package suitable for high-voltage and high-current usa Onsemi 6,848 Add to BOM
STW20NM50FD N-Channel Power MOSFET with FAST DIODE, TO-247 package, 500V voltage rating, 0.22Ohm resistance, and 20A current rating Stmicroelectronics 6,018 Add to BOM
STW18NK80Z Transistor MOSFET N-CH 800V 19A 3-Pin (3+Tab) TO-247 Tube Stmicroelectronics 6,698 Add to BOM
IKW75N65ES5 IGBT with Full Current Rated RAPID 1 diode for High Speed Soft Switching Infineon 5,495 Add to BOM
STGW45NC60WD PowerMESH IGBTs are IGBT transistors that offer enhanced power handling capabilities Stmicroelectronics 3,404 Add to BOM
STGW40NC60V Ch IGBT Transistors 600 Volt 50 Amp Stmicroelectronics 5,722 Add to BOM