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(56 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PESD5V0L2BT The PESD5V0L2BT product Nexperia 7,467 Add to BOM
S9015 Compact yet mighty bipolar transistor for small-scale design Mdd 5,536 Add to BOM
2SC3325-Y,LF Transistor for low frequency signal amplification Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 4,106 Add to BOM
PZM5.6NB2A DIODE 5.6 V, 0.22 W, SILICON, UNIDIRECTIONAL VOLTAGE REGULATOR DIODE, TO-236, PLASTIC, SC-59, 3 PIN, Voltage Regulator Diode Zener Diodes 4,026 Add to BOM
2SC2712-GR Trans GP BJT NPN 50V 0.15A 150mW Automotive 3-Pin S-Mini Toshiba 7,446 Add to BOM
SI2333CDS-T1 MOSFET P-CH 12V 7.1A SOT23-3 SIX 4,973 Add to BOM
SI2319CDS MOSFET P-CH 40V 4.4A SOT23-3 VISHAY 7,733 Add to BOM
SI2300 Small Signal Field-Effect Transistor, 4.5A I(D), 20V, VISHAY 5,790 Add to BOM
FMMT619 NPN, 50V, 2A, SOT23 DIODES 5,445 Add to BOM
2SC3356-T1B(R25) RF TRANS NPN 12V 7GHZ SOT23-3 NEC 7,025 Add to BOM
SST2222AT116 ROHM SST2222AT116 NPN Transistor, with a maximum current rating of 600 mA and a maximum voltage rating of 40 V Rohm Semiconductor 5,308 Add to BOM
SQ2361EES-T1-GE3 Automotive P-Channel 60V (D-S) 175°C MOSFET Vishay 5,429 Add to BOM
FMMT2222A Ideal for small-signal switching circuits and amplifiers Diodes Incorporated 9,629 Add to BOM
FMMT2907A Described as a small signal transistor Diodes Incorporated 8,241 Add to BOM
SMS7630-005LF High-reliability Schottky diodes in series connectio Skyworks 8,791 Add to BOM
S9014 Handles up to V voltage and Hz frequency with eas Mdd 4,753 Add to BOM
1SS187,LF(B Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching Toshiba 5,846 Add to BOM
SP000965272 Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors MAGNETIC SENSOR IC'S Infineon 8,825 Add to BOM
SQ2364EES-T1-BE3 MOSFET N-CHANNEL 60-V (D-S) 175C vishay 7,915 Add to BOM
1SS184,LF(B Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 5,631 Add to BOM
SP000013490 Board Mount Hall Effect / Magnetic Sensors POSITION&CURRENT SENSORS Infineon Technologies 7,073 Add to BOM
2SC3326-BLF(T Bipolar Transistors - BJT toshiba 6,312 Add to BOM
1SS181LF(T Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage 5,513 Add to BOM
AS1901-C26-T Supervisory Circuits ams-OSRAM USA INC. 6,595 Add to BOM
MMBTRA106SS-AQ Bipolar Transistors - Pre-Biased Digital Transistor, SOT-23, 50V, 100mA, AEC-Q101 Diotec Semiconductor 8,920 Add to BOM
MMBTRC104SS-AQ Bipolar Transistors - Pre-Biased Digital Transistor, SOT-23, 50V, 100mA, AEC-Q101 Diotec Semiconductor 8,523 Add to BOM
BAW56-AQ Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching Small Signal Diode, SOT-23, 85V, 0.21A, 150C, AEC-Q101 Diotec Semiconductor 7,046 Add to BOM
MMFTN490K-AQ MOSFET MOSFET, SOT-23, 40V, 3A, 150C, N, AEC-Q101 Diotec Semiconductor 9,870 Add to BOM
PMV60EN,215 MOSFET N-CH TRENCH 30V Nexperia 6,750 Add to BOM
PDTD143XTVL Pre-Biased Bipolar Transistor (BJT) NPN - Pre-Biased 50 V 500 mA 225 MHz 320 mW Surface Mount TO-236AB NEXPERIA 6,261 Add to BOM
TLI4946K High-performance magnetic sensor for automotive applications Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
S8550 Tiny but mighty: this SS transistor packs a punc Mdd 5,544 Add to BOM
NE97733-T1B-A The RF transistor has a frequency range of up to 8.5GHz and a power output of 200mW Cel 8,185 Add to BOM
2SK1070PIETL-E N-Channel Silicon Junction FET 2SK1070 Renesas Electronics Corporation 7,847 Add to BOM
LM385M3-1.2/TR Reliable 1.235V output maintains consistency over wide temperature range Texas Instruments 2,657 Add to BOM
SMP1321-003LF High-reliability RF PIN diode for demanding applications Skyworks Solutions Inc. 7,284 Add to BOM
S8050 Surface-mount package ideal for space-constrained designs Mdd 6,197 Add to BOM
MLX90248ESE Compact CMOS sensor for precise magnetic field detectio Melexis Technologies Nv 7,459 Add to BOM
CMPTA29 TR Features a high current gain, making it suitable for various low-voltage amplifier designs Central Semiconductor Corp 2,806 Add to BOM
ATS137-WL-7-A High-voltage switching solution for your automation nee Diodes Incorporated 4,537 Add to BOM
AT-41533-TR1 The AT-41533-TR1 product is an RF transistor, functioning as an NPN type, suitable for surface mounting Broadcom Limited 8,763 Add to BOM
BZX84C12TR Compact silicon diode for precise voltage regulation Central Semiconductor Corp 4,654 Add to BOM
ZC835A This Varactor's small footprint (SOT-23-3) minimizes board space usage while ensuring high performance Diodes Incorporated 5,830 Add to BOM
MA721-TX Compact and reliable diode for demanding surface mount applications Panasonic Electronic Components 7,872 Add to BOM
CMPS5062TR Advanced SCR solution for and A sensitive gate operation Central Semiconductor Corp 4,486 Add to BOM
S2305TR Small Outline Transistor (SOT)-23-3 TV Diode, 10.8V Clamp Smc Diode Solutions 4,817 Add to BOM
SST5462-T1-E3 The SST5462-T1-E3 is a P-channel JFET transistor suitable for surface mounting Vishay Siliconix 7,339 Add to BOM
PZM6.2NB2A,115 mpak zener diode 6.2 v 220 mw ±2% Nxp Usa Inc. 7,031 Add to BOM
PZM8.2NB2A,115 Zener Diode PZM8.2NB2A,115: Surface Mount SMT3; MPAK, 8.2 V, 220 mW, ±2% Tolerance Nxp Usa Inc. 6,527 Add to BOM
MMSTA13T146 Trans Darlington NPN 30V 0.3A 3-Pin SMT T/R Rohm Semiconductor 9,257 Add to BOM