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(226 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
STRW6754 Advanced offline power converter designed for reliable conversion and low EMI emission Sanken Electric Co., Ltd 6,899 Add to BOM
NJM2389F Reliable LDO voltage stabilizer for consistent power supply NJR 5,732 Add to BOM
TK6A80E Perfect for power electronics design, featuring TO-220SIS packaging and robust performance Toshiba 4,728 Add to BOM
FFPF30U60STU 30 amp, 600 volt rectifier diode switch with a fast 90ns response time, housed in a TO-220F package with 2 pins and 2 tabs onsemi 5,277 Add to BOM
2SA1668 PNP bipolar transistor, 200V, 2A, 25W, TO220F Allegro Microsystems 5,252 Add to BOM
2SB1258 100V 6A Trans Darlington PNP TO-220F Sanken Electric Co., Ltd 6,031 Add to BOM
2SJ504-E Discover Renesas Electronics' innovative product, the 2SJ504-E Renesas 4,313 Add to BOM
STR-Y6753 Voltage-mode switching regulator operating at a maximum switching frequency of 24.4 kHz Sanken Electric Co., Ltd 5,051 Add to BOM
STRW6765 Electronic component for quasi-resonant power supply Sanken Electric Co., Ltd 5,634 Add to BOM
KA278RA05CTU Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Adjustable (Fixed) 1 Output 2A TO-220F-4L onsemi 4,297 Add to BOM
ISL9R860PF2 ON Semiconductor ISL9R860PF2 600V 8A Diode in TO-220F Package Onsemi 6,322 Add to BOM
FFPF20UP40S 20A, 400V, UItrafast Diode onsemi 4,616 Add to BOM
FSCQ1265RTYDTU 650V Integrated Power Switch for 140Watt offline flyback converters Fairchild Semiconductor 6,359 Add to BOM
FSCQ0765RTYDTU 650V Integrated Power Switch for 85Watt offline flyback converters Fairchild Semiconductor 4,806 Add to BOM
2SC4382 200V 2A NPN Bipolar Transistor Allegro Microsystems 4,386 Add to BOM
2SC4304 -Amp NPN Transistor with 800V Voltage Rating Allegro Microsystems 5,438 Add to BOM
FGPF4633TU 220FP package Trans IGBT Chip N-CH 330V 30.5mW 3-Pin(3+Tab) Tube Onsemi 5,926 Add to BOM
FGPF10N60UNDF IGBT, 600V, 10A, Short Circuit Rated ON Semiconductor, LLC 4,118 Add to BOM
2SD2081 ROHS Compliant Darlington Transistors Allegro Microsystems 5,723 Add to BOM
2SD2141 TO-220F Darlington NPN Transistor 430V 6A 35000mW Allegro Microsystems 3,339 Add to BOM
FQPF5N60C N-Channel 600 V 4.5A (Tc) 33W (Tc) Through Hole TO-220F-3 ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,721 Add to BOM
MJF6388G 10 A, 100 V NPN Bipolar Power Transistor ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,397 Add to BOM
YG902C2 Efficient one-phase silicon diode for an Fuji Electric Co Ltd 6,089 Add to BOM
MDF11N60TH MDF11N60TH Power MOSFET MagnaChip Semiconductor 5,465 Add to BOM
KA1M0565RYDTU Power Switching ICs for Power Management onsemi 7,799 Add to BOM
FGPF4633 Low Gate Current for Reduced Energy Consumption Onsemi 7,844 Add to BOM
FMU-22R FMU-22R: 3-Pin (3+Tab) TO-220F Package Diode Switching Unit, Rated at 200V 10A Sanken Electric USA Inc. 6,932 Add to BOM
2SK2943 Power Field-Effect Transistor, N-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET Sanken Electric USA Inc. 4,719 Add to BOM
2SK2700 General-purpose power FET for driving loads up t Toshiba 5,385 Add to BOM
2SD1407A-Y Compact 3-pin package for easy integration into designs Toshiba America Electronic Components 4,089 Add to BOM
IRGIB15B60KD1P N-channel IGBT chip with a voltage rating of 600V, current rating of 19A, and power dissipation of 52W Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,215 Add to BOM
FS5KM-18A High-voltage N-channel power transistor suitable for demanding application Powerex Power Semiconductors 5,792 Add to BOM
FGPF4536 Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor with model FGPF4536 ON Semiconductor, LLC 6,999 Add to BOM
2SK2545 Active power device, phased out fro Toshiba 6,276 Add to BOM
2SK1306 N-channel MOSFET with low RDS(on) ideal for power supply, lighting, and HVAC control system Hitachi Ltd 5,075 Add to BOM
2SD1407 Robust and durable component for various electronic device Inchange Semiconductor Company Ltd 7,093 Add to BOM
2SC4273 Reliable NPN device for amplifier and switcher desig Fuji Electric Co Ltd 4,269 Add to BOM
2SB1186A Robust PNP transistor for high-voltage and current need Rohm Semiconductor 4,035 Add to BOM
2SA1931 Bipolar Transistors - BJT 220NIS1 PLS PLNN,OBSOLETE TOSHIBA 5,385 Add to BOM
IPA60R190P6 IPA60R190P6 is a N-Channel Power MOSFET with a voltage rating of 600V, a current rating of 20.2A, and a resistance of 190m•• INFINEON 6,289 Add to BOM
MJF122G 5.0 A, 100 V NPN Darlington Bipolar Power Transistor ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,016 Add to BOM
AOTF4N60 Power FET with N-channel Design (AOTF4N60) Alpha And Omega Semiconductor 7,214 Add to BOM
FRH10A20 Rectifier Diode, Schottky, 1 Phase, 2 Element, 10A, 200V V(RRM), Silicon, NIEC 6,952 Add to BOM
FCH30A06 Rectifier Diode, Schottky, 1 Phase, 2 Element, 30A, 60V V(RRM), Silicon, TO-220AB, FULL PACK-3 NIEC 6,087 Add to BOM
FGPF50N33BT Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor, 330V V(BR)CES, N-Channel, TO-220AB, ROHS COMPLIANT, TO-220F, 3 PIN FAIRCHILD 5,818 Add to BOM
FCH10A06 Rectifier Diode, Schottky, 1 Phase, 2 Element, 10A, 60V V(RRM), Silicon, TO-220AB, SIMILAR TO TO-220AB, FULL PACK-3 NIEC 5,440 Add to BOM
TK39A60W TOSHIBA Field Effect Transistor Silicon N Channel MOS Type (DTMOSⅣ) Toshiba Semiconductor 6,874 Add to BOM
FCU20A30 KYOCERA AVX Components NIEC 6,821 Add to BOM
FCU10A30 Fast Recovery Diode Kyocera 4,680 Add to BOM
2SK3683-01MR Power Field-Effect Transistor, 19A I(D), 500V, 0.38ohm, 1-Element, N-Channel, Silicon, Metal-oxide Semiconductor FET, TO-220AB, TO-220F, 3 PIN FUJITSU 4,634 Add to BOM