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(377 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LT1074HVCT Synchronous Voltage Regulator for High Input Voltage Applications ADI 7,253 Add to BOM
LT1185CT Negative/Positive voltage output range from -2.5V to -25V / 2.5V to 25V ADI 4,540 Add to BOM
LT1072CT Single-output DC-DC converter with TO-220 package and 5 pins ADI 7,316 Add to BOM
LT1074IT The LT1074IT is ideal for applications requiring precise voltage regulation and reliable performance ADI 7,826 Add to BOM
LT1129CT-5 The LT1129CT-5 is a micropower low dropout regulator with shutdown feature ADI 4,169 Add to BOM
MC33167T Step-down topology supports a wide range of applications from consumer electronics to industrial system Onsemi 5,453 Add to BOM
LM2596T-12 Compact power conversion solution for DC-powered application Texas Instruments 7,517 Add to BOM
TLE4270 Low Dropout Voltage of 0.7V Infineon 7,195 Add to BOM
BTS432E2 Optimized for efficient power management, reducing heat generation and prolonging component lifespan Infineon 4,294 Add to BOM
MAX787CCK mode, 8.5A, 120kHz maximum Switching Frequency, PZFM5, TO-220, 5 PIN Analog Devices Inc. 5,805 Add to BOM
LT1171CT mode switching regulator with 2.5A output Analog Devices Inc. 4,916 Add to BOM
LM2925T The LM2925T is a 5-pin LDO regulator designed for fixed positive voltage regulation applications Texas Instruments 7,600 Add to BOM
UC3710T 6-A/6-A single-channel gate driver with 5-V UVLO, thermal shutdown, and split ground TI 5,233 Add to BOM
LM2941S Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 1 Output 1A TO-263 (DDPAK-5) TI 6,216 Add to BOM
LM2941CT/NOPB 1-A, 26-V, high-PSRR, adjustable low-dropout voltage regulator with enable from 0°C to 125°C TI 6,333 Add to BOM
LM2576T-ADJ/LF03 Buck Switching Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 1.23V 1 Output 3A TO-220-5 Formed Leads TI 5,642 Add to BOM
LM2577T-ADJ 3.5-V to 40-V, 3-A low component count step-up regulator TI 7,179 Add to BOM
LM2576T-12/NOPB Buck Switching Regulator IC Positive Fixed 12V 1 Output 3A TO-220-5 TI 7,671 Add to BOM
LM2585T-ADJ 4-V to 40-V, 3-A step-up wide VIN flyback regulator TI 4,807 Add to BOM
MC33166TG 7.5V~40V Input Voltage Range Onsemi 5,822 Add to BOM
LM2576T-ADJG This versatile step-down regulator features an adjustable output voltage range from to , suitable for various industrial and consumer application Onsemi 4,014 Add to BOM
LM2596TVADJG Buck Regulator, Switching, 3.0 A onsemi 6,447 Add to BOM
MIC29502WT 5.0A LDO Adj. + Shutdown. MICROCHIP 4,793 Add to BOM
MIC29152WT Shutdown enabled Adjustable Low Dropout Regulator providing 1.5A output current Microchip 7,107 Add to BOM
MIC29302WT 3.0A LDO Adj. + Shutdown. MICROCHIP 7,162 Add to BOM
TC4421CAT Low-side MOSFET driver Microchip 7,094 Add to BOM
MIC4452ZT This driver features a non-inverting operation and is designed for use in a wide range of applications requiring high current capabilities Microchip 4,024 Add to BOM
LT1076CT#PBF High-performance switching technology ADI 6,196 Add to BOM
LT1074HVCT#PBF Step-Down Switching Regulator ADI 7,925 Add to BOM
LT1074CT#PBF 3V to 64V DC-DC converter LINEAR 4,848 Add to BOM
LT1074CT Current mode type Analog Devices Inc. 7,033 Add to BOM
LT3083ET#PBF Adjustable 3A Single Resistor Low Dropout Regulator ADI 4,479 Add to BOM
BTS442E2BKSA1 High Amperage Output INFINEON 4,912 Add to BOM
NJM3548TA2 Compact universal driver NJR 6,152 Add to BOM
MIC29302BT Stable power supply for electronic devices MICROCHIP 7,195 Add to BOM
MIC4452CT Driver with 1 non-inverting output, 12A capacity, and TO-220 package with 5 pins and tabs MICROCHIP 5,538 Add to BOM
LM2931CT The LM2931CT voltage regulator is suitable for demanding environments and ensures consistent power output within the specified temperature range onsemi 4,058 Add to BOM
LT1072HVCT Up to 60V output voltage step-up DC-DC converter with 3V input voltage ADI 4,383 Add to BOM
IXDD414CI IXDD414CI is a CMOS-based peripheral driver with buffer and inverter functionalities, capable of delivering up to 14A of current IXYS 4,533 Add to BOM
IPS6041PBF Highly reliable 40V 1A power switch functionality INFINEON 6,396 Add to BOM
BTS949 Maximum current handling up to 19A for demanding applications Infineon 6,807 Add to BOM
AUIR3313 Current Limiting Switch with 1 Input and 1 Output International Rectifier 4,270 Add to BOM
BTS412B2 Integrate smart functionality into your system with this high-performance BTS412B2 current limiting device Infineon 6,915 Add to BOM
MR1722 Powerful electronic component for industrial automation applications Shindengen 9,320 Add to BOM
PQ5EV5 Small outline package LDO regulator for precise power contro Sharp Microelectronics 7,524 Add to BOM
LT1963AET LT1963A Series LDO Regulators with 1.5A Output, Low Noise, and Fast Transient Response Linear Technology 6,041 Add to BOM
LM2595T-12 Voltage step-down device TI 5,291 Add to BOM
IRCZ34 High-performance transistor for demanding power application VISHAY 5,624 Add to BOM
IR6220 10A current handling capability for heavy loads support Infineon 6,332 Add to BOM
MC34167TVG Converts input voltages from 5.05V to 40V to a stable output onsemi 7,538 Add to BOM