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(35 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PQ30RV11 Robust and Accurate Voltage Regulation for Harsh Environment SHARP 7,737 Add to BOM
KA5M0380RYDTU Ideal for a variety of electronic devices requiring stable and regulated power supply onsemi 4,955 Add to BOM
PQ15RW21 Product: PQ15RW21 Sharp Microelectronics 5,728 Add to BOM
PQ30RV31 3A TO220-4 Linear Positive Adjusted Regulator IC Sharp Microelectronics 5,397 Add to BOM
KA5M0365RYDTU Converter Offline Flyback, Forward Topology 67kHz TO-220F-4L (Forming) onsemi 4,739 Add to BOM
PQ7RV4 LDO Voltage Regulators Non RoHS, use: PQ7RV4J0000H Sharp Microelectronics 5,081 Add to BOM
PQ30RV11J00H TO-220 package with 4 pins and tab Sharp Microelectronics 5,402 Add to BOM
NJM2388F33 Compact and reliable voltage regulation solution for industrial application Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,288 Add to BOM
NJM2396F63 Voltage regulation with on/off functionality Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,066 Add to BOM
KA5H0165RTU KA5H0165RTU: High Current Limit Switch IC Onsemi 9,616 Add to BOM
NJM2397F Suitable for various applications requiring a reliable voltage regulation solution Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
KA5H0365RTU Cutting-edge technology for 35W converters onsemi 8,221 Add to BOM
PQ6RD083 ROHS-certified Linear Voltage Regulators (LDO) Sharp Microelectronics 7,848 Add to BOM
PQ3RD23 This product, PQ3RD23, is a non-RoHS LDO voltage regulator specifically for PQ3RD23J000H Sharp Microelectronics 9,310 Add to BOM
PQ3RD13 1999 voltage regulator linear featuring obsolete technology, lead content, positive output, and a maximum current of 1A at 3 Sharp Microelectronics 8,057 Add to BOM
PQ3RD083 Non-RoHS-compliant voltage regulation solution Sharp Microelectronics 6,893 Add to BOM
PQ30RV31J00H Positive Adjustable Linear Voltage Regulator IC with 1 Output, 3A Capacity, and TO-220-4 Package Sharp Microelectronics 7,330 Add to BOM
PQ30RV21J00H Efficient PQ15RW21J00H voltage regulators sharp microelectronics 9,478 Add to BOM
PQ15RW11 Non-RoHS LDO Voltage Regulators Sharp Microelectronics 9,182 Add to BOM
PQ15RW08 800mA TO-220-4 Linear Voltage Regulator IC Positive Adjustable 1 Output Sharp Microelectronics 9,456 Add to BOM
PQ12RD11 Product description: This is the PQ12RD11, which is a non-RoHS LDO voltage regulator suitable for various applications Sharp Microelectronics 6,257 Add to BOM
PQ12RD08 PQ12RD08J00H recommended for Non RoHS LDO Voltage Regulators Sharp Microelectronics 5,510 Add to BOM
PQ09RD21 Advanced technology for precision engineering Sharp Microelectronics 9,156 Add to BOM
PQ05RR1 Sharp Microelectronics offers cutting-edge technology for a wide range of applications Sharp Microelectronics 9,628 Add to BOM
PQ05RD08 Suitable for various applications Sharp Microelectronics 8,933 Add to BOM
PQ05RA11 Positive Fixed 1 Output 1A Linear Voltage Regulator IC TO-220-4 Sharp Microelectronics 5,752 Add to BOM
PQ05RA1 Compact and high-performance microelectronics from Sharp Sharp Microelectronics 9,685 Add to BOM
PQ050RDA1SZH Stable and consistent output for reliable applicatio Sharp Microelectronics 6,671 Add to BOM
PQ12RD21 Low Drop-Out Voltage Regulators without RoHS Compliance Sharp Microelectronics 5,657 Add to BOM
KA78R12CTU_Q LDO Voltage Regulators onsemi 9,296 Add to BOM
PQ30RV21 Low Drop-Out Regulators for Non RoHS Applications Sharp Microelectronics 5,708 Add to BOM
KA5L0380R-YDTU KA5L0380RYDTU is a switching regulator capable of handling 12A Onsemi 2,502 Add to BOM
PQ05RD21 PQ05RD21 is a non-RoHS compliant LDO voltage regulator, specifically designed for use in applications where RoHS compliance is not required Sharp Microelectronics 2,496 Add to BOM
Y092610R0000T9L Metal Foil Resistors 10Ω 8W ±2ppm/℃ ±0.01% TO-220 Through Hole Resistors ROHS Vishay Precision Group 6,382 Add to BOM
Y09261R00000B0L Metal Foil Resistors 1Ω 8W ±2ppm/℃ ±0.1% TO-220 Through Hole Resistors ROHS Vishay Precision Group 4,436 Add to BOM