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(3707 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
VNP35NV04 Fast response time - The VNP35N power distribution switch has a response time of 12 microseconds ST 4,097 Add to BOM
VNP49N04 Power Switch/Driver 1:1 N-Channel 30A TO-220 ST 6,880 Add to BOM
KA78T12 Regulators for voltage stabilization ONSEMI 4,133 Add to BOM
KA7809 Stable output voltage ensures reliable performance in a wide range of conditions FAIRCHILD 4,379 Add to BOM
KA7810 Linear Voltage Regulators FAIRCHILD 5,311 Add to BOM
BTS133 TO-220-3 Power Distribution Switches ROHS Infineon 5,280 Add to BOM
LT1084CT-12 A compact and efficient regulator for positive voltage applications up to V ADI 5,767 Add to BOM
IXFP34N65X2 HiPerFET 34A 100mOhm SMT X2-Class Littelfuse 7,072 Add to BOM
TOP224YN Power Integrations TOP224YN is an IC PWM switch in a TO-220-3 package with the part number 224 Power Integrations 6,155 Add to BOM
TIP42CTU PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor onsemi 4,796 Add to BOM
TIP41CTU Complementary Silicon Plastic Power Transistors onsemi 4,021 Add to BOM
TIC106M TO-220AB plastic package housing a silicon controlled rectifier with 5A current rating and 3200mA on-state current Bourns 5,345 Add to BOM
TISP2180 High-Speed Thyristor Surge Protection for A Current and TO-Packag Bourns 7,072 Add to BOM
STP4NB100 This MOSFET is an N-channel type, rated for 1 kilovolt and 3.8 amps, housed in a TO-220 package Stmicroelectronics 6,472 Add to BOM
STP3NK100Z High power, high voltage transistor Stmicroelectronics 9,247 Add to BOM
SUP75P03-07-E3 30-Volt P-Channel MOSFET with 75-Amp Capability Vishay 4,091 Add to BOM
SUP75N08-10 High-power N-Channel MOSFET Vishay 6,254 Add to BOM
SKP10N60A Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor SKP10N60A Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
SBL2045CT Silicon Diode with 20A and 45V V(RRM) Diodes Incorporated 4,525 Add to BOM
RFP40N10 100V Voltage-rated N-channel Silicon Transistor in TO-220AB Package, Capable of Handling 40A Current Onsemi 7,969 Add to BOM
MTP2P50E Top hat style design suitable for various electronic circuits Onsemi 7,531 Add to BOM
MTP23P06V Power MOSFET 23 Amps, 60 Volts onsemi 4,042 Add to BOM
MTP50P03HDLG Technical Details: MTP50P03HDLG is a precision-engineered Power MOSFET renowned for its exceptional performance characteristics Onsemi 6,426 Add to BOM
MUR2020CT TO-220AB Rectifier Diode, 200 Volt, Common Cathode Configuration Vishay 6,185 Add to BOM
MTP50N06VL Case 221A-09 design for efficient heat dissipation Onsemi 4,461 Add to BOM
MBR1545CT 45V [email protected] 15A ITO-220AB-3 Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) ROHS Onsemi 6,885 Add to BOM
MC78T15CT Voltage regulator MC78T15CT Onsemi 5,715 Add to BOM
MC78T12ACT Regulates output at 12 volts Onsemi 5,757 Add to BOM
MC78T05CT 50pcs MC78T05CT ON voltage regulator Onsemi 5,103 Add to BOM
LM7910CT 3-Terminal 1 A Negative Voltage Regulator is the main feature of LM7910CT Onsemi 6,790 Add to BOM
LM317HVT High Voltage LM317HVT Regulator with 1.2V to 57V Adjustable Output Texas Instruments 5,706 Add to BOM
LM317AHVT This product, LM317AHVT, is a linear voltage regulator with three terminals designed to provide adjustable positive voltage regulation Onsemi 7,145 Add to BOM
LM1084IT-ADJ This LDO voltage regulator offers adjustable output voltage options for various application needs Texas Instruments 6,087 Add to BOM
LM7812CT The LM78XX Series provides reliable voltage regulation for various applications Texas Instruments 5,062 Add to BOM
IXTP96P085T TO-220AB Packaged P-Channel Silicon MOSFET with 96A Drain Current, 85V Voltage Rating, 0.013ohm RDS(on) IXYS 6,778 Add to BOM
IXTP50N25T Field-Effect Transistor IXTP50N25T Littelfuse 4,329 Add to BOM
IXTP180N10T Power Field-Effect Transistor IXYS 5,104 Add to BOM
KA7812 Regulate DC voltages with precision and stability in your circu Onsemi 4,381 Add to BOM
IRF3710 IRF3710 - High-performance transistor for power applications Infineon 7,649 Add to BOM
IRF2807 TO-220AB N-Channel MOSFET Transistor Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
FCP20N60 Featuring SUPERFET® technology, the FCP20N60 is a robust N-Channel Power MOSFET optimized for easy driving applications Onsemi 7,072 Add to BOM
FDP12N60NZ Power MOSFET, N-Channel, UniFETTM II, 600 V, 12 A, 650 mΩ, TO-220 onsemi 5,338 Add to BOM
FDP3632 MOSFET 100V 80a .9 Ohms/VGS=1V Onsemi 4,825 Add to BOM
FCPF11N60 Power MOSFET, N-Channel, SUPERFET®, Easy Drive, 600 V, 11 A, 380 mΩ, TO-220F Fairchild Semiconductor 5,685 Add to BOM
FQP32N20C Power MOSFET, N-Channel, QFET®, 200 V, 28 A, 82 mΩ, TO-220 Fairchild Semiconductor 5,874 Add to BOM
FQPF8N60C Power MOSFET, N-Channel, QFET®, 600 V, 7.5 A, 1.2 Ω, TO-220F Onsemi 7,542 Add to BOM
FQP4N90C TO-220 Three-Pin N-Channel MOSFET with 900V Voltage Rating and 4A Capacity Onsemi 4,572 Add to BOM
FQP55N10 Transistor MOSFET N-channel with 100V and 55A in a TO-220AB package for rail mounting Onsemi 7,601 Add to BOM
FQP19N20C Power MOSFET, N-Channel, QFET®, 200 V, 19 A, 170 mΩ, TO-220 onsemi 4,454 Add to BOM