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(1031 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LXA20T600 Low Qrr 600V 20A Rectifiers X-Series Power Integrations 7,978 Add to BOM
HFA08TB60 HFA08TB60 Alternative Rectifiers 78-VS-HFA08TB60-M3 Vishay 6,460 Add to BOM
HFA06TB120PBF Industry-grade power conversion component for 12V systems VISHAY 5,627 Add to BOM
FES16JT 600V 1.5V@8A 50ns 16A TO-220-2 Switching Diode ROHS Onsemi 4,774 Add to BOM
DSEP12-12A The HiperFRED Low Vf series offers improved forward voltage characteristics and breakdown voltages up to 1200V. IXYS 6,670 Add to BOM
CSD10060A Schottky Diodes and Rectifiers Wolfspeed, Inc. 4,032 Add to BOM
C4D05120A Product C4D05120A is a SiC-based power component designed to operate at voltages up to 1200V and currents up to 5A, housed in a TO-220-2 enclosure Wolfspeed 6,107 Add to BOM
8ETX06 Diode 600 V 8A Through Hole TO-220AC VISHAY 6,070 Add to BOM
8TQ080 Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers RECOMMENDED ALT 78-VS-8TQ080-M3 SMC Diode Solutions 5,092 Add to BOM
DSEP15-06A The HiperFRED Low Vf series delivers superior forward voltage performance alongside impressive breakdown voltages of up to 1200V Littelfuse 7,660 Add to BOM
MBR1645G Diode 45 V 16A Through Hole TO-220-2 onsemi 7,111 Add to BOM
RURP8100 8A, 1000V, Ultrafast Diode Harris Corporation 7,362 Add to BOM
ISL9R1560P2 220 Tube Rectifier Diode for High Voltage Switching Applications Onsemi 7,682 Add to BOM
C2D10120A Rectifier diode designed for 1.2KV voltage and 10A current, featuring 2 pins and 2 tabs in a TO-220 package Wolfspeed 5,610 Add to BOM
APT15D60KG Rectifier module featuring fast recovery/FRED technology Microchip 7,421 Add to BOM
STTA806D The STTA806D diode comes in a TO-220AC package with 2 pins and 2 tabs for easy installation Stmicroelectronics 7,023 Add to BOM
S4040R High-current rating and fast switching capabilities make it suitable for motor control circuits Littelfuse Inc. 5,966 Add to BOM
STTH8R04D Ultrafast recovery diodes ST 7,270 Add to BOM
MBR1045G <p>This Schottky Rectifier uses the Schottky Barrier principle with a platinum barrier metal.</p> onsemi 6,043 Add to BOM
MUR1540 UltraFast rectifiers designed for 400V and 15A operations Multicomp Pro 7,945 Add to BOM
MUR860G Use this rectifier in your power supply designs for efficient performance Onsemi 6,782 Add to BOM
MUR1560G The MUR1560G Ultrafast Rectifier is engineered for utilization in switching power supplies Onsemi 4,590 Add to BOM
C3D16065A C3D16065A - Silicon Carbide Semiconductor Diode Wolfspeed, Inc. 7,963 Add to BOM
S8055R Robust non-isolated thyristor for demanding power systems Littelfuse 5,129 Add to BOM
S6025L Ideal for DC motor control, lighting and heating applications Littelfuse 4,622 Add to BOM
RURP3020 Describing the RURP3020 product, it's a rectifier diode optimized for quick switching operations ONSEMI 4,858 Add to BOM
QK025L6 5A I(T)RMS, 1000V V(DRM), TO-220 Littelfuse Inc. 7,028 Add to BOM
IDP45E60 General Purpose Diode for Power Applications with Fast Switching Capabilities INFINEON 5,619 Add to BOM
HFA25TB60PBF Rectifier Diode with 25A Silicon TO-220AC Package VISHAY 7,061 Add to BOM
DSEI12-12A 11A rectifiers with 1200V voltage rating IXYS 6,553 Add to BOM
D4020L Compact through-hole design simplifies PCB integration Littelfuse 9,943 Add to BOM
DSEI12-06A Featuring enhanced forward voltage characteristics, the FRED Low Vf series boasts impressive breakdown voltages of up to 1200V Littelfuse 4,050 Add to BOM
DSEI12-10A The FRED Low Vf series provides enhanced forward voltage characteristics and breakdown voltages reaching 1200V IXYS 7,740 Add to BOM
D6025L Compact ITO-B package diode with low forward voltage drop and high switching speed Littelfuse 8,962 Add to BOM
BY459-1500 Powerful diode solution for demanding industrial application Nexperia 5,655 Add to BOM
S8020L Sxx20x/Sxx25x Series - 20 Amp Standard SCRs, 800V, RoHS Littelfuse Inc. 5,604 Add to BOM
MUR2020R Diode 200 V 20A Through Hole TO-220-2 onsemi 7,336 Add to BOM
Q6025L6 TRIAC ALTERNISTOR 600V 25A TO220 Littelfuse Inc. 5,086 Add to BOM
STTA1206DI 2A, 600V, Silicon, TO-220AC Diode Stmicroelectronics 8,524 Add to BOM
MUR1520 <p>The Ultrafast Rectifier is designed for use in switching power supplies, inverters and as free wheeling diodes.</p> Onsemi 3,564 Add to BOM
FES8JT Rectifiers 8A,600V,50NS,SINGLE UF RECT EIC 4,176 Add to BOM
FES8DT Rectifiers 8A,200V,35NS,SINGLE UF RECT GI 5,053 Add to BOM
20L15T Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers RECOMMENDED ALT 78-VS-20L15T-M3 VISHAY 5,406 Add to BOM
FSF10A40 Diode 400 V 10A Through Hole TO-220-2 Full-Mold KYOCERA AVX 6,942 Add to BOM
SK055R Sxx55x Series - 55 Amp Standard SCRs, 1000V, RoHS Littelfuse Inc. 6,389 Add to BOM
SCS320AHGC9 Discrete Semiconductors SiC Power Devices SiC Schottky Barrier Diodes Rohm Semiconductor 6,656 Add to BOM
C6D06065A Diode 650 V 24A Through Hole TO-220-2 Wolfspeed, Inc. 7,575 Add to BOM
C6D10065A Schottky rectifying diode with Silicon Carbide material Wolfspeed 7,072 Add to BOM
12TQ045 ROHS certified 45V Schottky Barrier Diodes capable of handling 15A current in TO-220AC package Vishay General Semiconductor - Diodes Division 6,812 Add to BOM
VS-HFA15TB60PBF 2-pin rectifier diode switch with added tab for improved conductivity Vishay General Semiconductor - Diodes Division 8,481 Add to BOM