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(1245 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LM383T Enhance your sound experience with LM383T's precise voltage regulation and high current drive ROCHESTER ELECTRONICS INC 9,949 Add to BOM
MAX724ECK 5A voltage-mode ADI 7,315 Add to BOM
TDA2003A Compact and efficient device for amplifying sound signal Stmicroelectronics 5,664 Add to BOM
LM117T High-quality, high-reliability voltage regulator module performance Texas Instruments 4,021 Add to BOM
EL2008CT PSFM5 Compatible Buffer Amplifier with Bipolar Function and Single Operation ELANTEC 6,992 Add to BOM
L7915CV 15V 1.5A Negative Linear Voltage Regulators Stmicroelectronics 3,148 Add to BOM
HFA16TB120PBF Avalanche Rectifier Diode - 16A Silicon 1-Phase TO-220AC IR 5,315 Add to BOM
SC141D Smart Power Switching and Control Devices ( char Onsemi 8,753 Add to BOM
TOP234YN High-Power Conversion Solutio Power Integrations 4,650 Add to BOM
TOP233YN Power Integrations TOP233YN Off Line Switcher 30W TO220-7 233 Power Integrations 4,504 Add to BOM
TOP224Y TOP224Y is an AC/DC converter that operates at 45W with an input range of 85-265 VAC and outputs 75W at 100/115/230 VAC Power Integrations 7,325 Add to BOM
TOP202YAI Compact and Efficient Design Power Integrations 4,610 Add to BOM
TOP222Y TOP222Y product for AC-DC power conversion with 15W capacity for 85-265 VAC and 25W capacity for 100/115/230 VAC Power Integrations 7,982 Add to BOM
TOP204YAI Switching Regulator TO-220 Voltage-mode 100kHz Switching Frequency Maximum 3 PIN Power Integrations 4,591 Add to BOM
TOP227YN The TOP227YN features three terminals for easy installation and boasts a high voltage capability Power Integrations 5,505 Add to BOM
L7906CV L7906CV is a negative linear voltage regulator with an output of 6.0V and a maximum current of 1.5A Stmicroelectronics 5,558 Add to BOM
L7920CV 20V voltage regulators with a negative polarity and a maximum output current of 1.5A Stmicroelectronics 8,588 Add to BOM
IRC530 IRC530 Power FET: N-Channel Silicon MOSFET, 14A I(D), 100V, 0.16ohm, TO-220, 5 PIN Vishay 7,457 Add to BOM
IRC540PBF Power MOSFET suitable for applications requiring up to 100 volts and 28 amps Vishay 4,330 Add to BOM
GPA1607 Rectifier 16A,1000V,GLASS Pass Single-leg Taiwan Semiconductor 4,343 Add to BOM
BUK209-50Y This product is a peripheral driver designed to support the operation of one driver within a MOS system Nxp 6,646 Add to BOM
BUK202-50Y Power Distribution Nxp 5,222 Add to BOM
IXGP16N60C2D1 High performance semiconductor device for switching applications at high voltages and currents Littelfuse Inc 7,108 Add to BOM
SPP24N60C3 The SPP24N60C3 is a 600V N-MOSFET transistor designed for unipolar operation, capable of handling up to 15 Infineon 5,772 Add to BOM
SPP17N80C3 Silicon N-Channel Power FET designed for high power applications, 17A current handling, 800V voltage capability, TO-220AB package style Infineon 4,338 Add to BOM
SPP11N80C3 This MOSFET, designated as SPP11N80C3, operates as an N-channel power device with capabilities of 800 volts and 11 amps Infineon 4,014 Add to BOM
SDT12S60 High Current, High Voltage Rectification Solution Infineon 5,671 Add to BOM
L7924CV free SFM3 TO-220 Stmicroelectronics 6,457 Add to BOM
L7810CV Product Description Stmicroelectronics 6,477 Add to BOM
IPP60R099C6 ROHS-conforming TO-220-3 MOSFETs IPP60R099C6" Infineon 7,119 Add to BOM
RFP25N05L TO-220AB N-Channel Silicon Power MOSFET having 25A Current and 50V Voltage Harris Corporation 7,863 Add to BOM
LM3875TF Single-channel speaker amplifier Texas Instruments 7,697 Add to BOM
TOP243YN AC/DC Converters 30W at 85-265 VAC and 45W at 230 VAC Power Integrations 6,937 Add to BOM
2N6505G SCR 100V 25A(RMS) 250A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB Box Littelfuse Inc 4,074 Add to BOM
TOP244YN Switching frequency of 140kHz Power Integrations 7,234 Add to BOM
TOP246YN Regulator for alternating current to direct current conversion with a voltage rating of 700V Power Integrations 7,490 Add to BOM
TOP250YN Through Hole Flyback AC DC Converter Switcher TO-220-7C Power Integrations 3,796 Add to BOM
TOP249YN Fast-switching voltage regulator with high current capacit Power Integrations 4,751 Add to BOM
TOP223YN 30W output power Power Integrations 7,737 Add to BOM
MCR25MG Thyristor SCR 600V 300A 3-Pin(3+Tab) TO-220AB Tube Littelfuse Inc 3,992 Add to BOM
TOP247YN Operating frequency of 132kHz/66kHz Power Integrations 4,604 Add to BOM
TOP226YN Line Switcher, 5V 110kHz TO-220, 3-Pin(3+Tab), AC to DC Power Integrations 6,964 Add to BOM
TOP245YN 700V Operating Voltage Power Integrations 5,469 Add to BOM
TOP242YN The TOP242YN is designed to provide stable and reliable power regulation in a compact package." Power Integrations 4,983 Add to BOM
TOP225YN Efficiently converts 110kHz input to stable 5V output Power Integrations 5,436 Add to BOM
LM4701T High-quality audio amplifiers Texas Instruments 6,126 Add to BOM
IRFBF30PBF 00V 3.6A 3.7Ω@2.2A,10V 125W 4V@250uA null TO-220AB-3 MOSFETs Vishay Intertechnology, Inc 5,983 Add to BOM
LM350T Linear Voltage Regulators TO-220 3A Adj Volt FAIRCHILD 6,168 Add to BOM
LM2940CT-12/NOPB LDO Voltage Regulators 1A LDO REG LM2940CT-12/NOPB Texas Instruments, Inc 4,979 Add to BOM
LM2991T 1-A, negative, adjustable low-dropout voltage regulator with enable Texas Instruments, Inc 4,230 Add to BOM