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(20 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
JANTX2N6766 TO-3 packaged N-channel MOSFET for high-voltage and high-current applications Microsemi Corporation 6,449 Add to BOM
IRF240 Reliable N-channel TO-204AE package for demanding industrial and automotive uses Infineon 4,478 Add to BOM
IRF150 Hermetically Sealed Package for Enhanced Durabili Infineon 6,490 Add to BOM
JANTX2N6764 Trans MOSFET N-CH 100V 38A 3-Pin(2+Tab) TO-204AE Microsemi Corporation 7,627 Add to BOM
IRF140 Trans MOSFET N-CH 100V 28A 3-Pin(2+Tab) TO-3 INFINEON 5,308 Add to BOM
IRF350 400V Single N-Channel Hi-Rel MOSFET in a TO-204AE package - A IRF350 with Hermetic PackagingBenefits NTE Electronics, Inc 6,387 Add to BOM
MJ11030G <p>These Bipolar Power Darlington Transistors are for use as output devices in complementary general purpose amplifier applications.</p> onsemi 5,270 Add to BOM
IXFM75N10 Power Field-Effect Transistor with 75A I(D) and 100V IXYS CORP 7,804 Add to BOM
2N5686G NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor with 80V Voltage Rating and 50A Current Capacity, Packaged in TO-3 Tray onsemi 7,329 Add to BOM
IRF460 Robust and efficient switching element for industrial automation systems, suitable for harsh environments Infineon 5,812 Add to BOM
IRF250 High-power N-channel Transistor for reliable switching applications Infineon 2,562 Add to BOM
IRF034 Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Power FET (N-Channel) Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
IRF151 N-Channel 60 V 40A (Tc) 150W (Tc) Through Hole TO-204AE ROCHESTER ELECTRONICS LLC 9,804 Add to BOM
JANTXV2N6764 Hermetically sealed package ensures protection from environmental factors, increasing device reliabilit Infineon 3,398 Add to BOM
GE10022 Bipolar (BJT) Transistor NPN - Darlington 240 V 40 A 250 W Through Hole TO-204AE Harris Corporation 9,168 Add to BOM
IXGM30N60 IGBT 600 V 50 A 200 W Through Hole TO-204AE IXYS 8,618 Add to BOM
IXGM25N100A Trans IGBT Chip N-CH 1000V 50A 200W 3-Pin(2+Tab) TO-204AE IXYS 6,543 Add to BOM
IXGM20N60A Trans IGBT Chip N-CH 600V 40A 150W 3-Pin(2+Tab) TO-204AE IXYS 9,240 Add to BOM
IXGM17N100A IGBT 1000 V 34 A 150 W Through Hole TO-204AE IXYS 5,694 Add to BOM
D64DV7 Bipolar (BJT) Transistor NPN - Darlington 500 V 50 A 180 W Through Hole TO-204AE Harris Corporation 7,654 Add to BOM