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T-1 3/4

(182 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
SFH 213 Experience unparalleled light detection capabilities with these reliable and compact devices ams-OSRAM USA INC. 6,432 Add to BOM
SFH 213 FA High-sensitivity photodiode for precision applicatio ams-OSRAM USA INC. 7,034 Add to BOM
WP7113ID High-intensity LED with red light outp Kingbright 4,786 Add to BOM
TLHB5400 Elevate your projects with top-grade LED VISHAY 7,251 Add to BOM
SLA560BD2T3F Add a pop of blue to your project with this reliable and energy-efficient LED modul Rohm Semiconductor 7,938 Add to BOM
SFH485P Reliable and consistent performance across varying currents ams OSRAM 6,675 Add to BOM
SFH4545 Narrow 5° beam angle ensures precise targeting OSRAM 5,478 Add to BOM
LTL-30EFJ High-intensity light for enhanced visibilit Lite-On 9,318 Add to BOM
HIR7393C High-brightness infrared LED for industrial applications, RoHS compliant and compact 5mm package Everlight 6,599 Add to BOM
HLMP-4000 Standardized LED components for efficient electronics desig Broadcom Limited 5,526 Add to BOM
PT1302B/C2 Ideal component for optoelectronics, LED lighting, and sensor designs EVERLIGHT 4,405 Add to BOM
TSHG6410 High-intensity infrared emitter for demanding application VISHAY 7,765 Add to BOM
SFH4550 1100mW/sr@100mA 6° 1.5V 860nm Plugin,D=5.7mm Infrared (IR) LEDs ROHS Ams Osram 4,115 Add to BOM
TSHA5203 50mW/sr@100mA 24° 1.5V 875nm Plugin Infrared (IR) LEDs ROHS Vishay 6,273 Add to BOM
TSAL6200 Infrared LED, 5mm, 1-Element, 940nm, GREEN, PLASTIC PACKAGE-2 Vishay 5,540 Add to BOM
TLHK5100 20mA Colorless transparent lens 1400mcd 630nm Red 18° 2V Plugin Light Emitting Diodes (LED) ROHS Vishay 8,280 Add to BOM
L-1503ID LED Uni-Color Hi-Eff. Red 627nm 2-Pin T-1 3/4 Bag Kingbright America LLC 7,239 Add to BOM
L-53SRD-D LED Uni-Color SB. Red 660nm 2-Pin T-1 3/4 Kingbright America LLC 4,474 Add to BOM
L-53LSRD LED Uni-Color Red 660nm 2-Pin T-1 3/4 Kingbright America LLC 7,530 Add to BOM
IR333C/H0/L10 Infrared (IR) Emitter 940nm 1.2V 100mA 11mW/sr @ 20mA 40° Radial Everlight Electronics Co Ltd 7,774 Add to BOM
TEPT5600 Ambient Light Sensors Ambient Light Sensor VISHAY 7,341 Add to BOM
LTL-4233 Green 569nm LED Indication - Discrete 2.1V Radial Lite-On Inc. 5,857 Add to BOM
HLMP-ED16-TW000 Standard LEDs - Through Hole Red Water Clear 630nm 7200mcd Broadcom Limited 9,292 Add to BOM
SFH 314 Phototransistors 850nm Top View Radial ams OSRAM 8,357 Add to BOM
SFH 300 FA-3/4 Phototransistors 880nm Top View Radial OSRAM 7,127 Add to BOM
SFH 203 PFA Compact and reliable 900nm SFH 203 PFA photodiode for precise applications OSRAM 5,800 Add to BOM
PD333-3B/H0/L2 High-power photodiode chip for precise sensi EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO LTD 5,444 Add to BOM
PD333-3C/H0/L2 Compact Øm photodetector suitable for a wide range of applications EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO LTD 8,412 Add to BOM
LTR-323DB Precision Photo Diode for Low-Light Application LITE-ON TECHNOLOGY CORP 9,684 Add to BOM
ALS-PT243-3C/L177 Advanced ambient light sensing for industrial applicatio EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO LTD 8,509 Add to BOM
BPV10NF Photodiode module with 940nm sensitivity Vishay 6,339 Add to BOM
TLHY5400 Standard LEDs - Through Hole Yellow Tint Diffused Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division 9,371 Add to BOM
WP59EGC Bright red and green light sources for underwater us KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 9,071 Add to BOM
TSAL7200 T-, high-efficiency design for intense light Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division 6,998 Add to BOM
TSAL7400 Compact and reliable emitter suitable for various applications Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division 7,081 Add to BOM
TSAL7600 High-brightness m IR emitter suitable for various application Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division 8,667 Add to BOM
TSAL7300 Advanced IR technology providing accurate temperature measurement Vishay Semiconductor Opto Division 6,355 Add to BOM
WP7113SRC/DU RoHS compliant for safe use: Ensure eco-friendly and reliable performance with our T-LE KINGBRIGHT ELECTRONIC CO LTD 9,457 Add to BOM
TSHA5502 Heat-sensing Infrared LED for precise monitoring VISHAY INTERTECHNOLOGY INC 9,504 Add to BOM
TSFF5200 High-performance infrared LED for precise application TELEFUNKEN MICROELECTRONICS GMBH 6,858 Add to BOM
SSL-LX5093GD Unique green dome-shaped LED light for distinctive decor accents Lumex 6,462 Add to BOM
SSL-LX5093SRD/D Red diffused LEDs with long wavelength, perfect for industrial use ( character Lumex Opto/Components Inc. 5,354 Add to BOM
SLR-56VR3F RoHS compliant for environmentally friendly u ROHM CO LTD 7,835 Add to BOM
PT334-6C Compact phototransistor module for precise control EVERLIGHT ELECTRONICS CO LTD 6,439 Add to BOM
LTL-307E A compact and reliable discrete LED module featuring a robust radial desig Lite-On 9,450 Add to BOM
LTE-4208 Tiny but mighty, this miniature LED packs a punc Lite-On 8,282 Add to BOM
HLMP-CM3G-Y10DD Durable and long-lasting LED device suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential use case BROADCOM INC 6,725 Add to BOM
HLMP-ED31-SV000 Brighten up your life with high precision LED lighting Broadcom Limited 9,762 Add to BOM
HLMP-EL1A-Z1KDD High-quality LED for precise color reproduction BROADCOM INC 8,058 Add to BOM
HLMP-EG1A-Z10DD Compact radial design ensures easy installation and maintenanc Broadcom Limited 5,830 Add to BOM