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(31 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
BSC057N08NS3G Power Field-Effect Transistor, 16A I(D), 80V, 0.0057ohm Infineon 4,924 Add to BOM
BSC047N08NS3G Transistor MOSFET N-channel with 80V voltage rating Infineon 7,934 Add to BOM
BSC600N25NS3 G OptiMOS 3 N-Channel MOSFET Infineon 8,943 Add to BOM
BSC0901NS Power Field-Effect Transistor BSC0901NS: With a current rating of 28A and a voltage tolerance of 30V Infineon 4,369 Add to BOM
BSC110N15NS5 High-speed switching device for high-power electronic systems Infineon 6,823 Add to BOM
BSC093N15NS5 A rating supports heavy load handling capabiliti Infineon 5,227 Add to BOM
BSC072N03LDG The BSC072N03LD G is designed in a TDSON-8 package for optimal performance and heat dissipation Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,493 Add to BOM
BSC040N10NS5 Robust and Reliable MOSFET Solution for Demanding Environment Infineon 4,206 Add to BOM
BSC032N04LS High power switching device for demanding applications Infineon 7,510 Add to BOM
BSC030N08NS5 Compact Design for Space-Constrained Automotive Syste Infineon 6,125 Add to BOM
BSC028N06NS This rugged and reliable Transistor ensures high reliability and long lifespan in harsh environment Infineon 4,178 Add to BOM
BSC016N06NS Advanced N-channel MOSFET design for robust performance Infineon 7,285 Add to BOM
BSC190N15NS3G High-Voltage N-Channel MOSFET Infineon 7,640 Add to BOM
BSC030P03NS3G Surface-mountable P-channel MOSFET transistor with 30V voltage rating and 25.4A current capacity in a 8-pin TDSON EP package Infineon 4,260 Add to BOM
BSC0909NS Trans MOSFET N-CH 34V with 12A in 8-Pin TDSON EP package on tape and reel Infineon 9,485 Add to BOM
BSC0902NS N-type Power MOSFET with 30V and 24A capability Infineon 6,318 Add to BOM
BSC052N03LS TDSON-8 packaged OptiMOS MOSFET, 30V, 57A, N-channel Infineon 5,297 Add to BOM
BSC082N10LS G Product Name: BSC082N10LS G MOSFETs in TDSON-8-EP(5x6) Package, ROHS Compliant Infineon Technologies 5,182 Add to BOM
BSC017N04NS G The BSC017N04NS G MOSFET is engineered for N-channel power switching tasks Infineon Technologies 8,751 Add to BOM
BSC0805LS Trench MOSFET suitable for high voltage requirements infineon 5,608 Add to BOM
BSC22DN20NS3 G MOSFET with N-channel polarity Infineon 6,717 Add to BOM
BSC100N06LS3 G Surface Mount Transistor with Tape and Reel Packaging Infineon 5,000 Add to BOM
BSC123N08NS3 G Metal-oxide semiconductor FET with 80V voltage rating Infineon 7,052 Add to BOM
BSC093N04LS G BSC093N04LS G MOSFET N40V 13A OptiMOS 3 TDSON8 RL Infineon 2,283 Add to BOM
IRFH7084 Compact IRFH7084 chip delivers exceptional switching characteristics Infineon 7,665 Add to BOM
BSC034N03LSG Robust and durable TDSON-package with excellent thermal dissipatio Infineon 3,259 Add to BOM
BSC160N15NS5 Efficient MOSFET for high-frequency application Infineon 6,433 Add to BOM
BSC196N10NS G 100V 45A 78W 19.6mΩ@10V,45A 4V@42uA N Channel TDSON-8-EP(5x6) MOSFETs ROHS Infineon 4,988 Add to BOM
BSC109N10NS3G 100V 63A 78W 10.9mΩ@10V,46A 3.5V@45uA N Channel PDFN-8(5.2x6.2) MOSFETs ROHS Infineon 7,240 Add to BOM
BSC050N03MSG BSC050N03MSG is a Surface Mount N-Channel MOSFET capable of handling up to 30 volts and 16 amps (at Ta) Infineon 4,115 Add to BOM
BSC014N06NS 60V 30A 1.45mΩ@10V,50A 2.5W 2.8V@120uA N Channel TDSON-8-FL MOSFETs ROHS Infineon 2,091 Add to BOM