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(25 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
FDN5618P Compact and reliable pin SuperSOT package for efficient desig Onsemi 4,737 Add to BOM
FDN358P SOT-23 MOSFETs ROHS Onsemi 5,190 Add to BOM
FDN338P SOT-23 MOSFETs ROHS Onsemi 6,166 Add to BOM
FDN335N 20V 1.7A 500mW 70mΩ@4.5V,1.7A 1.5V@250uA N Channel SOT-23-3 MOSFETs ROHS Onsemi 6,277 Add to BOM
FDN327N High-power, high-speed N-channel MOSFET for switching applications Onsemi 7,150 Add to BOM
FDN304P P-Channel PowerTrench® MOSFET with 1.8V specification, capable of handling -20V and -2.4A, with a resistance of 52mΩ Onsemi 7,453 Add to BOM
NDS352AP Channel 30V 0.9A MOSFET Transistor SuperSOT Onsemi 7,671 Add to BOM
NDS332P 20V 1A 500mW 300mΩ@4.5V,1.1A 1V@250uA P Channel SOT-23-3 MOSFETs ROHS Onsemi 7,125 Add to BOM
FDN360P FDN360P is a PowerTrench MOSFET with a P-Channel design, packaged in a 3000-REEL format Onsemi 4,807 Add to BOM
FDN5630 60V 1.7A 100mΩ@1.7A,10V 500mW 3V@250uA null SOT-23-3 MOSFETs ROHS Onsemi 4,858 Add to BOM
FDN537N SSOT-3 MOSFETs ROHS Onsemi 4,122 Add to BOM
FDN357N 30V 1.9A 500mW 60mΩ@10V,2.2A 2V@250uA N Channel SOT-23 MOSFETs ROHS Onsemi 5,735 Add to BOM
FDN340P SOT-23 MOSFETs ROHS Onsemi 7,679 Add to BOM
FDN306P 12V 2.6A 500mW 40mΩ@4.5V,2.6A 1.5V@250uA P Channel SOT-23 MOSFETs ROHS Onsemi 6,570 Add to BOM
FDN361AN Transistor N-channel 30V 1.8A MOSFET in SuperSOT package, taped and reeled Onsemi 4,209 Add to BOM
FDN336P Small Signal MOSFET for P-Channel Operation Onsemi 5,637 Add to BOM
NDS352P P-Channel MOSFET, SOT-23-3 Package, 20 Volts, 850 milliamps, 350 milliohms at 1 Amp, 10 Volts, 500 milliwatts, 2 ROCHESTER ELECTRONICS LLC 6,850 Add to BOM
FDN337N_Q MOSFET SSOT-3 N-CH 30V onsemi 8,592 Add to BOM
FSB649_Q Bipolar Transistors - BJT NPN Transistor Low Saturation onsemi 8,618 Add to BOM
FDN358P_Q MOSFET onsemi 6,449 Add to BOM
FDN338P_Q MOSFET SSOT-3 P-CH -20V onsemi 8,982 Add to BOM
FDN372S_Q MOSFET 30V N-Ch PowerTrench onsemi 8,105 Add to BOM
NDS332P_NL MOSFET 20V P-CH. FET, 300 MO, SSOT3 onsemi 5,653 Add to BOM
NDS351AN 30V, 1.4A, 160mΩ Onsemi 5,603 Add to BOM
NDS355AN 30V 1.7A 500mW 85mΩ@10V,1.9A 2V@250uA N Channel SOT-23 MOSFETs ROHS Onsemi 4,320 Add to BOM