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(17 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
BD2220G-TR N-channel power switch IC with 1:1 ratio, packaged in 5SSOP configuration ROHM Semiconductor 4,313 Add to BOM
BD50FA1MG-MTR Regulates voltage output at 5 volts ROHM Semiconductor 6,807 Add to BOM
LMR1803YG-CTR CMOS Amplifier 1 Circuit Push-Pull 5-SSOP ROHM Semiconductor 3,926 Add to BOM
BU4832G-TR Supervisory Circuits Low Volt Std CMOS Voltage Detector ROHM Semiconductor 5,912 Add to BOM
LMR1802G-LBTR Compact OP Amp Solution for Space-Constrained Designs ROHM Semiconductor 6,059 Add to BOM
BU33JA2DG-CTR 3.3V Single-Channel LDO Regulator: Designed for efficiency and reliability, this component ensures a steady 3.3V output for your circuitry ROHM Semiconductor 3,749 Add to BOM
BD2225G-LBTR Compact Power Solution for Automotive Use Cas ROHM Semiconductor 4,534 Add to BOM
BD48E24G-MTR Featuring an Active Low 1 SSOP-5 Monitor & Reset Circuit, BD48E24G-MTR is ROHS-certified ROHM Semiconductor 4,604 Add to BOM
BD48E50G-MTR Accurate and reliable voltage detector for vehicle applications onl ROHM Semiconductor 7,560 Add to BOM
BD45265G-TR Active Low/Open Drain ROHM Semiconductor 4,204 Add to BOM
BD87581YG-CTR CMOS Amplifier 1 Circuit Rail-to-Rail 5-SSOP ROHM Semiconductor 4,486 Add to BOM
LMR1801YG-CTR ROHM Semiconductor ROHM Semiconductor 6,261 Add to BOM
BU4210G Supervisory Circuits ROHM 7,476 Add to BOM
BD5230G-2CGTR Processor Supervisor 3V 1 Active Low/Open Drain Automotive 5-Pin SSOP T/R ROHM Semiconductor 4,960 Add to BOM
BU10TD3WG LDO Voltage Regulators ROHM 9,045 Add to BOM
BD45255G Supervisory Circuits ROHM 5,288 Add to BOM
BD52E33G-MTR ROHM Semiconductor ROHM Semiconductor 4,444 Add to BOM