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(74 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
CPC5621ATR SOIC32 integrated circuit for phone line connectivity IXYS Corporation 3,533 Add to BOM
BD3841FS Audio Amplifiers ROHM Semiconductor 7,914 Add to BOM
MC33972ATEWR2 SOIC-32-300mil MC33972ATEWR2: Interface tailored for specialized applications NXP 5,974 Add to BOM
CPC5621A 32-pin integrated circuit for phone line communication IXYS Corporation 6,968 Add to BOM
MC33975ATEKR2 Upgraded Multi-Switch Detection FREESCALE 4,378 Add to BOM
NJW1195AV Audio DSP designed for four-channel electronic volume adjustment and input selection JRC 4,457 Add to BOM
CPC5622A LITELINK III Phone Line Interface IC for Telecom IXYS Corporation 3,253 Add to BOM
CPC5622ATR Rohs compliant technology for telecommunication/datacommunication LITELINK 7,095 Add to BOM
BD3872FS Audio Amplifiers ROHM Semiconductor 5,008 Add to BOM
MCZ33903CD5EK System Basis Chip, 2 LIN, 2x 5.0 V/400mA LDOs, up to 3 wakeup, SOIC 32 NXP Semiconductor 4,188 Add to BOM
MC33972ATEK Automotive Interface IC NXP Semiconductor 4,526 Add to BOM
MCZ33972TEWR2 Multiple Switch Detection Interface with Suppressed Wake-Up Automotive 32-Pin SOIC FREESCALE 6,870 Add to BOM
MCZ33905S5EK 32SOIC Gen2 IC System Basis Chip NXP Semiconductor 7,066 Add to BOM
MCZ33903CS5EK 32-SSOP-EP System Basis Chip Interface NXP Semiconductor 6,373 Add to BOM
MGD3160AM515EK GDIC equipped EV inverter controller designed for high efficiency and performance NXP Semiconductor 6,004 Add to BOM
MCZ33730EK Linear regulators for switching power supplies with multiple regulation capabilities NXP Semiconductor 3,938 Add to BOM
MC33972TEWR2 Switch Detection Interface, 22-switches with Suppressed Wakeup, 3.3 V / 5.0 V SPI , SOIC 32 NXP Semiconductor 3,849 Add to BOM
MCZ33905CS5EK CAN 20Kbps Normal/Sleep 9V/12V/15V/18V/24V Automotive 32-Pin SOIC W EP NXP Semiconductor 3,356 Add to BOM
MCZ33903CP5EK System Basis Chip, 2x 5.0 V/400mA LDOs, 3 wakeup, SOIC 32, Rail NXP Semiconductor 5,817 Add to BOM
MC34931EK H-Bridge Motor Driver 32-Pin SOIC W EP Tube NXP Semiconductor 3,402 Add to BOM
MCZ33781EK Transceiver, DSI2, Quad, Differential, SOIC 32 NXP Semiconductor 3,015 Add to BOM
NJU7391 JRC 6,007 Add to BOM
NJW1119A JRC 7,353 Add to BOM
BU9796AFS-E2 Ultra-small SSOP-A package ideal for space-constrained application ROHM Semiconductor 6,148 Add to BOM
MC33975TEK Switch Detection Interface, 22-switches, 32mA Suppressed Wakeup, 3.3 V / 5.0 V SPI , SOIC 32 NXP Semiconductor 5,128 Add to BOM
MC33975ATEK Switch Detection Interface, 22-switches, 32mA Suppressed Wakeup, 3.3 V / 5.0 V SPI , SOIC 32 NXP Semiconductor 5,921 Add to BOM
MCZ33903CS3EK System Basis Chip, LIN, 2x 3.3 V/400mA LDOs, 2/3 wakeup, SOIC 32 NXP Semiconductor 7,042 Add to BOM
MCZ33903DS5EK System Basis Chip,LIN, 2x 5.0 V/400mA LDOs, 2/3 wakeup, SOIC 32 NXP Semiconductor 6,948 Add to BOM
MGD3160AM515EKR2 EV Inverter Control; IGBT & SiC GDIC NXP Semiconductor 5,677 Add to BOM
MC33GD3100A3EK MC33GD3100A3EK - Cutting-Edge Single-Channel Gate Driver NXP Semiconductor 7,907 Add to BOM
MC33797BPEW Squib Driver, Airbag, 4 ch, 2 amps, high side, low side, drivers & diagnostic, SPI, SOIC 32 NXP Semiconductor 6,352 Add to BOM
MC10XS6200EK Robust and efficient high-side switches for power distribution in modern electronics, 12V dual-channel NXP Semiconductor 3,298 Add to BOM
UJA1078ATW/5V0/WDJ CAN Interface IC High-speed CAN/dual LIN core system basis chip NXP Semiconductor 6,432 Add to BOM
BD37543FS High-quality audio amplification for exceptional sound clarity Rohm Semiconductor 3,804 Add to BOM
BD37543FS-E2 Boost audio performance with precise I bus control ROHM Semiconductor 5,381 Add to BOM
BD37544FS-E2 Experience pure sound quality with precise tuning control ROHM Semiconductor 3,464 Add to BOM
BD3861FS-E2 Get crystal-clear sound quality with this sophisticated audio solution ROHM Semiconductor 6,839 Add to BOM
BD3491FS-E2 Boost bass and treble with this ultra-precise device ROHM Semiconductor 6,401 Add to BOM
BD3841FS-E2 Fast and Efficient Delivery, Satisfaction Guaranteed Every Time! ( character ROHM Semiconductor 7,247 Add to BOM
NJW1194V-TE1 Elevate your audio game with this high-performance amplifier! Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJW1142AV-TE2 Elevate your gaming and movie experiences with immersive surround audio capabilitie Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJW1119AV-TE1 Tone control IC with 3 bands Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
CPC5620ATR Future-proof your data transmission applications with this robust and feature-rich -pin SOIC T/R phone line interface IC IXYS Corporation 5,968 Add to BOM
NJW1163V-TE1 Compact audio processor for improved sound quality and output expansi Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc 5,707 Add to BOM
BD37544FS Unlock powerful audio performances with this robust and reliable amplifier solution ROHM Semiconductor 5,187 Add to BOM
NJW1240V-TE1 Ideal for small-scale applications, this line amplifier provides reliable performance with low noise and distortion level Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
MCZ33905BS5EK Cutting-edge microchip solution for modern computing needs, boasting superior architecture, increased processing power, and seamless integration NXP Semiconductor 4,820 Add to BOM
MCZ33903BS5EK This miniature computer boasts a -powered CAN bus for fast data transfe NXP Semiconductor 5,667 Add to BOM
MCZ33903DS3EK Innovative base chip for developing high-speed computing platforms NXP Semiconductor 4,646 Add to BOM