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(81 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TC7WH123FK This electronic component can be used in a wide range of applications where a single output pulse or square wave is required TOSHIBA 5,126 Add to BOM
TC7WH00FK Advanced semiconductor technology for high-performance and reliabilit TOSHIBA 5,158 Add to BOM
NJM2904V(TE1) Op Amp Dual GP ±16V/32V 8-Pin SSOP T/R Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc 5,932 Add to BOM
NJM2903V-TE1 Analog Comparators Dual Single Supply description of product NJM2903V-TE1 Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc 5,648 Add to BOM
NJM12904R-TE1 Compact and Efficient Power Management Solution NJR 5,186 Add to BOM
BA10358FV Small outline package-8 ROHM 5,217 Add to BOM
MB3793-30APNF-G-JN-EF6E1 Analog supervision circuits FUJITSU 6,909 Add to BOM
SN74LVC2T45DCTR Voltage level translator in an 8-pin SSOP package, available in tape and reel TI 7,751 Add to BOM
TC7W02FU Ideal for complex electronic systems requiring reliable data processing Toshiba 4,236 Add to BOM
NJM2904V-TE1 600kHz bandwidth Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,838 Add to BOM
NJM12904V High Quality Sound Output Amplification New Japan Radio Co Ltd 4,318 Add to BOM
UPB1509GV-E1-A 1.0 GHz Prescaler Cel 6,745 Add to BOM
SN74LVC3G07DCTR 3-ch, 1.65-V to 5.5-V buffers with open-drain outputs TI 7,994 Add to BOM
SN74LVC3G34DCTR 3-ch, 1.65-V to 5.5-V buffers TI 4,136 Add to BOM
PS9821-2-F3-AX 3.3 V High-Speed Photocoupler with 8-Pin SSOP (SO-8) Package Renesas 4,482 Add to BOM
BA4510FV-E2 Dual OPAMP BA4510FV-E2 Rohm Semiconductor 4,469 Add to BOM
BA10358FV-E2 BA10358F Series 32 V 500 kHz Ground Sense Operational Amplifier - SSOP-8 Rohm Semiconductor 4,357 Add to BOM
TC4W53FU(TE12L,F) Analog Multiplexer Single 2:1 8-Pin SM T/R Toshiba 4,623 Add to BOM
NJM2115V-TE1 8-Pin SSOP Packaged Op Amp Dual General Purpose with ±7V/14V Power Supplies, Tape and Reel Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc 6,086 Add to BOM
TC7W08FU Dual AND logic circuit toshiba 6,954 Add to BOM
TC7WH123FU Non-retriggerable pulse generator Toshiba 9,397 Add to BOM
PS9817A-2-F3-AX Description: PS9817 Series Single Channel 7 V 2.5 kVrms 10 Mb/s Open Collector Photocoupler Renesas 8,276 Add to BOM
NJM4580V-TE1 Gull wing package configuration nisshinbo micro devices 9,938 Add to BOM
TC7W08FK Dual input gate toshiba 6,805 Add to BOM
TC7W00FU Established French electronic distributor for over three decades Toshiba 7,972 Add to BOM
TC7WP3125FK Buffer for Translating Voltage Levels toshiba 8,974 Add to BOM
NJM2267V Video Amplifier with 1 Channel and 2 Functions nisshinbo micro devices 6,387 Add to BOM
NJM2137V-TE1 This product, NJM2137V-TE1, features two operational amplifiers with a bandwidth of 200MHz Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
BA2903SFV The BA2903SFV is a comparator with two functions and a maximum offset of 15000uV, providing a fast response time of 1300ns rohm semiconductor 6,767 Add to BOM
BA2903FV High-speed analog comparator for reliable logic decisions ROHM CO LTD 9,891 Add to BOM
TC7W74FU Small outline package SSOP-8 toshiba 8,888 Add to BOM
NJM2746V-TE1 Instruments requiring buffer amplifiers can benefit from the NJM2746V-TE1 operational amplifier Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. 5,144 Add to BOM
BA2904FV Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps ROHM CO LTD 9,509 Add to BOM
MPXH6400AC6U Pressure Sensor, 5V, 20/400kPa, SOP 8, Port NXP Semiconductor 5,553 Add to BOM
TC7W32FU CoC and 2-years warranty / RFQ for pricing Toshiba 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM8532V-TE2 Ideal for instrumentation and control systems requiring precisi Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,769 Add to BOM
NJM2719V-TE2 Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps 5.5V 3Vid 310mW 2.5nV 100MHz 60V Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,879 Add to BOM
NJU7660AV-TE1 Effortlessly regulates voltage levels at a high frequency of nisshinbo micro devices 6,953 Add to BOM
NJM2904CAV-TE1 Compact, reliable design for space-constrained syste nisshinbo micro devices 9,290 Add to BOM
TC7WH245FU(TE12L,F Bus XCVR Single 2-CH 3-ST 8-Pin SM T/R Toshiba 5,117 Add to BOM
NJM8202V-TE2 NJMseries features low noise and high accuracy for precision application Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,341 Add to BOM
TC7WH02FU(TE12L,F) NOR Gate 2-Element 2-IN CMOS 8-Pin SM T/R Toshiba 8,018 Add to BOM
TC7WH157FKTE85LF Encoders, Decoders, Multiplexers & Demultiplexers x34 DIGITAL MULTIPLEXER Toshiba 9,082 Add to BOM
PS9817A-2-AX Logic Output Optoisolator 10Mbps Open Collector 2500Vrms 2 Channel 15kV/µs CMTI 8-SSOP Renesas Electronics 9,894 Add to BOM
PS9821-1-AX Fast 3.3 V digital isolator with high common-mode rejection ratio (CMR) for reliable data transmission Renesas Electronics 8,117 Add to BOM
NJM2534V-TE2 High-quality, versatile video switch ideal for professional audio/video systems Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,181 Add to BOM
NJU7018V-TE1 Dual op-amps for amplification and filtering applications Nisshinbo Micro Devices 8,716 Add to BOM
NJU7021V-TE1 Boost your signal-to-noise ratio and take control of your system's dynamics with this high-performance op-amp Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,605 Add to BOM
NJM2135V-TE1 Low noise figure and high gain make it suitable for professional u Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,389 Add to BOM
NJM2068V-TE2 The NJM2068 Series delivers exceptional noise immunity and high-gain stability for demanding applications Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,044 Add to BOM