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(107 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
TC7SH86F High-speed, low-power IC suitable for various applications requiring precise Boolean logic TOSHIBA 4,280 Add to BOM
TC7S08F -Input AND, CMOS, 6 Pin, Plastic, TSOP Toshiba 4,550 Add to BOM
TC7SZ08FU Integrated Circuit LVC/LCX/Z Series TOSHIBA 6,772 Add to BOM
TC7S14FU This ultra-compact inverter chip offers precise logic control and is suitable for a wide range of application TOSHIBA 4,569 Add to BOM
BU4S81G2 -Function, PDSO5, ROHS Compliant ROHM 6,201 Add to BOM
TC4S81F TC4S81F - AND Gate TOSHIBA 7,061 Add to BOM
TC7S14F 1 Schmitt Trigger Inverter, 5-Pin SSOP TOSHIBA 4,712 Add to BOM
TC7S32F HC/UH Series IC 2-Input OR Gate Toshiba 6,197 Add to BOM
BD4842G-TR Small SSOP package Rohm Semiconductor 5,286 Add to BOM
TC7S08FU 2-INPUT AND GATE Toshiba 5,840 Add to BOM
BD5230G-TR SSOP5 Detector with 3.0V and 0.95uA Rohm Semiconductor 4,221 Add to BOM
BA8391G-TR Comparator Single ±18V/36V 5-Pin SSOP T/R Description for BA8391G-TR Product Rohm Semiconductor 5,519 Add to BOM
TC7S08FU(TE85L,F) And Gate IC HC/UH Series Toshiba 7,733 Add to BOM
BU4S01G2 NOR Gate with 2 Inputs, 1 Function, CMOS Technology, PDSO5 Package ROHM 7,386 Add to BOM
BU4820G-TR Fixed +2VV Channel Rohm Semiconductor 5,879 Add to BOM
BU4229G-TR Voltage rating: 7V Rohm Semiconductor 4,648 Add to BOM
BD5225G-TR Fixed voltage power supply circuit Rohm Semiconductor 7,908 Add to BOM
BD45301G-TR Supervisory Electronics with 3.0V Voltage Detection for RESET Rohm Semiconductor 4,929 Add to BOM
BU33TD3WG-TR Precise regulation of output voltage with low dropout curre Rohm Semiconductor 7,894 Add to BOM
BD5329G-TR 5SSOP CMOS 2.9V Voltage Detector IC Rohm Semiconductor 7,066 Add to BOM
BD4843G-TR Power Supply Support Circuit Rohm Semiconductor 5,066 Add to BOM
TC7SH02FU High-density IC for complex logic operations and digital signal processin TOSHIBA 5,616 Add to BOM
TC7S32FU -Input OR Gate Plastic HC/UH Series TOSHIBA 6,942 Add to BOM
TC7SET08F 5-Pin SMV Automotive AEC-Q100 AND Gate toshiba 7,569 Add to BOM
TC7SH32F TC7SH32F is a PDSO5-packaged 2-input OR gate from the LV/LV-A/LVX/H series toshiba 6,277 Add to BOM
TC7SH00F AEC-Q100 qualified toshiba 9,658 Add to BOM
TC7SH32FU High-performance OR gate for complex logic applications toshiba 7,458 Add to BOM
TC7SET32FU 2-input OR logic circuit utilizing CMOS technology, packaged in a plastic TSSOP housing with 6 pins for efficient connectivity toshiba 7,376 Add to BOM
TC7S86F The TCF is a reliable choice for designers seeking low-power solutions toshiba 8,902 Add to BOM
TC7SH08F With its high speed and low power consumption, the TC7SH08F is suitable for use in automotive and industrial control systems toshiba 6,929 Add to BOM
TC4S11F IC 4000/14000/40000 SERIES, 2-INPUT NAND GATE, PDSO5, 0.95 MM PITCH, PLASTIC, SSOP-5 toshiba 5,252 Add to BOM
TC7SH86FU The TCHFU is a robust, high-performance CMOS gate array ideal for demanding digital system design toshiba 9,044 Add to BOM
TC7SH02F HC/UH Series IC 2-Input NOR Gate toshiba 5,424 Add to BOM
TC7SET00FU Integrated Circuit HC/UH Series, 2-Input NAND Gate, Plastic, SSOP-5, Gate toshiba 8,534 Add to BOM
TC7S86FU 2-Input XOR Logic Circuit CMOS Plastic TSSOP 6 Pin toshiba 7,963 Add to BOM
TC7S02F The TC7S02F is a 2-input NOR gate IC featuring CMOS technology and a TSOP package with 6 pins toshiba 5,947 Add to BOM
TC7S00FU This versatile IC enables designers to create complex digital circuits with ease, making it an excellent addition to any electronics projec toshiba 8,941 Add to BOM
TC7S00F Electronic component with two input pins toshiba 6,666 Add to BOM
BU4228G Management Circuits ROHM CO LTD 5,127 Add to BOM
BU4229G Monitoring Circuits ROHM CO LTD 7,919 Add to BOM
BU4S66G2 Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC) package with 5 pins ROHM CO LTD 6,535 Add to BOM
BU4S584G2 Inverters ROHM CO LTD 5,517 Add to BOM
BD4842G Uncompromising Quality You Can Tru ROHM CO LTD 6,116 Add to BOM
TC7SH00FU The TC7SH00FU is a 2-input NAND logic circuit, utilizing CMOS technology for efficient operation TOSHIBA 6,846 Add to BOM
BU12TD3WG-TR Voltage Regulators with LDO Functionality Rohm Semiconductor 9,882 Add to BOM
BD5230G Regulatory systems ROHM CO LTD 6,497 Add to BOM
BD2232G-GTR High side switch in SSOP package Rohm Semiconductor 8,911 Add to BOM
TC7S66FU This product is a single-channel, single pole, single throw switch integrated circuit with a small outline package and plastic material Toshiba 7,129 Add to BOM
TC4S30F This IC is suitable for use in various applications where XOR gate functionality is required Toshiba 5,281 Add to BOM
TC7S14FU,LF Inverter Schmitt Trigger L-MOS logic Toshiba 6,143 Add to BOM