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(62 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
ILD1151 DC/DC Controller Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
SN74LS06DBR 6-ch, 4.75-V to 5.25-V bipolar inverters with open-collector outputs TI 6,416 Add to BOM
TLC274CD Quad, 16-V, 2-MHz, In to V- operational amplifier TI 7,967 Add to BOM
LM324AD Ultra-low input bias current desi onsemi 6,600 Add to BOM
TLE42994E Designed for applications requiring stable voltage regulation Infineon Technologies Corporation 6,600 Add to BOM
TLD5097EL LED and relay control for display drivers and controllers Infineon Technologies Corporation 7,873 Add to BOM
TLD5098EL LED driver SSOP package INFINEON 7,134 Add to BOM
BA2901FV Analog Comparators BA2901FV ROHM SEMICONDUCTOR 7,849 Add to BOM
NJM2901V-TE1 low-power quad comparator nisshinbo micro devices 5,287 Add to BOM
BA14741F Op Amp suitable for various voltage applications ROHM CO LTD 5,072 Add to BOM
BH2228FV Digital to Analog Converters - DAC ROHM CO LTD 5,737 Add to BOM
BU4066BCFV Analog Switch ICs ROHM CO LTD 5,236 Add to BOM
TLE4291E Positive 5V Output Infineon 8,828 Add to BOM
TLD2314EL Advanced LED driver solution for lighting applications Infineon 5,421 Add to BOM
TLF50211ELXUMA2 The TLF50211ELXUMA2 is a high-performance regulator that efficiently steps down voltage to 5 V while maintaining a low standby power consumption Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,897 Add to BOM
TLD1313EL TLD1313EL is a high-quality LED lighting driver from LITIX." Infineon Technologies 8,498 Add to BOM
NJM324V Op amps with four channels for single power supply Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
BA2902SFV With its versatile design and reliable performance, the BA2902SFV is ideal for use in instrumentation, audio amplification, and sensor interfaces ROHM CO LTD 5,767 Add to BOM
BA2902F ROHS compliant, 4-function op-amp with 10000uV max offset in SOP-14 package ROHM CO LTD 7,134 Add to BOM
TLD1314EL RoHS SSOP-14-EP-150mil LED Drivers infineon 5,438 Add to BOM
TLD1124EL LED Lighting Drivers LITIX infineon 6,712 Add to BOM
NJU7044V-TE1 Amplification and buffering solution for instruments Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM319V Comparator, 2 Func, 8000uV Offset-Max, 80ns Response Time, BIPolar, PDSO14, SSOP-14 JRC 3,205 Add to BOM
NJU7068V-TE2 High-quality op amp for precision applications, boasting Vdd and low current draw of u Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,214 Add to BOM
NJU72040V-TE2 Compact power source for small device Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,743 Add to BOM
NJG1301V -TE1 RF Amplifier nisshinbo micro devices 9,680 Add to BOM
NJU7064V-TE2 High-quality, low-power consumption operational amplifier Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,872 Add to BOM
NJU7034V-TE1 A versatile and highly reliable operational amplifier for diverse applications, providing excellent DC precision and low distortion Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,729 Add to BOM
NJU7064AV-TE2 Operational Amplifiers - Op Amps CMOS Nisshinbo Micro Devices 6,431 Add to BOM
NJU7034V-TE2 Compact quad op amp solution for general-purpose amplification and filtering applicatio Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,589 Add to BOM
NJU3711V-TE1 High-quality switching regulator ensures precise power management for your device Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,873 Add to BOM
NJM2384V-TE2 Switching Voltage Regulators DC/DC IC Nisshinbo Micro Devices 9,862 Add to BOM
NJM2173AV-TE2 Microphone Preamplifiers Lw V Microphn Amp Nisshinbo Micro Devices 5,324 Add to BOM
NJU77004V Power-efficient Op Amp designed for demanding applications with precise contro Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,386 Add to BOM
LM339FV-E2 Comparator Quad ±16V/32V 14-Pin SSOP-B T/R ROHM Semiconductor 5,700 Add to BOM
LM2901FV-E2 Ground Sense Comparator ROHM Semiconductor 3,627 Add to BOM
ZSSC3138BE2T Advanced interface solution for high-reliability application Renesas Technology Corp 7,100 Add to BOM
NJM324CAV-TE1 Low Power Consumption and High Frequency Respons Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM2734V-TE2 Compact quad operational amplifier for general-purpose applicatio Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
TLF42772EPXUMA1 Compact package minimizes board space and maximizes design flexibilit Infineon 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM3403AV-TE2 High-performance analog signal processing soluti Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM3403AV-TE1 High-performance buffer amplifier for precise signal transmissio Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM2172V-TE2 Operational Amplifiers with Enhanced Voltage Range Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM12902V-TE1 Industrial-grade Operational Amplifier for precise voltage regulation Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
74HC243DB Ideal for use in applications requiring low power consumption and high speed Nxp 3,097 Add to BOM
NJM2777V-TE2 Boost the audio performance of your headphones with this reliable volume controlle Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM2777V-TE1 Advanced HD audio amplifier with intuitive volume control and high-fidelity sound reproductio Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM2747V-TE2 Low-noise and high-performance op-amp for audio and instrumentation use Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM12902V-TE2 High-performance single supply operational amplifier Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM
NJM12901V-TE2 Compare with precision using this quad comparator's high-speed performance Nisshinbo Micro Devices 7,072 Add to BOM