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(548 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
LTC1387IG Versatile Multiprotocol Transceiver ADI 4,052 Add to BOM
TBD62083AFNG(Z) Compact 18-pin SSOP package ideal for space-constrained designs Toshiba 6,087 Add to BOM
TBD62083AFNG(Z,EL) High-density transistor array technolo Toshiba 7,950 Add to BOM
TBD62783AFNG(Z,EL) A versatile driver for high-speed data transfer and low-power consumptio Toshiba 4,044 Add to BOM
AD9826KRSZ 16-bit 5V Analog-to-Digital Converter for Video Signals with 28 Pins in SSOP Tube Analog Devices, Inc 3,189 Add to BOM
IDTQS3VH126QG This part IDTQS3VH126QG is a high-performance bus driver IDT 4,779 Add to BOM
TPD2005F(EL,F) High-side power switch with 8 output channels and a resistance of 0.9 ohms, housed in a 24-pin SSOP package suitable for tape and reel packaging Toshiba 7,890 Add to BOM
FT232RL FT232RL is a versatile USB to serial TTL level UART converter, boasting a Universal Asynchronous Receiver & Transmitter with a data rate of 3MBd Ftdi Chip 4,288 Add to BOM
AD977ABRSZ Serial interface for easy integration ADI 6,488 Add to BOM
AS1130-BTST Absolute linear position sensor with Hall effect technology Ams Osram 7,973 Add to BOM
PCM2904DB High-fidelity audio processing solution for a wide range of application Texas Instruments, Inc 6,515 Add to BOM
PIC16LF876A-I/SS PIC PIC® 16F Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 10MHz 14KB (8K x 14) FLASH 28-SSOP Microchip Technology, Inc 6,370 Add to BOM
PIC16LF648A-I/SS 8-bit Microcontroller PIC16LF648A-I/SS with 7KB Flash memory and 256 Bytes RAM Microchip Technology, Inc 7,596 Add to BOM
PIC16F873A-I/SS Ideal for a variety of embedded applications Microchip Technology, Inc 5,282 Add to BOM
PIC16F88-I/SS PIC PIC® 16F Microcontroller IC 8-Bit 20MHz 7KB (4K x 14) FLASH 20-SSOP Microchip Technology, Inc 5,039 Add to BOM
BU2508FV Accurate conversion of digital signals into analog formats for a wide range of applications ROHM 4,407 Add to BOM
CY7C64225-28PVXC Tube e3/e4 2005 IT ALSO OPERATES AT 3.3V interface controller 3V~5.25V 1.85mm 27mA 480Mbps Infineon Technologies Corporation 5,148 Add to BOM
AFE1103E Versatile channel ADC with / operation, suitable for various industrie Texas Instruments, Inc 6,859 Add to BOM
MT88L89AN1 Telecom IC DTMF Transceiver 24-SSOP Microchip Technology, Inc 6,051 Add to BOM
PIC16LF73-I/SS bit architecture with SSOP- package for compact design Microchip Technology, Inc 6,125 Add to BOM
CPC5610A High-performance MOSFET controller for reliable detectio IXYS Corporation 6,638 Add to BOM
TLE7232GS Reliable and fast buffer/inverter for peripheral circuit Infineon Technologies Corporation 4,243 Add to BOM
MC145484SD Maximize audio performance and efficiency with this robust codec's state-of-the-art technology and streamlined design NXP Semiconductor 4,706 Add to BOM
AFE1104E Analog Front End - AFE HDSL/MDSL Analog Front End Texas Instruments, Inc 3,296 Add to BOM
CS5371-BS Data Acquisition ADCs/DACs - Specialized LP High Performance Delta Sigma Mod. Cirrus Logic, Inc 6,045 Add to BOM
MT93L16AQ ECHO Canceller Chip 2-CH G.711 With Tone Detection 36-Pin QSOP Tube Microchip Technology, Inc 7,540 Add to BOM
MT3371BN DTMF RX 4.19MHz 5V 20-Pin SSOP Tube Microchip Technology, Inc 4,290 Add to BOM
TB62705CFG TOSHIBA's TB62705CFG Toshiba 5,361 Add to BOM
SP3243EUEA Quint Receiver RS-232 Triple Transmitter 28-Pin SSOP MaxLinear, Inc 5,038 Add to BOM
SP3243ECA Seamlessly integrate this compact and efficient RS-232 transceiver into your communication system MaxLinear, Inc 8,170 Add to BOM
SP3243EUCA Integrated circuit for advanced communication applications MaxLinear, Inc 5,903 Add to BOM
UDA1334ATS Small Outline Package (SSOP) NXP Semiconductors 5,184 Add to BOM
TLP3240 Solid State Relay with 1500V Isolation Toshiba 7,513 Add to BOM
TC7W53FK :1 configuration toshiba 6,630 Add to BOM
SP3222EEA 20 Pin Plastic SSOP MaxLinear, Inc 9,242 Add to BOM
NJM2115V Operational Amplifier Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc 8,111 Add to BOM
XISOUSB211DPR Full speed isolated USB repeater with low emission Texas Instruments 6,275 Add to BOM
TC62D748CFNAG This LED driver features a supply current of 8000uA and comes in a 24-pin SSOP package toshiba 9,435 Add to BOM
SP211EEA Plastic SSOP-28 Package MaxLinear, Inc 8,879 Add to BOM
TB62706BF Exclusively for OEMs and CMs Toshiba 9,350 Add to BOM
LTC1564IG Active Filter with Low Pass Characteristics Analog Devices, Inc 7,779 Add to BOM
MT88L70AN1 CMOS Technology Microchip Technology, Inc 4,538 Add to BOM
CS8130-CS Infrared Transceiver IC with Multi-Standard Support Cirrus Logic, Inc 4,439 Add to BOM
MT9162AN1 With the MT9162AN1, users can experience improved audio quality and reliable data transfer between devices Microchip Technology, Inc 7,087 Add to BOM
TB6608FNG Suitable for a wide range of applications toshiba 7,796 Add to BOM
MPC17550 Motion and ignition control devices Nxp 7,072 Add to BOM
MAX3224EEAP 250Kbps transceiver 2/2 SSOP-20-208mil RS232 ICs ROHS Analog Devices Inc./Maxim Integrated 8,443 Add to BOM
AD9826KRS Analog front end for video applications Analog Devices Inc. 6,868 Add to BOM
TPD4204F Efficient Control Toshiba 5,656 Add to BOM