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(23 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
PMP4201V NXP Semiconductors NXP 5,907 Add to BOM
SSM6N44FE Transistor MOSFET Array Dual N-Channel 30V 0.1A 6-Pin ES Toshiba Semiconductor 3,061 Add to BOM
SSM6N37FE Trans MOSFET N-CH Si 20V 0.25A 6-Pin ES Toshiba Semiconductor 5,668 Add to BOM
SSM6J214FE Trans MOSFET P-CH Si 30V 3.6A 6-Pin ES Toshiba Semiconductor 5,645 Add to BOM
NST3904DXV6T1G Dual NPN Bipolar Transistor ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,010 Add to BOM
BC847BPDXV6T1G Dual NPN PNP Bipolar Transistor ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,998 Add to BOM
NTZS3151PT1G Single P-Channel Small Signal MOSFET -20V, -950mA, 150mΩ ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,387 Add to BOM
NSBC114YPDXV6T1G Complementary Bipolar Digital Transistor (BRT) ON Semiconductor, LLC 3,353 Add to BOM
NST30010MXV6T1G Bipolar Transistor, Dual, PNP ON Semiconductor, LLC 7,259 Add to BOM
MP1614GTL-Z The QFN-14 package makes it ideal for small footprint designs without sacrificing performance MPS 6,999 Add to BOM
MP1605GTF-Z MP1605GTF-Z provided in Tape and Reel format Monolithic Power Systems (Mps) 6,314 Add to BOM
DMN2004VK Experience top-tier performance with the DMN2004VK N-Channel Mosfet diodes incorporated 9,070 Add to BOM
BAS16VV BAS16VV diode for switching applications diodes incorporated 6,081 Add to BOM
uPC8211TK-E2-A Expertly serving the electronic community for over thirty years, with a strong track recor California Eastern Laboratories 6,741 Add to BOM
TXB0101DRLR 1-Bit Bidirectional Voltage-Level Shifter With Auto Direction Sensing and +/-15-kV ESD Protect Texas Instruments, Inc 7,938 Add to BOM
SSM6N36FE Trans MOSFET N-CH Si 20V 0.5A 6-Pin ES Toshiba Semiconductor 5,163 Add to BOM
BC857BV Bipolar Transistors - BJT NXP SEMICONDUCTORS 6,969 Add to BOM
SI1023X Transistor, VISHAY 4,851 Add to BOM
MP1653GTF-Z Advanced power supply solutions for high-performance device Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) 5,302 Add to BOM
MP1601GTF-Z Robust design ensures stable output voltage and curre MPS 3,832 Add to BOM
MP1653HGTF-Z A reliable and efficient synchronous converter solution MPS 3,366 Add to BOM
MP1652GTF-Z Designed for OEMs and CMs (NO AGENTS) Monolithic Power Systems (Mps) 2,068 Add to BOM