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(32 parts in total)
Mfr.Part# Description Manufacturer In Stock Operation
BGA2001 MMIC Silicon amplifier NXP 6,758 Add to BOM
SPF-5043Z 0.8dB gain, 50MHz to 4GHz frequency range RFMD 6,556 Add to BOM
BFP620 Robust and reliable solution for demanding wireless desig Infineon 5,850 Add to BOM
PST8428UR Power Management Circuit, MITSUMI 6,024 Add to BOM
BFP520H6327XTSA1 2.5V NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor with 0.04A Current for General Purpose Circuitry Infineon 7,828 Add to BOM
EM-1781-T5 Compact and powerful for IoT system AKM 5,316 Add to BOM
BGA614H6327XTSA1 Surface Mount RF MMIC Amplifier IC - SOT-343 BGA614 Series 3 V 2.4 GHz Infineon 4,481 Add to BOM
CFH400 RF Small Signal Field-Effect Transistor Qorvo 7,072 Add to BOM
BFP183W High-speed, low-noise amplifier solution for demanding applications SIEMENS A G 8,531 Add to BOM
BFP420 Compact SOT-package with reliable thermal resistanc SIEMENS A G 7,582 Add to BOM
BFP182W BFP is a high-gain bipolar transistor designed for RF amplifier application infineon 8,639 Add to BOM
ATF-55143-TR1G High-frequency GaAs transistor AVAGO 7,153 Add to BOM
BF5030W Single-element metal-oxide semiconductor FET for low-power applications infineon 8,129 Add to BOM
SAV-541+ RF Amplifier with Low Noise Amplification for SAV-541+ Mini-Circuits 5,311 Add to BOM
BFP520 Ideal for use in wireless communication systems, including GSM, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi devices INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG 6,570 Add to BOM
BFP640ESD RF Small Signal Bipolar Transistor, NPN, 0.05A Collector Current, X Band, Silicon Germanium Carbon, Halogen-Free, RoHS Compliant, Plastic Package-4 infineon 6,748 Add to BOM
BFP420H6327XTSA1 Infineon's BFP420H6327XTSA1 stands out as an NPN RF Bipolar Transistor, engineered to support currents of up to 60 mA and voltages of up to 15 V Infineon Technologies Corporation 3,902 Add to BOM
BFU725F/N1,115 NPN Wideband Silicon Germanium RF Transistor NXP Semiconductor 5,367 Add to BOM
EM-1781 Sensor/Transducer AKM 3,321 Add to BOM
BFP193 RF Bipolar Transistors INFINEON 6,867 Add to BOM
2SC5012 <p>The 2SC5012 is a NPN Epitaxial Silicon Rf Transistor For High-Frequency Low-Noise Amplification 4-Pin Super Minimold.</p> NEC ELECTRONICS CORP 8,237 Add to BOM
BFG410W NPN 22 GHz wideband transistor PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS 8,912 Add to BOM
NESG3031M14 Advanced GaAs technology for reliable and efficient power amplificatio Nec 5,181 Add to BOM
BFP760H6327 Infineon RF Bipolar Transistors: Introducing BFP 760 H6327 INFINEON 5,263 Add to BOM
BFP405 Precise voltage regulation and current control achieve Infineon 4,124 Add to BOM
2SC5624VH-TL-E Bipolar (BJT) Transistor RENESAS 5,698 Add to BOM
2SC5534 UHF to S Band Low-Noise Amplifier, OSC Applications SONY 7,594 Add to BOM
2SC5544 <p>Support is limited to customers who have already adopted these products.</p> RENESAS 6,819 Add to BOM
2SC5820WU-TL-E Bipolar (BJT) Transistor RENESAS 6,300 Add to BOM
2SC5820 RF Bipolar Transistors RENESAS 7,290 Add to BOM
2SC5759 Silicon NPN Epitaxial UHF / VHF wide band amplifier RENESAS 6,554 Add to BOM